What's in Our RV Technology Cabinet? Geek Tech!

As working-age full-time RVers running our business online, our technology needs might be a bit higher than most. But plenty of our gear would be useful for anyone. Come along for a tour as we share our Geek Tech!

John is our resident technology guru, so he’s giving the video tour (with a gracious introduction by Peter). Since tech changes so rapidly, it probably goes without saying that our 11-year-old motorhome has undergone some high-end mods to get where it is today. And because tech continues to advance every year, you can bet that our set-up will look different a few years from now, too.

If we were retired (or part-timers), all this tech would either be pure luxury, or more likely, we’d do without a fair amount of it. That adds yet another positive aspect to working full-time on the road — we can justify the expense of keeping our gear pretty cutting-edge because it’s all stuff we need for work (pay no attention to the Apple TV behind the curtain). ????

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