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RV Bunk Mattress: Help Your Kids/Guests Sleep Soundly

RV Bunk Mattress: Help Your Kids/Guests Sleep Soundly

An RV bunk mattress is notoriously uncomfortable. RV manufacturers figure they’ll get a little use by lightweight kids during summer camping trips.

Unfortunately, after a night or two, your kids and other RV guests may complain about difficulty sleeping due to the lack of support, comfort, and stability from those thin, cheap, foam-based “mattresses” (for lack of a better term).

RVers who use their bunk mattresses frequently usually look for replacement mattresses for the bunks, and today we’ve got a few good suggestions.

Why Are RV Bunk Mattresses So Uncomfortable?

Many standard RV bunk mattresses that come with the RV are made of thin layers of a cheap type of fiber filling or a thin, cheap foam pad.

So you end up with either a pad stuffed with unsupportive fiber or a thin slap of foam under a plastic cover.

Either way, there’s little support and the mattress gets even thinner and less supportive the more it’s used. Even the typical plastic covers are often uncomfortable, noisy, and slippery despite being covered by a good sheet.

All-in-all, many RVs come with bunk mattresses that really aren’t meant to be comfortable or durable. Rarely do RV bunk beds come from the factory with quality mattresses.

What Makes a Good RV Bunk Mattress?

Let’s take a look at the types of bunk bed mattresses that are more likely to give your kids and guests a good night’s rest, night after RVing night.

Regular Foam Mattress

Foam is regularly used in the design of RV bunk mattresses, but the type and amount of foam used are often substandard.

Because foam is more affordable than some other types of mattresses, finding a high-quality foam mattress is often the best answer for both the comfort of the sleeper and the comfort of the budget.

When choosing a foam mattress, you’ll want to be sure to select a mattress made of good high-density foam.

Foam mattresses are widely available in standard sizes including RV bunk sizes.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam has the ability to form to the body making it a popular option for those who like a soft, plush mattress.

One thing to keep in mind where memory foam is concerned, however, is that it tends to hold the heat which can make it an uncomfortable choice if you camp in high-heat areas in the summer months. Or if you’re a warm sleeper in general.

A memory foam mattress showing a hand print to illustrate the conforming nature of the material

Memory foam mattresses have the ability to contour to the body. On the downside, they can also retain heat. This is the reason for the popularity of adding a layer of gel memory foam which helps cool the mattress.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A gel memory foam mattress essentially adds a cooling gel to a memory foam mattress.

Cooling gel memory foam is the answer to having a comfortable memory foam mattress without the added heat that comes with regular memory foam. The cooling gel makes a memory foam mattress cooler and more comfortable for many people.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress essentially combines the support of high-density foam with the plush cushioning of memory foam or the cooling of a gel foam mattress.

Some of the best RV bunk mattresses on the market are often hybrid mattresses.

Mattress Toppers

Another option for RV bunks is to choose a budget-friendly high-density foam mattress and cover it with a comfortable mattress topper. This offers a combination of support and a feeling of plush coziness without getting into the expense of custom mattresses or hybrids.

Innerspring (Coil Spring) Mattress

Coil spring mattresses (also referred to as innerspring mattresses) are the most common mattresses found in homes.

These mattresses have a system of metal wires or coils that combine with springs to form a support system. This metal frame is covered with fabric and a cushioned material is laid on top for comfort and support.

It’s important to remember that RV mattress sizes are generally different from regular mattress sizes. (That’s why most RVers can’t usually just walk into a mattress store and grab a new mattress for their RV.)

An innerspring mattress isn’t the type of mattress you commonly find in most RVs because they also tend to be heavy. There are also very few places that custom-size innerspring mattresses for RVs.

We happen to prefer an innerspring mattress ourselves and we were able to find a company called Mattress Insider that custom-makes any size RV mattress. That includes the RV king innerspring mattress they made for us when it was time to replace the 11-year-old mattress in our RV.

Here’s more on the mattress that we still use and LOVE to this day (including 10% OFF at Mattress Insider using Discount Code RVGEEKS!) They have lots of other mattress styles if innerspring isn’t your thing.

Improved RV Bunk Mattresses for Your RV

Now let’s take a look at some other choices for comfortable, durable RV bunk mattresses that are available to replace the standard RV bunk mattresses that may have come with your RV. You’ll see that after so many years of great sleep, many of our top choices are the same brand we sleep on.

Remember that Mattress Insider can create almost any size or shape of mattress in a variety of styles.

ELATION Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton

This high-quality RV bunk mattress from Mattress Insider is a 6″ mattress made with cooling gel memory foam.

The mattress is comprised of a plush organic cotton cover, 1″ of cooling gel memory foam, 1.5″ of proprietary Aire-Flow foam, and 3.5″ of contouring support foam.

Mattress Insider's Elation Mattress layers shown

The Elation Mattress by Mattress Insider (Photo credit: Mattress Insider)

Mattress Insider mattresses are eco-friendly and non-toxic so they don’t off-gas toxic materials, and the company will customize this mattress (or any other) to the size and shape of your RV bunks (or other beds).

They offer free shipping via FedEx, a 121-night comfort guarantee, and a 15-year warranty.

This is a premium-quality mattress that starts at $309 for a standard 24′ x 75″ bunk. Pricing depends on mattress size and a wide variety of sizes are available in addition to custom sizing.

And yes, the 10% RVGEEKS Discount applies to this mattress, too!

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After 11+ years of full-time RVing, our original RV mattress was worn out and no longer comfortable to sleep on… but with our new, custom-made one from MattressInsider we’re sleeping soundly...Show More

After 11+ years of full-time RVing, our original RV mattress was worn out and no longer comfortable to sleep on… but with our new, custom-made one from MattressInsider we’re sleeping soundly again!

