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What is the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat?

What is the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat?

Home automation is huge these days, and new RVs are coming with more and more of it right from the factory. But having an older RV doesn’t mean you have to be left out. With the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV thermostat, you can control your RV’s furnace and air conditioners from a smartphone app. This technology essentially gives you complete power over climate control in your RV… from anywhere in the world!

Watch the video below to see more information about the EasyTouch RV thermostat… and our reasons for why we ended up installing it.

And if, after watching & reading all about this new device, you’re interested in adding one to your own RV, be sure to check out the discount that Micro-Air is offering to RVgeeks viewers. It’s listed near the bottom of the post, and in the video.

What is the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat?

This WiFi-enabled, Bluetooth-capable appliance is a programmable wall thermostat. It has a color touch screen that can also be operated from a smartphone or tablet. In other words, it works wherever cell service or WiFi is available. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

The Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

The clear, bright, color touchscreen of the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

The thermostat allows you to set the optimum temperature for your comfort in your RV… and manage the settings via the app. And if your RV has its own connection to the internet… you can view and control the thermostat remotely from anywhere in the world. This feature gives you peace of mind when leaving pets inside your rig or in the event of sudden temperature changes while you’re away from your RV. We love the fact that we can cool down, or warm up, the RV when we’re headed back to it, without having to run the AC or heat so much while we’re out.

Features of the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

The Micro-Air EasyTouch has a bright, color touchscreen… and it can easily be installed by just about anyone. There are several models available, each designed to replace thermostats manufactured by Dometic and Coleman (and Atwood, coming soon). You can view the list of compatible RV thermostats on Micro-Air’s website. All models are able to control any HVAC devices in your system: air conditioners, heat pumps or heat strips, and furnaces (both standard propane versions or hydronic models).

The EasyTouch displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures, is designed for long-term use, and can be set in an automatic mode that will choose either heating or cooling in order to maintain your set temperature.

There are versions for single-zone systems, as well as multi-zone configurations. But either way, each EasyTouch can control up to four separate HVAC devices.

Is a Smart Thermostat a Good Idea in an RV?

If you prefer to avoid extreme temperature swings but also want to conserve energy as much as possible, a smart thermostat like the Micro-Air EasyTouch could be a game-changer for your camping trips. It can help you keep track of the climate in your RV even while you’re away from the rig.

Imagine turning on the air conditioning before you arrive back at your campsite after a long hot day of hiking. Or maybe you’d like to track the heat buildup in your motorhome because you left a pet there for safekeeping.

The Micro-Air EasyTouch app connects via WiFi or Bluetooth

The Micro-Air EasyTouch thermostat connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or  WiFi.

This thermostat takes the worry out of providing comfort and safety for you, your family, and your vehicle. As long as your rig has a WiFi network that provides a connection to the internet, and you have cell service wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet, you’re always within reach of the climate controls in your RV.

But even when we’re at home on our RV, the Micro-Air EasyTouch makes our lives better. We prefer to leave our heat set low for cool, comfortable sleeping temperatures… but we hate getting out of bed in the morning when it’s cold. No problem! We just grab our smartphone or tablet off the nightstand, make a quick change to the settings via the app, and stay snuggled up in bed until the furnace or heat pumps warm things up.

Or if we forget to set the heat or air conditioning properly before we get in bed, no problem now. A quick couple of taps, and everything is as it should be without getting back out of bed.

Benefits of the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

The two greatest benefits of the Micro-Air EasyTouch both stem from its wireless capabilities. You’re able to monitor temperatures inside/outside your RV while you’re away from it, and change them, if necessary, through a smartphone app from wherever you have a cell signal.

And, just like apps on your smartphone… the EasyTouch RV thermostat itself receives free over-the-air feature updates. Since we installed ours, there have been a couple of updates that have improved the features and useability of the device… with more feature enhancements coming just as easily in the future.

Installation of the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

Installation is an easy and straightforward process, requiring only the replacement of the existing wall thermostat in your RV. The Micro-Air EasyTouch can be mounted in the same wall space, and the connection of the color-coded wires to the wiring from the old thermostat is all that’s needed to control your heating and air conditioning appliances (in many cases, it’s simply a plug-and-play replacement).

To run the thermostat from your smartphone, you’ll need to download the free Micro-Air app and use it to configure the wireless connection.

Run the Micro-Air EasyTouch from your smartphone

Use the Micro-Air app to run your RVs thermostat from your smartphone!

For away-from-the-RV control, internet access is required in your rig. The EasyTouch needs to be connected to your rig’s internet connection (whether that’s provided via a cellular hotspot or WiFi in the RV Park) in order for the phone app to be able to remotely communicate with the thermostat.

But when you’re onboard your RV, your smart device connects to the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV thermostat using Bluetooth, so an internet connection isn’t always required.

Watch Our Video About the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

When we replaced our Mountain Aire rooftop air conditioners, we also upgraded our thermostat with a Micro-Air EasyTouch. Watch the video below for more details and to see the EasyTouch in action.


