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Portable Campfires to Gather Around at Your RV

Everyone loves a nice campfire. They inspire great conversations, good music, community, and an overall relaxing atmosphere in the evening. But not every campsite is equipped with a fire pit or a fire ring. That’s...

Black WaterGray WaterHolding Tanks

Is Rid-X Safe for RV Tanks?

One of the biggest concerns among RVers seems to be the care & maintenance of holding tanks. From keeping them “clean” to preventing backup issues, to easy dumping, to keeping any odors from invading the...

GeneratorRV Generator

Is Your Portable RV Generator a Suffocation Hazard?

Many RVers turn to a portable RV generator to give themselves access to sufficient power to charge their devices, replenish their RV’s battery power, and run appliances while they’re camping. But how safe are these...

RV NavigationTravel AppsWaze

How to Use Waze Offline When Navigating In Your RV

Waze has become incredibly popular for navigating travelers to their destinations, but one drawback has been the inability to use Waze without an internet connection. But there’s actually a trick to being able to use...

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite RV Camping: Things to Know Before You Go!

Yosemite National Park – one of the busiest national parks in the country – with lots of breathtaking vistas, incredible hiking opportunities, wildlife that will amaze, and that uniquely indescribable feeling that only national and...

RV Lifestyle

RV Slang Terms Every RVer Should Know

RV lingo rolls off the tongue when you’ve been an RVer for as long as we have. But if you’re new to RVing, there may be lots of RV slang terms that you’re unfamiliar with,...

AGM BatteriesBatteriesFlooded Lead AcidLithium Battery

Why Does My RV Battery Keep Dying?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question, “Why does my RV battery keep dying?”, then this post is for you. And actually – this post is for every RVer with a battery! Proper care...

HealthPrescriptionsTravel Tip

How to Get Prescriptions When Traveling in Your RV

Knowing how to get prescriptions when traveling in your RV is very important. Many RVers who take daily medications rely on having them available as needed, so the ability to refill them when you’re not...

The Complete Guide to 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

Being frequent boondockers, (for the uninitiated, that’s camping off the grid without hook-ups, usually in beautiful, remote locations), we’re always looking for ways to conserve resources. Even though our RV came equipped with some fairly...

Air ConditioningEasyStartEasyTouchMicro-Air

The Best Soft Start for RV AC

As the single largest power draw on most RVs, air conditioners pull a lot of juice, especially when they first start up. While running an AC unit might not exceed the capabilities of a small generator...

Fire SafetySafety

RV Fire Safety: What You Need to Know

RV fire safety – it’s something we don’t think about all the time, and yet it’s one of the most critical pieces of preparedness an RVer can undertake. As we roll down the road in...

Buying an RVSelling an RV

How Much Is My RV Worth?

‘Tis the season – RV owners are de-winterizing RVs to either prepare them for new traveling adventures or for sale. Some RV owners who are planning to sell their rigs are doing so either because...


How Safe Is an RV in a Lightning Storm?

How safe is an RV in a lightning storm? That’s a loaded question and one we’re here to answer. There are many myths about RVs and lightning. What’s important is that we’re all armed and...

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