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RV Propane Accessories: Make the Most of Your Summer

RV Propane Accessories: Make the Most of Your Summer

As RVers, most of us are familiar with propane appliances like RV fridges, furnaces, stoves, and water heaters. But some RV propane accessories are great to have on hand, and some are downright critical.

Today we’re looking at some rv propane tank accessories that’ll help you take full advantage of a resource you’re already carrying as you travel and camp.

What’s an RV Propane Accessory?

A propane accessory can be anything from a hose, gauge, adapter, or valve to something you fuel with propane, like a fire pit or a BBQ grill. It can also be something that keeps you safe while you’re using liquid propane in or around your RV.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and useful RV propane accessories.

Propane Detector (LP Gas Leak Detector)

Let’s start with the most important RV propane accessory of all – a working propane detector. This is one of several safety items that need to be installed and working in an RV, along with a fire extinguisher, smoke detector/alarm, and carbon monoxide detector/alarm.

Most RVs have a built-in propane detector that’s hardwired into the RV’s electrical system. These have a limited lifespan and should be replaced on a scheduled basis. Your RV propane detector may look similar to one of these:

Safe-T-Alert by MTI Industries 35-742-BL Dual LP/CO Battery Powered Alarm - 12V, 35 Series Flush Mount, Black
  • Double-Duty Alarm Detects Both Gas Leaks And Co Gas Simultaneously
  • Reliable 12V Power Means No Missing Or Dead Batteries To Replace. Operating Temperature: minus 40° F To plus 158° F
Safe T Alert 20-441-P-BL Mini Hard-Wired Propane/LP Gas Alarm - 12V, 20 Series, Black
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Power Supply and Current Draw: 12 vDC 75mA @ 12 vDC

For more information on how RV propane detectors work and why they’re so important, see our post explaining what an RV propane detector is and how it could save your life.

If your RV’s propane detector is due for replacement, don’t wait. It could be the most important task you undertake this year. Here’s our video with Peter showing you, step-by-step, how to replace your RV’s propane detector:

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Contrary to a common misconception, a propane detector and a carbon monoxide detector are not the same things. Propane detector sense propane leaks. Although propane gas has no odor, propane companies add a harmless chemical called mercaptan to LP (liquid propane), causing its distinctive “rotten egg” smell.

Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, is a colorless, odorless, and highly poisonous gas produced from incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide interferes with the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to the lungs. This can cause flu-like symptoms such as headache, nausea, and dizziness, and can eventually lead to death.

There are many potential sources of carbon monoxide in an RV. These include built-in or portable generators (either yours or one belonging to a nearby camper), gas ovens & stoves, gas-powered heaters & water heaters, and portable gas stoves.

Carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed, partially enclosed, or poorly-ventilated spaces like an RV, poisoning anyone inside the rig if it goes undetected.

If your RV doesn’t have a carbon monoxide detector, you can purchase a battery-operated unit designed for use in RVs and other small spaces. Be sure to test your carbon monoxide detector regularly, and replace the batteries as recommended by the manufacturer, or at least once a year.
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector, AA Battery Powered CO Alarm with LEDs, Test-Reset Button, Low Battery Indicator, Portable
  • Electrochemical sensor technology detects CO gas
  • Easy installation, no wiring needed, detects during a power failure by operating on 2-AA batteries (included)
While your smoke detector and fire extinguisher aren’t technically propane accessories, they are critical items that’ll be needed should there be a fire on your rig. So, be sure to regularly test your smoke detector and fire extinguisher(s) and replace them as needed.

Propane Hoses, Valves, Adapters

Unless a propane tank is built into an RV, various hoses, valves, and adapters are likely common propane accessories. Without them, propane appliances can’t receive the fuel they need to function.
Depending on tank size, RV connections, and the appliance(s) they’re fueling, you’ll need hoses, valves, and adapters specific to your tank and rig. If your RV didn’t come with everything needed, these can often be purchased at hardware stores, camping stores, and RV parts stores.
See our post on propane tank sizes for additional information.

Propane Tank Gauges/Sensors

We wrote an entire post on propane tank gauges explaining how important they are in preventing you from running out of propane right in the middle of cooking dinner, showering, or running the fridge off-grid.

A propane tank gauge/sensor monitors the propane level in an LP tank so you’ll know how much propane is left at any given time. Many RVs have built-in monitors, but they’re notorious for not working very well.