This new thermostat is an excellent upgrade to a device that you don’t normally spend much time thinking about… providing some pretty cool new “Smart Home” features to your RV.

The Micro-Air EasyTouch RV thermostat helps you ensure your pets are safe and comfortable.

Peace of mind where your pets are concerned? Priceless!

With the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV thermostat, you can leave your pet in your rig while you explore the town. You can check on the RV’s interior temps and adjust the heat or air conditioner as needed.

Worrying about frozen pipes while you’re away from your RV becomes a thing of the past. Turn on the furnace from a country away, if needed (again, your RV must have an internet connection for this feature to work).

Save Money On A Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

We’re happy to announce that Micro-Air is offering RVgeeks’ viewers a discount on a new EasyTouch RV thermostat. Just use the discount code listed below when completing your purchase on Micro-Air’s website.

SAVE $15
Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat with 2-year warranty and Made In USA badges
Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat $15 Discount

Looking to add some "smart home" features to your RV? How about a new color touchscreen, programmable thermostat? Even better, how about one that allows you to control it (even remotely) using a...Show More

Looking to add some "smart home" features to your RV? How about a new color touchscreen, programmable thermostat? Even better, how about one that allows you to control it (even remotely) using a smartphone or tablet? That's what the Micro-Air Easy Touch RV thermostat does.

Watch our EasyTouch video

Save $15 on each EasyTouch RV Thermostat when you buy direct from Micro-Air.

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And if, like us, you want to be able to run two air conditioners (or heat pumps) when plugged into 30-amp shore power, or if you have a smaller portable generator you’d like to be able to use to run a single air conditioner or heat pump, be sure to check out our video showing how to install the Micro-Air EasyStart soft start modules. They significantly reduce the start-up amperage required to get your A/C running.

And you can save on them, too!

SAVE $25
Photo of the Micro-Air EasyStart 364 with 2 year warranty, UL listing, and made in the USA
Micro-Air EasyStart 364 $25 Discount

Run your A/C from a small, portable generator OR run two A/C units on a 30-amp connection. By reducing the start-up current needed to get your A/C compressor running, the EasyStart 364 keeps you...Show More

Run your A/C from a small, portable generator OR run two A/C units on a 30-amp connection. By reducing the start-up current needed to get your A/C compressor running, the EasyStart 364 keeps you cool!

Watch our EasyStart installation video

Get $25 off each Micro-Air EasyStart 364 you buy factory direct using the code listed here.

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NOTE: If you want to order both an EasyStart and EasyTouch for your RV, you have to place separate orders to receive the discounts (it’s a limitation of Micro-Air’s e-commerce system). Orders placed one after another, shipping to the same address, will be boxed together and will not cost extra to ship.

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Paul Thorpe

Saturday 11th of June 2022

Hello Geeks. My 05 Mountain Aire is only 41 feet, but otherwise from your photos it appears identical. I have just installed Soft Starts on my A/Cs, I wish I had seen your article before I bought the Soft Starts. OH well, they are working and and I haves both units working on a pair of Hondas in parallel.

Do you have any troubleshooting information on the A/Cs you took off your rig?? My from unit is working fine, but the rear unit cuts out periodically.

Second, you mentioned replacement circuit boards for the A/Cs that would enable the advanced features of the Easy Touch thermostat. More info please, source, item number, etc.

Thanks, Paul


Monday 13th of June 2022

Hi Paul. No worries. Glad you've got soft starts installed and are able to stay cool as temps climb! We don't have any specific troubleshooting information to offer you, unfortunately. A lot of what could be wrong would depend on how/when the rear unit is "cutting out". If it stops blowing, makes a weird "huffing" noise, but the compressor keeps running... the evaporator coil is likely freezing up and it's going into "defrost" mode (basically reversing the cooling cycle without blowing the warm air into the interior). If it's just turning off... could be the placement of the rear temperature sensor. If the cold air from the vent(s) is blowing on/near the wall-mount temperature sensor, it can shut the A/C off prematurely. You can test by putting something over the room sensor so that air can't blow directly on it and see if that solves it.

As for the replacement boards, the exact part number will vary based on the year & model of your existing air conditioner and which thermostat you currently have (4- or 5-button "old style" or the new Comfort Control Center - looks like this). We'd suggest contacting both Dometic ( and Micro-Air ( to determine the correct parts and to ensure compatibility.

As we understand it (be sure to confirm with Dometic), you'll need to upgrade the circuit boards in both A/C units, at which point your CURRENT thermostat won't work any more and would need to be replaced with either Dometic's upgraded model... or the compatible Micro-Air EasyTouch.

Dennis Strong

Saturday 8th of May 2021

Will this work with the Soft Start unit as well or only with Microair easy start?


Friday 14th of May 2021

Hi Dennis. The thermostat will work with any air conditioner that it supports (currently models from Dometic and Coleman with Atwood coming soon), whether or not it has a soft start (of any brand). The soft start units like the Micro-Air EasyStart are totally separate and don't have any interaction with the thermostat.


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

I just love some of the modern technology that's available these days. This will be another video I'll come back to when it's time for an upgrade.

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