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Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dolly: No Truck/Tow Needed

Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dolly: No Truck/Tow Needed

If you’ve ever tried to park your travel trailer in a tight spot but struggled because your towing vehicle just couldn’t maneuver it in there, you’ll appreciate the Parkit360 electric trailer dolly.

In today’s post, we’re looking at the Parkit360 – what it is, what it can do, how it works, and who might want one.

What Is the Parkit360?

The Parkit360 is a compact electric trailer dolly that’s battery-powered and can maneuver trailers up to 15,000 lbs, including travel trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers.

Parkit360 power dollies push and pull almost any sized trailer easily, allowing you to maneuver your trailer into the tightest spaces. They’re easy to operate and are compact enough to fit in the back of a Mini Cooper.

Made in Canada of powder-coated alloy steel, Parkit360 models are compatible with several ball-mounted hitches. The Parkit360 can be powered by the battery on your trailer (via a power cable adapter) or you can place almost any 12V battery into the battery box and power it.

The Parkit360 electric trailer dolly is available in three models with different features and capacities corresponding to your trailer moving needs.

Scout 3K

The Scout 3K is a small trailer dolly that isn’t powered at all (other than by you).

A Parkit360 Scout

The Scout model of the Parkit360 is a hand-driven model used to maneuver very lightweight trailers. (Photo source: Parkit360)

This lightweight hand-operated dolly is designed specifically for parking very lightweight trailers up to 3,000 lbs gross weight and 300 lbs tongue weight. With a manual crank handle and a 20-inch ball mount adapter, it comes ready to assist you in moving your small trailers into even the tightest spots, by hand.

Force 5K & 10K

The Force 5K and 10K are motorized and designed to assist in parking large camping trailers and boats. They come with two hitch balls (2″ and 2 5/16″). To use them, you simply engage the motor, connect the battery, secure the ball mount, and move your trailer to your desired location.

The Force 5K has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs gross weight and a tongue weight of 900 lbs. The Force 10K has a towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs gross weight and tongue weight of 900 lbs.

The 5K and 10K are both electric trailer dollies with 1.5 HP motors that can be used at either high or low speeds. (High is best for long distances, while low offers better control in tight spots.) On both models, the motor can also be disengaged for freedom of movement by hand.

Both Force units have 6.5-inch tires for traction on asphalt, concrete, gravel, or grass. They’re not recommended for use on grades greater than 6%.

These units use Intelligent Speed Control (ISC), allowing them to automatically adjust the speed and braking according to the terrain on which the dolly is riding. Both provide the option to use the tongue jack instead of the ball attachment for additional convenience and stability.

Parkit360 Force10K Battery Powered Trailer Dolly Utility Dolly for Easy Pulling with 2 Hitch Balls Included for Camper, Cargo, and Boat Trailers
  • MASTER ANY TRAILER: Stabilize, pull, and secure trailers with this heavy-duty dolly
  • MULTIPLE HITCH OPTIONS: Handle any load with a 20-inch ball mount adapter and tightening bar; 2 hitch balls included: 2-inch and 2.31 (5/16) inch

Transformer 15K

The Transformer 15K is the most powerful model of the Parkit360.

A Parkit360 Transformer

The most powerful of all the Parkit360 models, the Transformer is designed for moving large ball-mounted, 5th wheel, and gooseneck trailers. (Photo source: Parkit360)

Designed for moving ball-mounted, fifth wheel, and gooseneck trailers up to 15,000 lbs gross and 3,000 lbs tongue weight, the Transformer 15K has a 1.5 HP motor with ISC, a dual chain drive system, and an adjustable fifth wheel attachment.

There are three versions of the Transformer 15K, all of which include a wireless controller, battery charger, smart brake controller, and two U1 sealed batteries.


The Transformer 15K-B is a ball mount-only unit with a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs GVWR and 1,000 lbs tongue weight. It includes a stabilizer system and comes with a 20″ ball mount, a ball mount kit, and two hitch balls.


The Transformer 15K-BF is a ball mount and fifth wheel unit with a maximum capacity of 15,000 lbs GVWR and tongue weight of 3,000 lbs. It comes with a 20″ ball mount, a 50″ kingpin adapter, and universal stabilizer bars (kingpin box for trailers with round legs or landing leg connection for trailers with square legs).


The Transformer 15K-G is a custom gooseneck dolly with a maximum capacity of 12,000 lbs GVWR and a tongue weight of 1,500 lbs. The gooseneck is customized based on hitch ball size, trailer leg style, and the height from the ground to the hitch. It comes with one custom hitch ball (measurements required) and universal stabilizer bars.

What’s the Warranty on a Parkit360?

A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty covers all Parkit360 trailer dollies. They also come with a 30-day return policy. If you’re not totally happy with your Parkit360 trailer dolly, you can return it within 30 days for a refund, minus return shipping cost and a restocking fee.

For complete information about this great option for moving your RV around, visit the Parkit360 website.

Have You Used a Parkit360?

If you’ve owned or used a Parkit360 (or watched someone else using one), we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to share your experience and let us know what you think about it.

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Joe Alcott

Sunday 23rd of July 2023

I have a Parkit 360 10k and am disappointed with the amount of personal force that I have to use to manage moving a light trailer. Instead of two wheels, I wish I would have bought one with the third wheel to keep it level for moving the trailer.

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