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Our Top 5 RV Trip Planner Apps for Easy RV Travel

Our Top 5 RV Trip Planner Apps for Easy RV Travel

RV trip planner apps offer the easiest way to plan an unforgettable road trip. They help you find campgrounds, great boondocking spots, and wonderful sights and experiences along the way. Even more importantly, they can help to ensure you have a safe arrival at your destination. The best part is that these days many of the best RV trip planners come in a convenient app so they’re right at our fingertips, wherever and whenever we need them.

If this sounds like something you need, keep reading for our list of the road trip planner apps that we use all the time. 

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What Is an RV Trip Planner?

Sure, plugging your destination into Google Maps can usually get you to where you’re going, but following a direct route on smartphone navigation apps might mean you miss terrific sights along the way!

An RV trip planner is a most useful tool for your road trips.

An RV trip planner allows you to know in advance where you want to stop to enjoy new adventures and experiences, and can also alert you to any upcoming issues based on the size of your rig.

Enter, RV trip planners. These apps or websites let you plan every detail of your trip. For example, you can search for campgrounds using a trip planner, noting pricing, amenities, and more.

An RV trip planning site can also help you find sightseeing opportunities along the way, adding a lot of value to your road trip experiences.

RV trip planners are also useful for routing your trip. Some trip planners let you enter height, weight, and length specs for your RV. They’ll then automatically determine a safe and convenient route for you to take — no worrying about steep grades, low overpasses, or bridges that can’t support your rig.

Finding the services that RVers need is another important aspect of RV trip planner apps. Whether it’s fuel, propane, repairs, dump stations or other RV-specific services, many trip planners include the ability to locate them.

What to Look for in RV Trip Planner Apps

Not all RV trip planner apps are created equal. For the best plan, these are our must-have features:

Campground Planning

A trip planner that lets you plan your stays in detail is essential. If you wait until the last minute to find an RV park, you may be out of luck. We generally recommend booking your RV park stays in advance, and a reliable trip planner makes identifying where you plan to stay (so you can get it all booked) a lot easier.

But even if you like to leave your exact planning to a last-minute whim, a planner app can be even more important, since they provide a vast database of potential places to camp.

Scenic Opportunities

We also recommend looking for a trip planner that helps you find scenic stops along the way. When you’re driving long distances, you pass so many incredible sights. If you use a regular GPS, you could miss something outstanding simply because you’re not aware that it exists.

Routing Tips

It’s nice to have an RV trip planner that helps to guide you on the road. For example, being able to find big-rig-friendly gas stations can be a big help, especially for drivers who appreciate a little extra room to maneuver. And having the option to find an RV-safe route, including overpass heights, bridge weight limits, and propane restrictions is also high on our list of priorities for RV trip planners.

Our Top 5 RV Trip Planner Apps for Easy RV Travel

Following are some great RV trip planners that offer most or all of our must-have features… and that we use ourselves for planning our RV trips.

The Dyrt PROThe Dyrt Logo

The Dyrt offers free access to their huge database of RV parks & campgrounds, either on their website or through their app (both iOS and Android). You can see all of the detailed information available on each location, along with any user-submitted photos and reviews, making choosing a place to stay that much easier.

The Dyrt Website is a great place to start planning your next RV trip

You can get started planning your next RV trip for free using The Dyrt, but the real power comes from upgrading to The Dyrt PRO

There’s also The Dyrt Magazine (accessible from their website), which offers plenty of educational and entertaining articles that help you get the most out of RV life. And you can enter their regular contests to win all sorts of great camping gear!

But the real power of the app/website comes when you upgrade to The Dyrt PRO. The biggest upgrade you’ll get by doing that is access to their Trip Planner. It’s great for RVs of all sizes since you have the option to select your vehicle type and enter the relevant specifications (height, length, fuel economy, etc) and provide input on route-specific options (like avoiding ferries, tolls, or highways).

The Dyrt PRO Trip Planner Tool

The Dyrt PRO Trip Planner makes it easy to plan your next RV trip!

