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The RV LIFE App: Trip Planning, RV-Safe GPS & More (+ Discount!)

The RV LIFE App: Trip Planning, RV-Safe GPS & More (+ Discount!)

RVers like us use travel apps to quickly navigate various aspects of RV life, especially for travel information and trip planning. In this post, we’re delving into the benefits of using the popular RV Life app, a vital tool for many novice and seasoned travelers alike. With both free and subscription-based features, we’ll give you the details you need to decide if this app is the right choice for you!

What Is the RV Life App?

RV Life is an app you can download to your smartphone/tablet (iOS and Android devices) or use on your computer. The app is a mobile-friendly tool offering travel planning information, news, travel tips, and more in a single convenient-to-use system. You’ll need access to the internet for most features, though some aspects of RV Life can be used offline (more on that later in the post).

RV Life started in 1984 as a print magazine (with a digital option), so they’ve been around for a long time. Its features have been growing and improving as technology has evolved, and it now offers everything from extensive trip planning to on-the-road navigation to community engagement to maintenance minders that’ll keep your rig in tip-top condition. RV Life has a full menu of offerings for travelers of all types, whether you’re a weekend road-tripper or a full-time RVer.

Let’s look at some of the general features that make RV Life one of the most popular travel apps, and then we’ll get into a few essential details about the free and PRO (subscription) levels of access.

RV LIFE website home page

The RV LIFE app is among the most comprehensive (and popular) travel planning apps available.

Features of the RV Life App

Following are some features that make the RV Life app one of the most popular travel apps currently available to travelers.

Efficient Trip Planning

One of the primary advantages of becoming a member of the RV Life Network is access to the RV Life Trip Wizard (a PRO feature) with its robust trip-planning abilities. For example, travelers can enter their desired destinations, and the app provides comprehensive information to plan your trip. That includes helping you to find campgrounds/RV parks, gas stations, rest areas, national parks, and other points of interest along the route. It’s a complete trip-planning app that results in a smoother journey.

Over 20,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest are included in the Trip Planning Wizard, and you can even browse from various club affiliations, such as the Good Sam Club, Passport America, etc., to find the spots that are just right for you.

The trip planner lets you see the route you’ll be taking on a map, along with the campgrounds, gas stations, points of interest, etc.

User- & RV-Friendly Navigation

RV Life (PRO) also offers an RV GPS app that provides RV-friendly navigation. The navigation information is RV-specific, meaning the results are tailored specifically for your RV.

A Class C RV on the road

The RV LIFE Pro app offers RV-specific navigational results tailored specifically for your RV.

This is important because RV-safe routes consider the unique challenges of RV travel, such as height, weight limits, and propane regulations. While other GPS alternatives may consider some unique aspects of RV travel, RV Life customizes RV-safe routes to the height and weight of your specific RV so you can avoid things like low clearances, steep grades, areas with propane restrictions, and other parameters you specify about your rig.

The app’s turn-by-turn directions are optimized for larger vehicles, so you can be confident that you’ll be avoiding obstacles that could be problematic with other navigation apps, such as Google Maps.

Real-Time Updates

The RV Life app provides real-time information updates so you’ll be aware of any changes that could impact your travels. This means you’ll be informed of ever-changing road conditions, weather forecasts, and potential hazards… crucial information for all RVers.

Comprehensive Campground Information

The app offers a comprehensive database of over 20,000 campgrounds and RV parks, complete with detailed reviews, amenities, and pricing information. Users can filter their searches based on preferences such as pet-friendly locations, Wi-Fi availability, recreational facilities, club memberships, etc. This wealth of information enhances the overall RV experience by helping travelers make informed decisions about where they want to stay.

Budget Management

RV living often involves careful budgeting, and the RV Life (PRO) app includes tools to help users manage their finances on the road. From fuel cost estimators to campground fees, you can input your budget parameters and the app will provide insights into expected expenses. This feature helps you estimate your trip’s cost and is updated as you plan so that you won’t have any financial surprises on your RV adventure.