A working propane gauge will tell you exactly how much fuel you’ve got in the tank, so you’ll know when it’s time for a refill. Several types of propane tank gauges/sensors are available. Below are a couple of options, but be sure to check out our full post on propane tank gauges for much more detail.

Mopeka Pro Check Sensor - Battery Powered Wireless Propane Tank Magnetic Sensor Level Indicator, Pressure Gauge Electronic for BBQ Grill - Remote Ready Propane, Butane And Fuel Level Gauge With App
  • WIRELESS PROPANE GAUGE - This digital propane tank gauge is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking or using propane-powered patio...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Our propane tank gauge effortlessly attaches to the underside of your propane tank through powerful magnets. It can be secured in...
GasStop - Propane Tank Gauge with Emergency Shut-Off - Color Coded Pressure Meter, Propane Gas Gauge - Acme Universal Connection for Cylinder, RV Camper & More
  • 100% PROTECTION - GasStop is a must-have safety device that protects families with RVs that have propane systems on board. Its automatic emergency...
  • CONVENIENT PRESSURE INDICATOR - Effortlessly monitor pressure levels in your propane tank to prevent gas runouts when you need it most – no...

In case you happen to find yourself without a working propane tank gauge and you need to know how much LP you’ve got in the tank, here’s Peter to show you an easy trick:

Propane Tank/Bottle Mounting Rack

If your RV has a built-in propane tank, you may want to carry a spare tank with you for some extended boondocking. Or if your rig has a portable propane cylinder, you may want to consider a mounting rack that can accommodate an extra tank.

Some racks carry a single tank, while others carry two tanks or more. They’re compact and lightweight and safely secure your propane tank(s) to your RV.

Stromberg Carlson (2020-JR J Bottle Rack - 20 lb. Capacity , black
  • J' Rack

Propane Tank Base/Stabilizer

Depending on how you use portable propane tanks with your rig, preventing them from tipping over can be a concern. A tank base or stabilizer may be the best way to accomplish that. They’re inexpensive and well worth the purchase from a safety perspective.

Camco Cylinder Stabilizing Base for 20 lbs and 30 lbs Propane Tank | Keeps Cylinder in Place During Storage or Travel | Black (57237)
  • Helps prevent accidental tipping of propane cylinder when cylinder is fully inserted into the base
  • For use with 20 pound or 30 pound propane tanks
Flame King YSNPBS Propane Cylinder Base Stabilizer, Fits 20lb, 30lb, and 40lb Tanks, Black
  • Helps prevent accidental tipping of propane cylinder when cylinder is fully inserted into the base
  • For use with 20LB, 30LB and 40LB propane tanks

Propane Regulator

As we noted in detail in our post on the RV propane system, an RV propane regulator is a crucial part of your rig’s propane system. That’s because the LP gas in your propane tank is under very high pressure – typically anywhere from 100 psi to 250 psi. You need a regulator to control the pressure of the propane being released from the tank.

Without a regulator, you’d find yourself with a huge, uncontrolled flame, putting you and everyone around you in a very dangerous situation. The regulator allows propane to be released in a controlled, consistent manner, at a carefully regulated pressure, as it flows to your RV’s onboard appliances.

All propane regulators aren’t the same, but your RV most likely requires a two-stage model. But for a thorough look at RV propane regulators, see our detailed post on the topic.

WADEO 6FT Propane Regulator Hose with 90 Degree Elbow Adapter for Blackstone 17" and 22" Table Grill and Most LP Gas Grill with 3/8'' Connect Fitting
  • 🏕️Widely Used: Althouth this propane hose with adapter is designed for blackstone griddle 17'' and 22'', when you take off the propane elbow...
  • 🏕️Save Your Money: Using this propane adapter hose, you don't need to change the gas tank frequently, you can connect your Blackstone 17'' or...
Flame King (KT12ACR6a) 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Gas Regulator With Two 12 Inch Pigtails For RVs, Vans, Trailers
  • Allows removal of the empty cylinder for refill without interrupting propane supply; includes 2 of the 12-inch pigtails to connect the regulator to...
  • For RVs with dual propane tanks; it automatically switches from primary to reserve tank when the primary tank is empty

A propane regulator should be covered, so be sure to replace yours if it’s damaged or lost.


Propane Tank Cover

If you’ve got a propane cylinder or two mounted on your RV and you want to protect them as you drive, a propane tank cover is a useful accessory. These are available in various sizes that cover either one or two tanks.

