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Many people who tow a trailer may not be aware of the impact proper trailer hitch height has on their towing experience… and their safety. There are many things to know when towing a travel trailer (or any type of trailer, for that matter), and hitch height is only one consideration. If you don’t maintain …

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If you use use a manually-operated handle to crank the tongue jack of your travel trailer up and down, you might have found yourself wondering why no one has invented an electric trailer jack that works with the push of a button. Well, it just so happens that electric jacks are indeed a thing, and …

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Shortly after we published our post entitled “What Is Tongue Weight and Why Is It Important?”, we noted a comment from a reader who suggested that we write a post specifically dedicated to methods for trailer sway control (thanks, Eric!). So, in today’s post, we’re looking straight at trailer sway – what it is, how …

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When you’re traveling down the road hauling a trailer or a 5th wheel (or any other kind of open/enclosed trailer), various weights factor into your towing experience and, more importantly, to your safety and the safety of everyone traveling the roads with you. Many people are well aware of what terms like GVWR (gross vehicle …

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