You start by picking your starting and ending points, and you can then plan your trip from scratch, adding all of the stops/waypoints you want. Or you can let The Dyrt recommend a trip for you… which is our favorite way to get started. Just tell the app how long you like to drive in a day, and it will create a starting itinerary, choosing highly-rated RV parks for the stops along your route. From there, it’s easy to add in the rest. You can even use it to find gas stations big enough to accommodate your rig.

Once you’re done planning your trip, you can download maps for offline access (great if you don’t have cellular coverage the whole way) and even export the route to Google Maps for easy navigation throughout the drive.

The Dyrt PRO’s RV trip planner is the newest entry to the field and doesn’t have as many features as some of the others later in this list. But that’s actually one of the reasons we like it so much. In just a few quick clicks we can have a suggested route with intermediate stops laid out for us. It’s super quick and easy to get started using and isn’t as intimidating for people who aren’t all that tech-savvy.

In addition to the Trip Planner, upgrading to PRO also gets you map overlays for BLM, US Forest Service, and National Park Service boundaries. For anyone who likes to get off the beaten path a bit, knowing that you’re safely within the bounds of a BLM area can be a huge help.

Last, but certainly not least, are discounts. The Dyrt PRO enables you to take advantage of reduced rates at participating RV parks and campgrounds, saving you between 10% and 40% on your stay. Just a couple of nights of savings easily pays for your whole year of access to PRO. But the savings don’t stop there… PRO access also comes with discounts on outdoor- and camping-related gear from well-known brands.

Why The Dyrt PRO Is Great

Letting The Dyrt PRO plan your trip for you is a breeze. It’s a great alternative to spending hours scouring the internet for the best campsites. With The Dyrt, you can automatically find top-rated RV parks on your route. You’ll save time and, most importantly, you’ll know you’re heading for the best park for your situation, with all the amenities that are most essential for your needs.

Get A Deal On The Dyrt PRO

You get all that The Dyrt PRO offers for just $35.99 per year after their normal 7-day free trial. But we think that 7 days isn’t all that long to really kick the tires on a tool with so many features.

So we’re thrilled that The Dyrt is offering RVgeeks viewers a full 30-DAY FREE TRIAL! One month is easily plenty of time for you to really get to know everything The Dyrt PRO has to offer. You do need to provide a credit card number to sign up, but after using it, if you decide it’s not right for you, you can cancel any time within the 30-day trial period and owe nothing. But we’re pretty sure you won’t want to!

The Dyrt Logo
The Dyrt PRO 30-Day Trial

Use the "Go To The Deal" button to access the website, then click the "Redeem Your Gift" button found there to start your FREE 30-DAY TRIAL (a credit card is required, but you can cancel at any...Show More

Use the "Go To The Deal" button to access the website, then click the "Redeem Your Gift" button found there to start your FREE 30-DAY TRIAL (a credit card is required, but you can cancel at any time).

Read Our RV Trip Planner Post

NOTE: the discount code field should fill in automatically. If it doesn't, click "I have a discount code" and enter code RVGEEKS to start your 30-day free trial.

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RV Trip Wizard (part of RV Life Pro)

RV Trip Wizard logo

RV Trip Wizard has been around for a while now, and has always been a fantastic tool. It’s a web-based trip planner, offering a comprehensive set of features to make planning your next RV trip as easy, and rewarding, as possible. 

Like The Dyrt PRO Trip Planner, RV Trip Wizard lets you build out a trip. Its map-based interface makes it easy to browse around an area you’re planning to visit, locating RV parks (with reviews that are powered by, overnight parking options, fuel stops, rest areas, dump stations, and more. And RV Trip Wizard is great at helping you to find fun and interesting things to see and do along your route.

RV Trip Wizard trip planning

RV Trip Wizard’s map-based interface, and powerful tools, make RV trip planning easy.

As part of your trip planning, if you enter the details of your RV (height, length, weight, etc), your driving preferences (avoiding tolls, average distance/time traveled per day, etc), and your expense preferences (camping fees, average fuel cost, etc), RV Trip Wizard will give you everything you need to ensure your trip will be on budget and won’t leave you exhausted from having traveled too far.