Propane Tank Cover, Ventilated RV Propane Tank Cover Standard 20lb Tank Cylinder, Waterproof & Weather Resistant Propane Gas Tank Cover, Propane Bottle Protection Cover 7.5 x12.6 x23.6 Inches
  • PREMIUM GAS TANK COVER: This 20lb Propane Tank Cover is made of tough, weather-resistant, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric and PVC cover, UV finishing,...
  • PROPANE TANK COVER RV DIMENSIONS: 7.5" Diameter (top) x 12.6" Diameter (bottom) x 23.6" High, fits for most cylinder propane tank up to 20lb.
Flame King Dual 20LB LP Propane Tank Light Plastic Heavy Duty Cover for RV, Travel Trailer, Camper - Black
  • Perfect protection for your propane tanks from flying debris
  • Easy access port on side, to see and adjust regulator

Accessories For Use With Propane

While these aren’t technically RV propane accessories, they’re great options to have on board!

Propane Firepit

With burn bans in effect in so many places, and with wood hard to come by in others, many RVers carry a propane firepit with them. This ensures the ability to spend time around the campfire with family & friends. You can learn more about this great option in our detailed post covering portable propane fire pits.

Meanwhile, here are a couple to consider:

Flame King Smokeless Propane Fire Pit, 19-inch Portable Firebowl, 58K BTU with Self Igniter, Cover, & Carry Straps for RV, Camping, & Outdoor Living
  • PERFECT NO MESS CAMPFIRE: Forget about dirty ashes and expensive firewood and enjoy a clean and smokeless fire in your backyard, beach, or lake,...
  • 19-INCH PORTABLE FIRE PIT BOWL with a heat output of 58,000 BTUs; comes with a 10-ft hose with a regulator to easily connect with your standard BBQ...
Outland Living Firecube 805 Portable 14-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Pit for Camping with Cover, Carry Kit and Lava Rock Stones, 58,000 BTU, Black
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO TRANSPORT – The Firecube is our smallest, lightest and most portable fire pit yet. Travel sized propane fire pits are a must...
  • SMOKELESS FIRE PIT – Say goodbye to messy dirty ash and bothersome smoke. With the firecube you can enjoy a clean realistic campfire, all powered...

Propane BBQ Grill

We’re big fans of propane BBQ grills and use ours all the time. In fact, we connect our propane grill right up to our motorhome’s onboard propane tank so we don’t have to carry those wasteful little one-pound bottles around with us.

If you’d like more information and detailed step-by-step instructions on how you can do the same, have a look at our post on how to connect a gas grill to an RV. Or you can watch the video right here:

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill, Titanium
  • One stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body

Smart Meat Thermometer

And speaking of BBQ grills, here’s a great accessory. If you’re a serious griller, you might enjoy the MEATER high-tech meat thermometer.

MEATER uses a dual-sensor system to monitor both the internal and ambient meat temperatures. It accurately estimates the remaining cooking time, tells you when to remove the meat from the grill, and how long to let it rest before serving.

With its 165-foot wireless range, MEATER lets you monitor the progress of your dinner using your smartphone from anywhere around your rig. Set your desired temperature, and the software does the rest for you.

MEATER Plus: Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth Booster | For BBQ, Oven, Grill, Kitchen, Smoker, Rotisserie | iOS & Android App
  • [The ideal choice for indoor and outdoor cooking enthusiasts] MEATER Plus is 100% wire-free, allowing you to cook with complete freedom and...
  • [The perfect gift for the chef in your life] Whether it's for your husband, dad, brother, wife, mother, sister, or a food-loving friend, this...

Propane Space Heater

Lots of people wonder if you can use a propane heater indoors to heat your RV. Yes, you can… and we do. To learn more about how to do this safely, see our post, “Can You Use a Propane Heater Indoors to Heat Your RV?

Camco 57341 Wave-6 Catalytic Safety Heater
  • No flame, flue or chimney
  • No electrical drain or battery connection make it the ideal solution for boon docking and dry camping
Camco 57701 Leg Stands Wave Heater
  • Color - Black
  • Fits olympian wave 3, 6 and 8 heaters

We hope this rundown of RV propane accessories proves useful as you enjoy your camping trips all year round.

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Lyn Greenhill

Sunday 13th of August 2023

I have dual 20-lb tanks on my trailer and one of those auto switching regulators with level indicators. The switch works great, the indicator is a joke. Bought a couple Mopeka level sensors and those work great! Highly recommended.

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