One of the first decisions often made when buying an RV is “New?” or “Used?” While some people would never consider one of those options or the other, for many of us either is a viable choice, each with their own pros and cons. In some surprising ways, neither is “all good” or “all bad” in most regards.

Cost is of course a major consideration for many of us. Although we purchased both of our RVs new, we got around the cost issue the same way that most people do with their only home: a mortgage. Regardless of your financial situation, or preference for size or type of RV (gas or diesel motorhome, class A, B, or C, a 5th wheel or a travel trailer), going with a used RV might be worth considering, even if you can afford new.

While we don’t (and can’t) lay out every possible factor, we cover a series of the most common considerations that might help you decide whether a new RV or a used one is a better fit for you.

After you watch the video and hear things from our point of view, please leave a comment down below letting us know your take. Do you totally agree with where we’re coming from, or do your needs and situation include other factors that we haven’t even thought of?

We mention RV Trader in the video as a way to expand your search for both new and used RVs, making it more likely you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at a competitive price. To learn more visit

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