The only potential downside to RV Trip Wizard is that it’s SO complete. It can take a while to get your bearings and figure out how to use everything that it offers. Luckily, they have a built-in feature tour, and access to tutorial videos, to help you figure it all out.

All of that, alone, would be well worth the annual cost. But because RV Trip Wizard is a part of the RV Life Pro suite of tools, it gets even better. For the same price, you now get access to even more.

RV Life Pro offers access to many useful apps

One subscription to RV Life Pro gets you access to many useful tools.

First up, and perhaps most valuable for helping improve your next RV trip, is the RV Life RV Safe GPS. Taking into account all of the same RV details you can use in RV Trip Wizard, the RV Safe GPS will provide you with a route that avoids low overpasses, propane-restricted tunnels, steep grades, and bridges that your RV might be overweight for. And because of the integration between the two, you can plan your whole trip in RV Trip Wizard, and access that trip from the RV Safe GPS so you know you’ll get everywhere safely.

As if those two tools weren’t enough, you also get access to (for the same single price of admission) Maintain My RV… a great way to track all of your RV’s maintenance needs. AND get notified about upcoming tasks, so you make sure you don’t miss anything.

Why RV Life Pro Is Great

Our favorite thing about RV Trip Wizard is the fact that we can customize it to show us all of the features that are most important to us. Being able to find dump stations, rest areas, and overnight parking is very convenient. And a terrific bonus to all of that is the sightseeing aspect of the app. Many other trip planners focus on only the big picture, but RV Trip Wizard takes care of the little details that make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

And, even better, the fact that RV Trip Wizard is now a part of the RV Life Pro suite means that one subscription gets you access to even more: RV Trip Wizard, RV Safe GPS, Campground Reviews, and Maintain My RV. And who knows what else will be added to the package moving forward?

Get A Deal on RV Life Pro

The RV Life Pro package has so many features we love. But what we love even more is the fact that we can now offer our viewers a discount. Sign up for an annual subscription to RV Life Pro using our coupon code and you’ll save 25%.

SAVE 25%
RV Life Pro logo
RV Life Pro 25% Discount

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for...Show More

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for RV-specific navigation); (user reviews of RV Parks & campgrounds); (community forums); RV Life Maintenance Tracker (maintenance schedule tracking), and RV Masterclass (excellent educational material for all RVers).

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Read Our Post All About The RV Life App

Save 25% on your first annual subscription to RV Life PRO by clicking the button. The discount will be applied when you click through to the payment page. Show Less

Roadtrippers (now part of Roadpass Pro)

Roadtrippers is a great road trip planning option.

Roadtrippers is the last of the full-fledged RV trip planning tools that we use. To start, you can sign up and use the tool for free, if you only want to plan trips with no more than 5 stops/waypoints. Which is great! It means you can take your time and figure out if Roadtrippers is the right tool for you.

Another great feature of Roadtrippers is the fact that it’s available on the web AND as an app (available for iOS and Android). So you can use the device that works best for you at the time, but still have access to your trip planning wherever you need it.

The trip-planning features that Roadtrippers offers are straightforward and easy to use. Just plug in your start and end points, adjust the slider for how far off your route that you’re willing to drive for points of interest (the map will show a shaded area that extends beyond your planned route so you can see what falls within that distance), and begin exploring. As you scroll along your route, you can zoom in and out to see what’s there to see and do.

RoadTrippers makes RV Trip planning fun!

We love the interface Roadtrippers has for planning our RV trips.

You can also add overlays to show camping, popular attractions, points of interest, food and drink, and more. Search for services, including fuel stations, rest stops, and other auto/RV services.

As you continue to build your itinerary, it also shows your estimated travel time, mileage, and fuel costs for the entire trip. Adding a stop is simple, and with reviews and ratings for campgrounds, you can easily find the best places to stay.

Just like with the first two tools we listed, though, there’s more power to be had if you pay for their subscription level service, called Roadtrippers Plus. In addition to allowing you to create longer trips with more than 5 waypoints (up to 150!), the upgrade offers offline maps, live traffic updates, additional map styles, discounts from their travel partners, and no ads.

