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Self-contained RV

What is a Self-Contained RV? Do You Need One?

Being avid boondockers and full-timers, a self-contained RV is an absolute necessity for us. But there’s a lot of confusion around exactly what being a “self-contained RV” really means. So today we’re taking a look...

RV Cover

5 Best RV Covers to Protect Your RV

We recently published a post about the pros and cons of RV covers. Because (as outlined in that post) there are many advantages to covers for anyone who stores their RV for an extended period...


Is RV Antifreeze Toxic?

With RV winterization in full swing, we thought this would be a good time for a post about RV antifreeze in which we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about “the pink stuff”,...

Bike Rack

5 Best RV Bike Racks

Using an RV bike rack, we travel with a couple of Rad E-bikes on the back of our car (Rad is the brand name, but they are pretty “rad” to ride, too!) We’ve ridden them...

CoverRV CoverWinterWinterize

The Pros and Cons of RV Covers

We live full-time in our RV and we have for about 18 years now, so RV covers haven’t been on our list of things to research. But as we’ve been thinking of our fellow RVers...

HeatHeatingHolding TanksWinter

5 Best RV Tank Heating Pads

It’s that time of year again – the time when some RVers who travel in colder locations need to make a few modifications to ensure that they’ll stay warm and their RV will remain healthy...


What Is Tongue Weight and Why Is It Important?

When you’re traveling down the road hauling a trailer or a 5th wheel (or any other kind of open/enclosed trailer), various weights factor into your towing experience and, more importantly, to your safety and the...

Tow BarTow CarTowing

What Jeeps Can Be Flat Towed

Many RVers enjoy the ability to flat-tow a vehicle behind their RV. The benefits are tremendous, particularly for those of us with very large motorhomes. Jeeps are very popular as “toads” or “dinghy vehicles”, but...

Fantastic FanVents

RV Roof Vent Fan Replacement

We’ve talked before about the importance of a working RV roof vent fan, and we recently posted about the best options for roof vent fan replacement. Today’s post more specifically addresses the actual replacement itself...

BathroomShowerWet Bath

Do RV Wet Baths Suck?

Ah, the RV wet bath – a topic that elicits strong emotions from both sides – love and hate. Are we suggesting that we frequently hear fellow RVers exclaiming how they love their RV’s wet...

AGM BatteriesBatteriesLithium Battery

What is an RV Battery Disconnect Switch?

As we head into the season when many (but not all!) RVers store their rigs for the winter, this is a good time to create a post about the RV battery disconnect switch – an...

BoondockingDry Camping

What is Dry Camping?

There are a variety of ways to camp, with or without an RV. But, what is dry camping, exactly? Is it using a waterproof tent to stay dry while camping in the rain? Is it...


What is Dry Weight on a Camper?

As an RVer, you may hear and read a lot about the importance of knowing your camper’s weight. Regardless of the type of rig you have, weight is always an important factor, for a variety...


The RVgeeks’ Top 12 Gifts for RV Owners

With the holidays fast approaching, and with shipping delays and stocking issues becoming a common issue, now is a great time to begin your holiday shopping for your favorite RVer. So, in the spirit of...

airFantastic FanVents

3 Best RV Roof Vent Fan Options 

There are lots of reasons why an RV roof vent fan is an important component of any RV, but until you’ve lived in an RV for a little while (or full-time for nearly two decades...

Tire PressureTire Pressure Monitoring SystemTiresTPMS

RV TPMS – What it is and Why You Need It

An RV TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a safety feature that not only protects you (and everyone riding in and around your RV while you’re on the road), but it also helps to keep...

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