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FMCA Membership: Not Just Family. Fun, Savings & More!

FMCA Membership: Not Just Family. Fun, Savings & More!

We’ve talked about a variety of RV Clubs on this blog and gone in-depth on some of them. In today’s post, we’re taking a detailed look at the FMCA membership and all it offers to its members.

Joining FMCA offers a unique and comprehensive membership program with a variety of benefits. Let’s dive into the details and find out why the FMCA RV Club is among the most popular RV memberships.

What Is the FMCA?

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) has a long history of meeting a variety of RV owners’ needs. Founded in 1963, it was originally a social organization for motorhome owners. Since then it’s evolved into an active community providing a variety of resources, as well as support and a sense of community for RVers across the United States and beyond.

Before we go any further, let’s address two specific elephants in the room — both contained within FMCA’s very name: 1) Family, and 2) Motor Coach. While the FMCA was originally created for owners of motorhomes, in 2017, they announced that they officially welcome owners of all self-contained RVs. And families of all sizes and types are welcome, including solo travelers.

So, regardless of whether you drive or tow your rig… or have 6 kids or travel solo… FMCA may be a great resource for you.

What Are the Benefits of FMCA Membership?

Membership provides a wide variety of benefits. Some are social or community-based while others fall into the money-saving category.

Social/Community Benefits

One of the primary benefits is the sense of community it provides. Members gain access to a vast network of fellow RVers who share a passion for exploration, adventure, and life on the road.

FMCA Rallies

Exclusive events, rallies, and other gatherings are organized regularly, allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals, share travel stories, and build lasting friendships.

Education and Resources

FMCA supports members by offering a wide variety of educational resources. From informative articles and webinars to hands-on seminars at events, members can enhance their RV knowledge and skills, and obtain information to make their travels safer and more comfortable overall.

Additionally, the FMCA RV Club offers members valuable information on RV maintenance, safety, and travel tips through its publications.

A couple reading from a computer screen together while they research the benefits of FMCA membership.

FMCA RV Club members receive valuable information on RV maintenance, safety, and travel tips through its publications.

FMCA Tech Connect+ and Tech Connect+ Accelerate

This membership benefit could fall into both the social and financial categories because it helps members to stay connected. Note that members do pay extra for this benefit, which involves data services as well as technical support for Tech Connect+ members.
Currently, Tech Connect+ is an AT&T-based data plan, and Tech Connect+ Accelerate is a Verizon-based data plan. They’re both administered directly by FMCA, not by the carrier. Plan fees are paid directly to FMCA as part of a Tech Connect+ membership.
This optional service also provides FMCA techs to help members with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and connectivity. The service also offers discounts on various technology-related products.

Financial Benefits of FMCA Membership

In addition to the social aspects, membership brings financial benefits, too. For many RVers, these offset the annual membership cost, making it a financially savvy choice for frequent RV travelers.

Some of these benefits are general RV-related discounts on things like camping gear or RV products, while others are programs that offer exclusive benefits with discounts from various businesses and service providers.

RV Park, Campground, and RV Repair Discounts

FMCA has partnerships with a wide range of RV parks and campgrounds, allowing members to enjoy discounted rates at these locations. FMCA campgrounds and RV parks are spread throughout North America.

Members also receive discounts from a variety of separate programs such as Passport America, Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, and more. The FMCA Connections search tool can find campgrounds and RV repair shops offering discounts to FMCA members.

FMCAssist Emergency Medical Evacuation

FMCAssist is an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation program provided to all members of the FMCA RV Club. In the event of a medical emergency while traveling, members have access to this service that helps with necessary medical attention and transportation back home. (For more details on this type of insurance, see our full post on medical evacuation insurance.)

A medical evacuation team working on a patient. Health-related services are included in FMCA membership.

In case of illness or accident, many travelers appreciate the peace of mind provided by medical evacuation insurance.

This service is provided to members traveling worldwide, as long as you’re more than 75 miles from your home. (Note that full-time RVers are always considered to be more than 75 miles from home.) FMCAssist services are even provided to members traveling abroad, though it’s important to note that there are certain exclusions and limitations to FMCAssist benefits.

FMCA Roadside Assistance Program

FMCA members can opt to participate in the roadside assistance program. Benefits include towing to the nearest qualified repair center, fuel delivery, lockout service, tire change, battery boost, tech assistance, and more.

You can opt for FMCA’s Roadside Rescue which is powered by SafeRide RV Motor Club. The RoadSide Rescue policy covers additional family members living in your household as well as additional passenger vehicles.

FMCA Insurance Programs

Members have access to several insurance programs, with pricing that’s generally very competitive with typical insurance rates.

RV Insurance

As a member, you’ll have access to FMCA RV insurance. There are discounts available as well as coverage options from multiple RV insurance specialty carriers, annual policy reviews and rate comparisons, multiple RV and auto package options, and select RV specialty coverages.

For more information on RV insurance, check out our posts on what RV insurance covers and full-time RV insurance.

RV Pet Insurance

Members also have access to RV pet insurance options for dogs or cats, in conjunction with FMCA’s partnership with Nationwide Insurance. Members can choose the plan that best suits their pet’s needs.

If your pet needs to visit a vet, you’ll pay for the visit and then send in the claim form, and the insurance company will reimburse you for the expenses.

A cat being checked by a veterinarian. FMCA membership is helpful for pet owners.

If you travel with pets, you may be interested in pet insurance so that you’ll have options in the event that your pet is injured or falls ill during your travels.

International Travel Insurance

FMCA partners with Dempsey & Siders to offer members access to Chubb Travel Protection, international travel insurance with per-person coverage limits. This insurance is designed to cover risks related to traveling, and limits do vary by state. Note that this coverage is only available to FMCA members who live in the United States.

Health Insurance

FMCA’s health insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for individuals and families under the age of 65, as well as Medicare plans for eligible members. FMCA Health Plan agents work with some of the top-rated insurance companies to offer RVers the best options including ACA, Major Medical, international travel, dental, vision plans, and more.

FMCA Tire Program

The FMCA Tire Savings Program can help save a lot on RV tires, as well as light truck and passenger car tires. You can buy tires at the program price near you at participating commercial Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear RV tire dealers across the United States. (Note that fees for mounting, balancing, state and local taxes, and tire disposal are extra.)

We’ve taken advantage of this tire savings program ourselves, saving over $100 per tire. For more on this great program, watch our video about our experience:

FMCA Mail Forwarding Program

FMCA mail-forwarding services offer RV owners various options in partnership with “Your Best Address” (mail forwarding, vehicle registration, and South Dakota residency) and “Americas Mailbox” (traditional mail forwarding as well as advanced services with online access).

For more on this type of service for RVers see our post on RV mail forwarding services.

What Is the Cost of FMCA Membership?

Membership in the FMCA RV Club costs $60 per year. You can opt for multi-year memberships of up to three years, in which case you’d pay $60 for the first year and $50 per year thereafter. Taking advantage of any optional services such as TechConnect or particular insurance coverage requires additional fees.

Because there are so many benefits, the annual FMCA membership cost is often offset by discounts and other financial benefits.

How Do I Join the FMCA RV Club?

For complete details or to join online, visit the Family Motor Coach Association website.

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