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Pebble Flow RV: The All-Electric Travel Trailer That Pushes!

Pebble Flow RV: The All-Electric Travel Trailer That Pushes!

We’ve previously written about various electric RVs, including the Grounded G2, and whether the Ford Transit Electric might make a good camper van. In today’s post, we’re looking at the Pebble Flow RV, a “pushy” little travel trailer with a different kind of electric twist.

The Pebble Flow, an all-electric travel trailer with modern automotive-style construction, aerodynamic performance, and a generous 45 kWh EV battery that comes standard with every unit, is scheduled to become available for shipping at the end of 2024. So now is a good time to start planning!

What Is the Pebble Flow RV?

The Pebble RV is an all-electric travel trailer with motors powered by its own battery bank. It uses a dual motor active propulsion assist system called Easy Tow, which provides the capacity to power the trailer’s wheels. This minimizes the (typically very large) reduction in the range of an electric vehicle being used to tow a travel trailer. Or, if your tow vehicle is ICE-powered (has an internal combustion engine), it provides improved fuel economy.

The system also has other benefits. With the help of the dual-motor drive the Pebble Flow can automatically hitch itself to the tow vehicle! Pebble calls this feature the Magic Hitch. It uses unique robotic software to sense its surroundings and move the trailer when it’s not connected to the tow vehicle.

Magic Hitch makes it super easy to back the trailer into a tight space or hitch it to your tow vehicle (again, by itself). This is helpful in areas where it’s difficult to maneuver the tow vehicle properly to get the trailer into place, and for positioning or moving the trailer when it’s parked.

A man using the Pebble App to move his Pebble Flow into position to hitch it to his tow vehicle

Here’s a man using the Pebble App to move his Pebble Flow into position to hitch it to his tow vehicle. (Photo source: Pebble)

The travel trailer is 25′ long (tongue included), 7.5′ wide, and 8.7′ tall with a GWVR of 6,200 pounds.

The Pebble Flow actually has two separate battery systems. The trailer has a large battery bank that’s used for propulsion, while a second battery system provides power to the house (lights, fans, appliances, etc.). This means you don’t have to worry about using up the house power and leaving the trailer unable to assist when being towed.

There may be some downsides to this innovative system, including having to disconnect the trailer to recharge an electric tow vehicle. That’s because it might be difficult or even impossible to connect to many charging stations with the trailer attached as they’re usually standard-size parking spaces.

Let’s take a closer look at what else the Pebble electric RV has to offer:

Design & Construction

The Pebble Flow RV is built on an all-aluminum space frame using lightweight composite and sustainable materials.

The frame of a Pebble Flow RV

The sturdy frame of the Pebble Flow, along with its lightweight construction, makes this unique travel trailer durable, aerodynamic, and efficient. (Source: Pebble)

Aerodynamic Design

The curves, lines, and overall shape of the Pebble Flow are designed to make it a lot more aerodynamic than a conventional travel trailer. This should equate to better fuel mileage, longer range, and a better overall towing experience.

Open Living Environment

The Pebble has panoramic windows offering a 270° view, convertible furniture, and plenty of storage compartments.

Sleeps Four

The Pebble has a queen-sized Murphy bed that flips up to reveal a desk, quickly and easily turning the bedroom into an office. The built-in dinette can be converted into a 50″ x 80″ bed by lowering the table and sliding the cushions into place.

Efficient Kitchen

The Pebble’s Flow’s kitchen features a removable induction cooktop, a 4-in-1 convection microwave oven, and a 6 cu. ft. fridge. The built-in dinette can seat four. There’s also a flip-up service window pass-through to help make dining outside a fun experience.

Contemporary Pebble Flow Bathroom

The bathroom in this unique travel trailer features a shower with adjustable transparency glass, LED lighting, contemporary fixtures, and a macerating toilet.

A rendering of the interior of a Pebble Flow RV is shown

This rendering of a Pebble Flow RV interior shows the efficient use of space in an open concept. (Source: Pebble)

Holding Tanks

The Pebble Flow RV has a 37-gallon freshwater tank and a 50-gallon combined grey/black tank.

Extensive Sustainable Power

The Pebble Flow has several power sources that make it capable of powering just about whatever you need, wherever you set up camp.

45 kWH LFP battery

The Pebble has a 45 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, which is the safest EV battery chemistry on the market. Pebble says this battery can power all of the Pebble’s appliances off-grid for up to 7 days. Considering that we installed a 600 Ah lithium battery bank on our Mountain Aire diesel pusher (which equals 7.68 kWH), the Pebble Flow has nearly six times the house battery bank capacity!

1kW Integrated Solar

During daylight hours in good conditions, the battery is constantly being charged by the 1kW integrated solar system.

Universal Charging System

There are multiple ways to charge the Pebble Flow. You can use AC/DC charging at EV charging stations on the road, at home, or at a campground. And here’s something we think is pretty cool: The Pebble Flow has regenerative braking, allowing it to charge itself while you’re towing it.

240V AC Output

With 240V AC out via a NEMA 14-15 outlet, you can charge your campsite equipment, your EV (electric vehicle), or even another RV.

Remote Control

With the Pebble App and the dual-motor drivetrain, you can reverse, park, turn the Pebble 360°s in place, and even position the trailer remotely (using the app) without even having to use your rearview mirror.

The Pebble App being used on an iPad

You can use the Pebble App on your iPhone or iPad to control and maneuver your Pebble Flow RV remotely. (Source: Pebble)

Emergency Backup at Home

The Pebble’s battery has a capacity of 3.5 times that of a Tesla Powerwall, making it a great home backup battery in power outage emergencies.

Pebble Flow RV InstaCamp

InstaCamp is a feature that allows you to simply press a button to deploy and retract the awning and stairs and use the automatic leveling stabilizers and electric parking brake.

Starlink Connectivity

The Pebble Flow is equipped with Starlink, enabling it to receive software updates, improvements, and new features from Pebble as needed. Wow.

Easy Tow and Magic Hitch

Again, using the Easy Tow feature, the dual motor active propulsion assist system helps propel the tow vehicle. Using the remote control Magic Hitch feature, the Pebble can also sight, align, and hitch to your tow vehicle all by itself.

For a visual perspective on the Pebble Flow, check out this YouTube video:

How Much Is a Pebble Flow RV?

The Pebble Flow will be available (in the U.S. only) from $109,000, though Pebble mentions that a “potential tax credit” may bring that price down to $101,500.

The Pebble Flow with the Magic Pack will be available from $125,000, and possibly as low as $117,500 after a potential tax credit. (The Magic Pack includes the dual-motor drivetrain, remote control ability, Magic Hitch, Easy Tow, and more.)

You can reserve a Pebble Flow with a fully refundable deposit of $500 by contacting the company via phone or through the Pebble website. We’ll be eager to see how the Pebble Flow is received when it hits the road.

Interested in other electric RVs? We discussed whether or not the Ford Transit Electric might make a good camper van, and we’ve taken a look at electric RVs including the Grounded G2, Coast Travel Trailer, and the futuristic eTH from AC Future.

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