We’ve changed the way we add air to our RV’s tires. Before, we used our diesel pusher’s onboard air compressor, but this new way applies to any type of RV, so this tip isn’t just for owners of large motorhomes.

If you’ve seen our previous videos about adding air to high-pressure tires on diesel RVs, you know that using the built-in compressor might not be as simple as it sounds. Besides the problem of the pressure cycling up and then down below our required tire pressures as part of its normal operation, we also try to avoid idling our engine more than absolutely necessary. We hate being an annoying neighbor by polluting a campground with diesel exhaust and noise just because our tires happen to need air. Our new solution not only makes the job easier, but also makes us a better neighbor.

If you’ve seen very many of our videos, you know that we’re all about finding cost-saving ways to solve RV issues, but sometimes a top-of-the-line solution is the best solution, and you get what you pay for.

We discovered Viair, a manufacturer of ruggedized portable compressors, designed to handle more demanding situations, like filling large off-road vehicle tires. We like the fact that they make a model specifically designed for RVers (we use the Viair 400P-RV), which has stellar reviews on Amazon, so of course that’s the one we ordered.

For full-timers, space is limited, so every piece of equipment has to provide value. We made room on our RV for this unit, and we’re sharing it because we think it’s such a worthwhile addition to our rig.

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