How To Re-String a Pleated RV Day/Night Window Shade

Pleated day/night window shades are a common feature in just about every class of RV. Since the design relies on thin fabric cords sliding across hard plastic parts, cord wear and breakage is a distinct possibility.

During our 9+ years of full-timing, we’ve probably had to re-string blinds around 10 times, or an average of about once a year. Part of the inherent problem with the design is that there needs to be enough tension on the cords to hold the shades where you put them, preventing them from falling on their own.

Unfortunately, keeping tension on the cord increases the friction of it against the hard plastic parts as you open and close the blinds. It’s a delicate balance that sooner or later leads to broken cords.

The good thing is that re-stringing a pleated RV window shade is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream job, with the vast majority of the cost being labor, inexpensive & readily available replacement parts (just the cord) and no special mechanical skills or tools required. A little time, patience and care are all that’s needed for this task.

We keep replacement cord on hand for that inevitable time when one of the shades falls loose at an angle, letting us know that the cord is frayed and about to break.

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