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An RV With 2 Bedrooms? Who Knew Such a Thing Existed?

An RV With 2 Bedrooms? Who Knew Such a Thing Existed?

There are so many families traveling by RV these days, as well as friends choosing to travel together. RV manufacturers have caught on to these trends, so RVs with 2 bedrooms (both motorhomes and towables) are growing in availability and popularity.

Traditionally, even large RVs had one master bedroom and then some convertible sleeping areas such as those provided by a fold-out sofa, a convertible U-shaped dinette, or a cab-over bed/entertainment center.

But with the growing population of RVers, manufacturers have come around to designing 2-bedroom RVs, and even 2-story RVs!

So, whether you’re a large family with parents and teens or you’re a couple of couples looking to travel together, if you’re interested in rigs with separate private sleeping spaces, stick around because today we’re looking at the options for RVs with two bedrooms.

Is There Really an RV With 2 Bedrooms?

Yes! It turns out that there are now many 2-bedroom RVs available — motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. In fact, there are more RVs with separate sleeping areas coming to the market every year.

Some of these rigs are clearly designed for families, with a master bedroom and a bunk room with 2-4 bunk beds for the kids.

There are also RV floor plans with a couple of separate bedrooms with full-size or queen-size beds and sufficient living space to accommodate a number of people.

But yes – 2 bedroom campers are growing in both popularity and availability. So, if you want an RV that will offer these types of accommodations for traveling with family and friends, you’ve got options!

Let’s take a look at some examples of 2-bedroom Class A motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. (And yes, travel trailers and 5th wheels are different. For more information, see our post on 33 differences between travel trailers vs 5th wheels.)

5th Wheel RVs With Two Bedrooms

We’ll start with the 5th wheels because this is the most likely candidate for a 2-bedroom RV due to the large amount of space available in many rigs of this type.

There are a number of 5th wheel RVs with 2 bedrooms on the market today. We’ll highlight a couple of them here, but there are many more from which to choose. 

Forest River Arctic Wolf 3370 Suite

Forest River’s Arctic Wolf 3370 Suite has two large bedrooms placed at either end of the rig.

Floor plan of a Forest River Arctic Wolf 5th wheel showing an RV with 2 bedrooms.

The floor plan of a 2023 Forest River Arctic Wolf 3770 Suite 5th wheel. (Photo credit: Forest River Inc.)

This 43′ 6″ 5th wheel has a large master bedroom located in a cap of the RV.

It has a king-size bed on a slide-out along with a dresser, closet, shelves, a make-up area/working space, and a separate closet designed to house a stackable washer & dryer.

Beside the master bedroom is a full bathroom.

In the rear of the RV, there’s a separate bedroom that has two full-size bunk beds (one in an overhead loft) as well as a wardrobe and an ensuite half bath that leads to the outside where an outdoor kitchen is located.

Between the two large bedrooms you’ll find a large living room and galley.

Dutchmen Astoria 3343 BHF

Dutchmen Astoria floor plan

This Dutchmen Astoria floor plan has two bedrooms as well as a large full bath (near the master bedroom) and an ensuite bathroom located near the bunkhouse. (Photo credit: Dutchmen)

The master bedroom of the 37’10” Dutchmen Astoria 3343 BHF has a queen-size bed and a large closet. A second closet is designed to house a washer & dryer.

Next door (and up a short set of stairs) to this large bedroom is a full-size bathroom with a shower.

This 5th-wheel RV also has a large bunkhouse that has four additional beds and an ensuite half-bath.

Travel Trailers with 2 Bedrooms

The demand for travel trailers with two bedrooms is increasing as families take to the road. Travel trailer manufacturers understand the demand and are following through by producing more and more 2-bedroom RVs.

Here are a couple of examples.

Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

The floor plan for the Grand Design 312BHTS shows this RV with 2 bedrooms.

This floor plan shows the layout of the Grand Design 312BHTS. (Photo credit: Grand Design)

The Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS is a 37’4″ travel trailer with a large master bedroom in the front of the rig with a full-size bathroom next door.