Roadtrippers Trip Collaboration option

Share the excitement AND the planning using Roadtrippers’ Trip Collaboration feature

One of the unique features you get by upgrading is Trip Collaboration. It allows you to work on a trip with anyone you’ll be traveling with, even if they don’t have Roadtrippers Plus (though they will need to sign up for the free level account). Now all of your travel companions can participate in the planning, adding/editing/deleting waypoints so that your final itinerary has something for everyone.

But because Roadtrippers is now a part of Roadpass Digital (by the way, Roadpass Digital used to be called ToGo RV, which is pronounced “TOE-go”…  just so you know… which you may have noticed we didn’t when we shot the video ????), subscribing to RoadTrippers Plus ALSO gets you access to Roadpass Pro. That brings with it the ToGo RV Safe GPS app and access to one of our very favorite trip-planning tools:

If you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, having to stop at an RV park or campground for the night can be a pain (checking in, hooking up, and undoing it all the next morning) and unnecessarily expensive if you just need a safe place to park for the night to get some sleep. So having options like Walmart lots, truckstops, Cabela’s, Cracker Barrels, Bass Pro Shops, and many other easy-in-and-out stops for the night can be an essential part of helping you get safely get to where you REALLY want to go. has one of the largest databases of those options… and since they confirm the details with locations added to the list, you can rest assured knowing you’re allowed to park overnight.

Why Roadtrippers (and Roadpass Pro) Is Great

By itself, Roadtrippers is an amazingly powerful RV trip planner that’s also surprisingly easy to use. The fact that you can sign up and use the tool completely for free (upgrading to Roadpass Pro let’s you plan trips of up to 150 waypoints!), means there’s no reason NOT to use it. But if you need (or just want) more great features, upgrading definitely brings a lot of value… from improvement to Roadtrippers itself (more waypoints, offline maps, live traffic, etc)… to the extra value that comes from the other Roadpass Pro apps (RV Safe GPS and

Get A Deal on Roadtrippers/Roadpass Pro

Clearly, we think the upgrade is worth the already-low cost ($49.99/year as of the date we published this post), but why not make a good thing even better? Check out the details of the discount that Roadpass Digital is offering RVgeeks viewers:

SAVE $10
Roadpass Digital logo
Roadpass Pro Discount

Upgrade your RVing experience with Roadpass Plus. One annual subscription gets you access to Roadtrippers Plus (a comprehensive trip planner), Campendium (for finding free boondocking spots all...Show More

Upgrade your RVing experience with Roadpass Plus. One annual subscription gets you access to Roadtrippers Plus (a comprehensive trip planner), Campendium (for finding free boondocking spots all over North America), (for finding free overnight RV parking spots), RV-Safe GPS (for RV-specific turn-by-turn navigation), and access to savings on RV Tires (save up to 45% on major brands).

Read Our RV Trip Planner Post

Save $10 on your subscription when you sign up using coupon code RVGEEKS.

Show Less


Campendium is not an RV trip planner but will help you to find free and paid campsites.

Campendium isn’t an RV trip planner tool like the other programs on our list, but it’s still worth including it here. While it includes a comprehensive listing of both private and public campgrounds, Campendium’s true strength is in the unmatched treasure trove of boondocking locations it’s amassed over the years. 

If you’re planning a trip and you want to include some great boondocking spots, Campendium will serve you well. Even if you only intend to boondock occasionally, using Campendium can cut down on your overall expenses. Even just a few nights at a free campsite can save you hundreds of dollars. And since Campendium is free (although you can become a Community Supporter in order to remove the ads displayed throughout the site), you really don’t have anything to lose.

Campendium also lets you find dump stations and other overnight places to park. You can filter your campground search based on several factors including hookups, rig length, campground type or amenities, and policies (like pet-friendly parks or 55+).

Why Campendium Is Great

Campendium is the go-to resource for finding remote boondocking sites. They have thousands of users, which means a steady stream of current, helpful reviews and photos. Both the website and the app are clean and easy-to-use, making it easy to find exactly what you want.