Watch our mattress replacement video

Use this coupon code to save 10% on your entire order.

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The SEDONA RV Mattress

If you’re looking for a firm mattress or if you’re replacing several RV bunk mattresses for kids and are looking for a quality budget-friendly option, you may want to have a look at Mattress Insider’s Deluxe Foam option, the Sedona.

This mattress uses Mattress Insider’s proprietary plant-based high-density support foam and gets very high ratings from reviewers.

The structure of the Sedona RV bunk mattress shown

The SEDONA is Mattress Insider’s proprietary high-density foam mattress option for RV bunks. It’s a firm mattress with an organic cotton cover and is one of the most budget-friendly high-quality bunk mattresses on the market. (Photo credit: Mattress Insider)

Likely one of the least expensive premium mattress options on the market, the Sedona starts at just $209 (with free shipping!) for the 24″ x 75″ bunk size. They’re available in a wide variety of widths and lengths and can also be custom-sized.

As with all Mattress Insider mattresses, this budget option is non-toxic and eco-friendly, made with an upgraded organic cotton cover and CertiPUR certification. It comes with a 121-night zero-risk trial and a 10-year warranty.

We want to reiterate that this mattress is best for anyone wanting a firm sleep surface. If you’re looking for a softer, more body-contoured experience, the Elation mattress above would likely be the better choice for you.

Once again, RVgeeks readers get a 10% discount from Mattress Insider so this is really an unbeatable price for a quality RV bunk mattress.

RecPro RV Bunk Bed Memory Foam Mattress

RecPro’s 6″ gel-infused memory foam mattress is another budget entry available in four RV bunk bed sizes starting at 28″ x 75″ as shown below.

These mattresses have a washable natural bamboo outer cover and offer an upgrade to an RV bunk mattress that comes standard from many RV manufacturers.

We might note, however, that although we don’t know what “gel-infused” really means, we suspect it’s likely significantly different from true gel foam.

Again, these RV bunk mattresses from RecPro appear to be available from Amazon in only four sizes, so we checked RecPro’s website.  There as well RecPro’s “gel-infused” RV bunk mattresses appear to be available in lengths of 75″ and widths of 28″, 30″, 32″, and 34″.

So, unless you’re looking to fill one of these standard sizes, the variety and quality offered by Mattress Insider may be something to consider especially since there are really no money savings here given the 10% coupon from Mattress Insider. But we did want to include other options for your consideration.

FoamRush 4-Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam RV Bunk Mattress

These RV bunk mattresses from FoamRush are available in 12 different sizes, though two are sized for trucks.

FoamRush notes that they combine their high-density support foam with a top layer of ventilated gel memory foam to offer both pressure relief and support with a feel of medium firmness with the cooling gel feature.

The mattress cover is waterproof bamboo cotton with a non-skid bottom and a 360-degree zipper for easy removal and replacement after machine washing.

Note that not all of the FoamRush mattress options come with a mattress cover. So be sure to check when you’re ordering.

You’ll also want to note that these mattresses are only 4″ thick, so read user reviews for experiences regarding comfort.

FoamRush 4-Inch Bunk (28" x 75") Cooling Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress Replacement with Cotton Cover, Medium Firm, Comfort, Pressure Relief Support, Made in USA, Travel Camper Trailer Truck
  • About our foam: We combined a layer of ventilated gel memory foam and a layer of high density support foam for pressure relief and support with a...
  • Versatile: Our comfortable High Density Foam mattress has a variety of possible uses. Add the mattress to your sleeper sofa in your living room, place...

LUXURY Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton

For anyone interested in going the luxury route, this RV bunk mattress from Mattress Insider has to be on our list.

The LUXURY gel foam mattress comes in two ample thicknesses – 8″ and a generous 11.5″. That’s where the luxury begins but it’s not where it ends.

These mattresses are made with true cooling gel memory foam and are available in a wide variety of sizes, including your own customized size if desired.

The five layers of the Mattress Insider's Luxury RV bunk mattress shown

Mattress Insider’s Luxury Gel Foam RV bunk mattress is constructed to offer five layers of comfort. (Photo credit: Mattress Insider)

Constructed with five layers, the innermost layer is the contouring support foam. This layer is 3.5 inches thick in the 8″ model and 7 inches thick in the 11″ model.

Next, you have 1.5″ of proprietary Aire-Flow foam followed by a 2″ thickness of cooling gel memory foam and then a 1″ layer of another cooling gel memory foam.

If you or a guest want a firmer mattress, you can simply flip the mattress over and sleep on the contouring support foam side.

This non-toxic mattress is topped with a plush organic cotton cover.

This luxury mattress comes at a higher price, of course, starting at $479 for the 8″-thick version in the 24″ x 75″ size.

As with all Mattress Insider mattresses, shipping is free via FedEx. And with this Luxury Gel Foam mattress, you’ll have a 121-night comfort guarantee and a 20-year warranty. (No, that’s not a typo. 20 years.)

The 10% off coupon for RVgeeks readers applies here as well, so take advantage if you’re in the market for a luxury mattress for your RV bunk.

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After 11+ years of full-time RVing, our original RV mattress was worn out and no longer comfortable to sleep on… but with our new, custom-made one from MattressInsider we’re sleeping soundly...Show More

After 11+ years of full-time RVing, our original RV mattress was worn out and no longer comfortable to sleep on… but with our new, custom-made one from MattressInsider we’re sleeping soundly again!

Watch our mattress replacement video

Use this coupon code to save 10% on your entire order.

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