The main bedroom has a queen-size bed and a couple of closets, one of which is prepped for a washer & dryer.

This travel trailer has a rear slide-out that contains a large bunkhouse. In that space, you’ll find a tri-fold sofa with an overhead flip-up bunk as well as an additional bunk bed across the room.

Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BDHS

With the Minnie Plus 31BDHS, Winnebago resourcefully produces three separate sleeping quarters.

The floor plan of the Winnebago Minnie 31BHDS

The Winnebago Minnie 31BHDS offers three separate sleeping areas. (Photo credit: Winnebago)

Looking at the floor plan for this 2 bedroom RV you can see that there are actually three separate sleeping areas, though only two offer privacy.

At the front of the travel trailer is a bedroom with sufficient room for a queen-size bed and a couple of closets and nightstands.

At the rear of the rig is a second bedroom that can sleep several people with its three bunks and a fold-out sofa bed. This room also has an entertainment center making it perfect for traveling kids and teens.

And in the middle of the RV, there’s an option for a tri-fold sofa (or theatre seating if preferred) and a U-shaped dinette that converts to another bed.

Motorhomes With 2 Bedrooms

Ironically class A motorhomes are some of the largest RVs on the market, while historically offering less flexibility for sleeping larger groups of people. When asked how many people our 43′ diesel pusher can sleep, we have the same response as many other Class A owners: “Drinks for 6, dinner for 4, sleeps 2.”

Of course, we can accommodate guests on board our RV, but only in the public space of the living/dining/kitchen area. And we only have a single bathroom.

So it’s not really a surprise that motorhomes lag a bit when it comes to offering more than one private sleeping area. However, there are some that do offer that by way of a bunkhouse. It’s not quite a full bedroom, but it is a private sleeping area. And you can even get two full bathrooms!

Here’s a quick look at a nice 2-bedroom motorhome.

Entegra Vision XL 36A

Entegra’s Vision XL 36A not only has two private sleeping areas, but also two full bathrooms to go with them!

The floor plan of the Entegra Vision XL 36A

The Entegra Vision XL 36A has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms! (Photo credit: Entegra)

This 38’10” Class A coach has a sizeable master bedroom at the rear of the rig. It has a king-size bed and a couple of closets, one of which is designed to house a washer & dryer. Beside it is a large ensuite full bath.

Directly beside the master bedroom is a second bedroom with a set of bunk beds and another full-size bathroom across the hall. While the bunkhouse doesn’t provide the full bedroom experience of space to walk around in a private room, the bunks do provide a private sleeping area for two, away from the public space of the living room and kitchen.

This home-on-wheels can also sleep additional people in a drop-down bunk over the cab and a convertible dinette near the center of the rig.

The option for theatre seating or a 67″ tri-fold sofa also offers additional sleeping quarters.

A Note About Class C RVs

While we don’t generally see Class C RVs with completely separate bedrooms, many Class C rigs have cabover beds at the front of the RV and then a private bedroom at the rear.

Others have convertible sleeping areas near the front of the rig with a spacious rear master bedroom.

While these setups aren’t the same as having a couple of separate bedrooms, they do offer separate sleeping areas.

You may want to have a look at our post on the best Class C RVs under 30 feet, as these give you some cool Class C layouts in more condensed packages.

You might also enjoy a close-up look at a super C RV.

Here’s the Newmar Super Star!

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Linda Baldock

Friday 4th of November 2022

Check out Alliance's Paradigm 395DS at "DS" must stand for "dual suite" as the 2nd bedroom is actually that--not bunkbeds--with its own full bath, closet, and door separating it from the living area.


Sunday 18th of June 2023

@Linda Baldock, this is what I am looking for

Max Shaver

Friday 4th of November 2022

Two Bedroom RVs are nothing new, we found a 2008 Forest River Cardinal with master With bath, and a seoerat Bunkhouse, w half bath for our daughter's family while working through some issues with their sticks and bricks. Our Thor Challenger 37TB has a King master bedroom, and full bath, as well as 2 bunks and a half bath. Sleeps 10 until we replaced Thors Concrete Sofa with 2 recliners

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