Best of all, Campendium is absolutely free!

How To Get Campendium

From any device, you can access Campendium’s website at, but you can also use their app on your iOS devices (sorry, no Android option at this time).


Allstays is a must-have trip planning app.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, we have one more favorite RV trip planner for you: Allstays Camp & RV. Again, this isn’t an actual trip planner, where you can map out an itinerary for your trip. But Allstays Camp & RV is a great choice for finding RV parks, truck & rest stops, dump stations, supplies, RV service, and even low bridges!

You can read reviews from other users and see campground photos. And the feature that makes it especially easy to find what you want is the ability to filter for a campsite based on specific amenities: tent sites with showers; RV parks with a club discount, 50 amp electric and LP; or even truck stops with a Subway.

Also, the listing data is stored locally on your phone, which helps to reduce data usage and prevent slowdowns when you’re in a remote spot with bad cellular coverage. The map still needs to load wirelessly, but information about all of the locations (campgrounds, truck stops, dump stations, etc) is still accessible… even if the map won’t load.

Why Allstays Camp & RV Is Great

The app itself is free and provides access to a resource that can help you find locations not listed in other apps. We also appreciate the offline capabilities of the app, which has saved our bacon a number of times when we needed to search for campgrounds even when we didn’t have cell coverage.

How To Get Allstays Camp & RV

As with Campendium, you can access Allstays from any device by going to their website at Once there, choose the “Camping” option from the menu, and you’re on your way. Also like Campendium, Allstays is only available as an iOS app, so if you’re on Android, you’ll have to use the web-based version in your browser instead.

What Is Allstays Pro?

If you prefer doing your trip planning on your laptop/desktop computer, Allstays Pro may be for you. It’s not free (currently it requires a subscription of $34.95/year… reportedly going up soon), but it does offer some advantages over the free website version and even the app.

Allstays says that Pro is faster than the app and website; has no ads; offers better privacy; allows full-screen maps; can be used offline with Google Earth; provides more filters; has layers for traffic, biking, and transit; and offers over half a million search combinations.

If that sounds interesting to you, sign up to get Allstays Pro. But if not, the free iOS app or the free website will definitely get the job done.

Honorable RV Trip Planner Mentions

While the five apps/services listed above are our primary, go-to apps for most of our trip planning, there are still others that we pretty regularly. These are apps that, while they may not “technically” be trip planners, are incredibly helpful for planning a trip… and to use while you’re on the road.

Boondockers Welcome

RV parks, boondocking sites, and overnight parking spots are all great. But sometimes you just want something a bit different. How about staying (legally) on someone’s private property, instead? And for FREE (other than the annual subscription to Boondockers Welcome)?! That’s what Boondockers Welcome is all about.

“Hosts” offer their available spot… in their driveway, the back yard, or wherever they’ve got space. We’ve stayed at some awesome spots (our first was in Australia!) and have met some amazing hosts as a result. And while “Boondocking” is, well, part-and-parcel with the whole point of the service, many hosts offer electrical hookups or water if it’s available.

Several times over the years, Boondockers Welcome locations have been our only option if we wanted to stay close to where we wanted to go.

Sign up using coupon code “RVGEEKS15” at and save 15% on your first year’s membership

Harvest Hosts

Another “non-traditional” option, Harvest Hosts focuses on providing access to unique overnight experiences at wineries, breweries, farms & orchards, museums, and other attractions. Again, other than the annual membership cost, you don’t pay camping fees to stay at a Harvest Host location. Instead, they ask that you patronize the host’s business. Which, considering the variety of locations that are available, isn’t all that much of a hardship!

Stock up on some farm-fresh cheese? Sure thing! Buy some wine? Don’t mind if we do! And our RV is right over there, so we don’t even have to drive home.

Think it sounds interesting? You can also save 15% on your first year’s membership by clicking on this link:

Ultimate Campground (App)

It’s amazing how many different apps it can take to find just the right spot to camp. Even with the incredible power of all of the tools listed above… we often find ourselves turning to the Ultimate Campground app to find campsites that aren’t listed anywhere else. It specializes in public lands, so you’ll find a lot of boondocking spots here.