Community Engagement

The RV community is known for its camaraderie, and this aspect of the app can help facilitate connections among like-minded travelers. App users can share tips, recommendations, and experiences, fostering a sense of community among travelers. The platform includes access to iRV2 forums and other brand and community discussion groups and social features that allow users to connect with fellow RV enthusiasts, share travel stories, seek advice, etc.

A couple checking out the online community on a computer in their RV

RV LIFE’s online communities can not only offer a sense of camaraderie among RVers but can also be helpful with tips and essential information.

Offline Accessibility

Recognizing that RV travel often takes individuals down less-traveled roads with limited internet connectivity, the RV Life PRO upgrade offers offline accessibility. This means users can download maps, campground information, and other essential data BEFORE heading out on their trip, ensuring they have access to vital information even in areas without cellular coverage.

Is RV Life a Free App?

You can download the mobile app and use many features for free, though you must create a free account and log in to use the app.

RV Life PRO is offered as a subscription for a fee of $65 per year, which may sound pricey for a smartphone app. But, in our opinion, the additional features (including RV Trip Wizard, RV-Safe GPS, and RV Life Maintenance Tracker) are worth the price. The advanced PRO features are available per account, meaning that you can download & use the app on multiple devices (i.e., smartphone, tablet, etc) for no additional charge. Just log into each install using the same user credentials!

A 7-day free trial (credit card required) will allow you to try the additional features of RV Life PRO before you commit.

RV Life Free -vs.- PRO

Here’s a quick look at the differences between the free RV Life and the subscription-based RV Life PRO access:

Chart showing the free vs Pro features for RV Life

We encourage all RVers to at least download the free app and give the 7-day free trial of RV LIFE Pro a try (credit card information required) to see if you find it worthwhile. If you use our coupon code below when you sign up for an annual subscription and decide that the benefits of PRO are worth it, you’ll get a wallet-friendly 25% discount off your first year’s membership fee!

SAVE 25%
RV Life Pro logo
RV Life Pro 25% Discount

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for...Show More

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for RV-specific navigation); (user reviews of RV Parks & campgrounds); (community forums); MaintainMyRV (maintenance schedule tracking), and RV Masterclass (excellent educational material for all RVers).

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Save 25% on an annual subscription to RV Life with discount code “RVGEEKS” (signup on the RV Trip Wizard website and get access to the whole RV Life Pro package). Show Less

Here’s a YouTube video from RV LIFE that may answer additional questions you may have:

Is the RV LIFE App Worth Having?

We think RV Life (especially the RV Life PRO upgrade) is a worthwhile app for all RVers because it offers a comprehensive collection of features to enhance every aspect of the RV lifestyle. We’ve found the RV Trip Planning Wizard to be an efficient planner, and the RV-specific GPS navigation is incredibly beneficial.

In general, the suite of features enhances the RV experience by offering travelers multiple ways to be better informed and to stay more connected.

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Saturday 13th of January 2024

Been using Rvlife pro for several years now. Issues are few but my android phone (google 8) has font size & layouts hard to use. Seems computer & tablets work better when setting up trips. Then downloading to phone is useable. KYD suggested not putting the destination in to start. Then when closer entering the address to refine the final part of the journey. Will try that when we move next time.


Monday 15th of January 2024

Sorry to hear about the trouble with Android, and thanks for sharing the hack for getting around it!


Saturday 13th of January 2024

@mot, use local town/city to get route started & underway. Then when much closer, put the physical address in as the destination. We've done similar things & the route seems better m

John S.

Saturday 13th of January 2024

During the COVID border closures I took a look at the many "RV" apps I was using. To be honest there were several that I had not used much in the previous years. I decided to renew just two, one was RV Life.

I really like the RV Live Trip Wizard Planner.


Monday 15th of January 2024

Always a good idea to take stock of what works, and what doesn't, John! And we agree... RV Trip Wizard is a very handy tool!

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