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Winter RV Camping in Zion National Park

Winter RV Camping in Zion National Park

We’re visiting one of our favorite places on Earth: Zion National Park. Zion was Peter’s very first national park, sparking a life-long love affair with the great outdoors… a big factor in our decision to become full-time RVers.

Although we’ve been to Zion many times, this is our first winter visit.

One big advantage of the off-season is that there’s almost nobody there. We weren’t sure what to expect in the campground, so we employed our usual full-timers’ strategy of arriving early on a weekday. It turns out we had nothing to worry about, as we were virtually alone for our three-day stay, except for a couple of other RVs and a few intrepid tent campers (“intrepid” because the forecast called for a nighttime low of 10° F during our stay).

Zion’s Watchman Campground has a decided advantage over many National Parks, as there are a decent number of big-rig-friendly sites, including some with 30-amp hook-ups, and even a few 50-amp sites. Plus, there are two convenient dump stations.

We’ve driven both of our RVs through the Zion – Mount Carmel Tunnel during previous visits. If you’re planning to take your RV through the tunnel, be sure to check in with the ranger station first. Hours for oversize vehicles are limited, and a special permit (and fee) is required.

When you arrive at the tunnel, they’ll shut it down to oncoming traffic, and you’ll drive your RV right down the middle of the road all the way through! It’s a pretty cool experience, although possibly a little intimidating for novice RVers.

We’ve always loved Zion, and think it’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. But the snow is like the icing on the cake, adding stark white to the palette of red rock, green trees and vivid blue sky. We couldn’t have imagined Zion being any more beautiful than every other time we’ve visited… but it actually was.

Check out the video for a tour and overview of this magnificent, magical wonder of nature.

To begin planning your trip to Zion, visit the National Park Service website.

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Kim P

Wednesday 26th of October 2022

when you visiting Zion in the winter time, did you take the RV to see the sights? We don't tow and wondering how we get around.


Thursday 27th of October 2022

Hi Kim. No, we didn't use the RV. It was warm enough during the day, with the sun out, that we rode our e-Bikes. There's a trail that leads from the Watchman campground to the entrance to the valley... and then there's so little traffic on the main road, that it wasn't an issue (and is allowed). If it had been colder, we'd have wanted to use our towed car, though!

Saturday 7th of November 2020


Wile E Coyote

Sunday 31st of March 2019

Guys, sorry I'm posting on a very old video. Have you thought of listing on the website some of the better options for places like this, and Devils Tower for people with larger RV's? If you search for info on National Parks, National Forests, etc.. inevitability you will wade through hundreds of Class B's, camper vans, etc. You guys are the only ones I've found with valuable info for folks over 40'. I would love to see a list of your recommended places like Zion, Devils Tower, etc. Thanks for sharing!


Sunday 31st of March 2019

Hey Wile E! No worries about posting on an older video... we get notified for them all! ? We've thought about posting about locations we've stayed in... but it's just not our cup of tea. Lots of our friends are more "lifestyle" vloggers/bloggers, and we see what it takes for them to constantly be videoing where they are, etc. That would kill us, as it's just not really something we enjoy doing. Occasionally, the mood strikes us (like for Zion), and we do it... but it's not generally something we pursue.

Plus, there ARE others out there who have done a lot of this. Nina & Paul of WheelingIt have an excellent map of everywhere they've camped in their 40' motorhome (just mouse over the "US Camping" menu item and select either the "US Map" option or an individual state), including a list of boondocking locations ( And Sean & Louise of Our Odyssey also documented a lot of the places they stayed (mostly boondocking/dry camping) when they owned their bus... just use the links in the right-hand column to narrow down their list of posts.

But we'll keep your interest in mind... you never know when we'll run out of repair/maintenance/upgrade/DIY topics to cover! ?

Deborah Kerr

Monday 1st of January 2018

Such beautiful scenery, it almost brought tears to my eyes! I guess I thought that all of those Southern Utah National Parks were closed up and gated off in the Winter, so there would be NO access what-so-ever!! Thank you for sharing all of the information - the devil's in the details!! We will definitely get that way someday and hopefully in those beautiful winter months!! Thanks for sharing!! Love all of your videos!


Monday 1st of January 2018

The Southern Utah parks are beautiful ANY time of the year, Deborah... so even if you don't make it there in the winter months, you'll enjoy spectacular scenery! They're some of our favorite places to visit!

Ron McCarthy

Monday 18th of December 2017

Loved your video! We have a 27 ft Winnebago....and it is 11' 3".....and I saw on your video, driving thru one of the tunnels, that it was marked 11' .....wondering if we can get thru there....?

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