You can use it on your laptop via their website… but we prefer the app on our smartphone/tablet. The apps aren’t free, but they’re not expensive, either. Android users can purchase a US version of the app (Canada isn’t available for Android). But for iOS, they’re separated into two distinct apps (US version and Canada version).

Gas Buddy

No trip is going to last very long if you don’t fuel up every now and again. And while the trip planner apps will show you fuel stops along your route, if you want to make sure you’re saving money when you fill up, then Gas Buddy is for you.

Even if you’re driving a diesel, and you’ve heard about those programs that are supposed to save on fuel at truckstops, you’ll usually still pay less by using GasBuddy to plan your fuel stops. That’s because truckstops charge some of the highest prices in any given area. So getting a discount on a highly inflated price may seem like a big savings, when it might not be.

We also hate using truck lanes, since they’re usually slick with diesel fuel, which we can then end up tracking back into our RV. And also we don’t like blocking up busy truck lanes with our RV. When professional drivers are out there working for a living, we hate to hold them up when we have all the time in the world.

You can use Gas Buddy via their website… or you can download the app (iOS and Android). It’s free… AND it’ll save you money. Win-win, if you ask us! 

Wrapping Up About RV Trip Planners…

If it sounds like having multiple apps is a lot to manage, it’s actually pretty easy. While they’re all great, each app has its own strengths, and once you get used to them, you’ll have a good idea of which apps make the most sense for your travel style and the type of trips you like to plan. We use all of these apps at different times, depending on where we’re headed, often checking several of them on the same trip.

Using an RV trip planner helps you to have a much more enjoyable trip overall, and quite possibly a safer one. You won’t have to worry about finding gas stations, points of interest, or RV parks. Any of these apps and websites can help you in planning the best RV trip possible.

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Thursday 6th of July 2023

Never mind, my bad! I got 25% off, I'm still not sure about the trial!


Thursday 6th of July 2023

No worries... again, you should have 7 days to try it out and cancel if you don't like it. After that, you'll be charged, but get 25% off. Hope it works for you this time!


Thursday 6th of July 2023

I'm trying to sign up for RV Life Pro and the link you provide for the 30-day free trial doesn't seem to work. All I get offered is the usual 7-day trial. I'm just wondering if it's still available as I see your article was updated in June 2023. I tried to use Trip Advisor in the past when it was stand alone and it was very intimidating, I thought I'd give it another try! Thanks!


Thursday 6th of July 2023

Hi Pat... think there's some confusion. The free 30-day trial is for The Dyrt. We don't have a 30-day trial option for RV Life Pro... just a 25% discount offer (which applies after the 7 day free trial).

Mike Z

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Signed up for Dyrt. Upon planning a trip, there was no place to enter RV specifics other than fuel type and average mileage. Going to support, it says that other than campground length restrictions, they do not use vehicle specific data in route planning. To avoid potential route hazards, they defer to other apps that do account for RV specific issues. And destinations can only be entered as City/State, not a specific address. While routes can be downloaded to Google Maps, they say this is a trip planning app only, not an on-road app. Now going with RV Trip Wizard.


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

I'm trying to get the Allstays app for $9.99 and I can't find it. They're trying to sell me the Pro for $34.99/yr.


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

Hi Steve... sorry, Allstays changed their setup since we did this post. The app is available for free from the iOS app store (it's not available for Android): The $34.99/year Allstays PRO is their upgraded, web-based offering. We'd suggest trying the free version of the iOS app first... and then upgrade from there if you think you need it.


Monday 22nd of May 2023

I will be camping for a few weeks in Ireland. Do you know of any planning apps that include Europe?


Monday 22nd of May 2023

Hi @Lia! Awesome! Hope you have a fantastic trip! Unfortunately, we don't know of any equivalent apps to help with route planning, etc... but be sure to look to see if Park4Night has locations listed in Ireland... we found it immensely helpful on our other European trips like England, France, and Italy!

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