How to Check Propane Level Without a Gauge!

If your propane tank has no gauge on it, you’ve probably had your grill quit in the middle of cooking dinner at least once. Here’s a simple trick for checking the exact level in your propane tank, without a gauge!

We’ve all been there. You head outside to flip those beautiful steaks, chicken, fish or veggies and the grill is cold. You ran out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner and now everything else will be ready, but no main course.

Those portable tanks are notorious, not only because they have no gauge, but because they’re small, so they run out more often. Our big built-in propane tank holds 32 gallons, and has a gauge, so we have a pretty good idea how full it is. But when your tank doesn’t have a gauge, how do you know what’s happening in there?

Besides the inconvenience of having a single meal interrupted, you’ll really want to be sure you’ve got plenty of propane on board before heading out on that remote boondocking trip.

Once you see this ridiculously simple trick, you’ll never run out of gas unexpectedly again!

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