Just in time for Christmas, our favorite air compressor is on sale for the second lowest price we’ve ever seen. If you missed the sale last time we announced it, you now have a second chance to grab one for about $70 less than it typically sells for.

Even though the Viair 400P-RV air compressor is one of our favorite pieces of RV gear, it’s not cheap, with an MSRP of $299. We just spotted an awesome deal, so wanted to alert our most loyal viewers, especially since there’s still time to get one before Christmas.

Grab this great compressor here:

We have no idea how long the sale will last, so don’t wait.

If you’ve never heard of the Viair before, check out our two previous videos (below) about how we use it to inflate our tires and winterize our plumbing system. We love this thing, and the huge string of 5-star reviews makes it clear we’re not alone.

We’re sorry in advance if the price has gone back up or they’re sold out by the time you read this. But we get SO much great feedback from fellow RVers who bought one on our recommendation (even at $250) that we had to share this so that our most loyal viewers would at least get a shot at one. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! After watching your video on using it for winterizing I wanted to get it for that purpose alone -but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much $$. The sale price gave me the excuse I needed to give to our RV for Christmas :)

  2. A little off subject… At 1:25 in your Viair video, there is a little red-handled valve with fittings. Inquiring minds, etc…

    1. Hi Jim! That was an old fitting we used before we had the Viair. You can see the explanatory video here: https://www.thervgeeks.com/miscellaneous/update-high-pressure-rv-tire-inflation/

      And the very first video about tire inflation here: https://www.thervgeeks.com/maintenance/inflating-high-pressure-rv-tires/

      In the more recent video (the one you were referring to originally), you can see one additional piece… a female garden hose connection on top of that red valve. We used that to blow the water lines out on a friend’s campsite one winter.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. I’ve ordered the new Viair which is going to take up a lot less room than the big compressor I’ve been carrying. I have an older Viair that operated the Microphor toilet in our old coach but it was 100% duty cycle and as you mentioned, low volume.

  3. Thanks for the heads up guys!! Had this reserved in my Amazon cart waiting for after the first of the year. Well, looks like Christmas is coming early!?? I sooooo appreciate all you guys do to help out the RV community! Whenever we have an rv question or plan on making a change, the first thing my husband asks me is “What do the RV Geeks do?” Or “What do the RV Geeks use?” Since we have a compressor on our diesel coach, I didn’t see the benefit of having the duplication of the Viair until I watched your videos. Not having to run the generator or motor while topping off the tires, as well as having correct inflation pressure, made me a believer! Thanks again!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Peter and John!!

    1. Thanks SOOO much for the kind words, Erin! That is OUR early Christmas gift! ? We’re so happy that you find out videos helpful… makes it all worthwhile! And we know you’re going to enjoy the Viair… it’s awesome! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  4. That’s for the update – a question – there seems to be several different units available such as the 450RV unit. In your video a different unit is used. Will the 400p work – or should I go with the 450RV instead? Thanks – appreciate your help – Merry Christmas! :)

    1. Hi Jon! They sure do have a confusing range of models don’t they?! LOL Many of them differ in maximum pressure, duty cycle (how long they can run), CFM (cubic feet per minute, or speed at which they fill), accessories such as the pistol grip and the double-length hose (which is needed for RVs so you can reach all the tires), automatic operation (very important in our book).

      The two models you mentioned (400P-RV and 450P-RV) are the two most common mentioned for comparison by RVers, since they’re specifically designed for RV use. Here’s the main difference between the two of them…

      The 450P-RV is 100% duty cycle 1.80 CFM, and the 400P-RV is 33% duty cycle at 2.3 CFM. As we only need the compressor to top up our tires, vs fill them from empty or very low, we don’t have need of running continuously for long periods. We just move from tire to tire topping up, running the compressor for short bursts of a couple of minutes or less with a rest in between as we move between tires. So we don’t need the 100% duty cycle of the 450. But we don’t want to spend more time topping up each tire than necessary, so the 450 actually has a drawback there since it only fills at 1.8 CFM, vs the 400 which runs at 2.3 CFM, filling each tire faster.

      The 400P-RV is a clear winner for our needs. And the fact that the 450 is more expensive makes the 400 a no-brainer for us. Of course if you have other needs, such as filling your Jeep tires from 10 PSI after you run them in sand dunes, and need a 100% duty cycle compressor, your needs may be different.

      Hope this helps. Happy Holidays & Safe Travels!

      1. Hello – thanks for your kind reply as I appreciate it! :) You mentioned filling the Jeep tires – and it so happens I was thinking about our 2015 Jeep Cherokee as well. The Cherokee does not have the big monster tires – just stock tires. Lowering the tire air pressure off-roading is always a consideration. Do you feel the 400 unit will work with the Jeep application if we allow it to cool down between tire fillings? Thanks again! :)

        1. I’d check the specs on the Viair website for the 400 to see what the maximin continuous run time is, and how long it needs to rest in between. If it’s too short and too long, respectively, you might want a 100% duty cycle unit, especially if you’re going to deflate and inflate your jeep tires very often.

  5. Dear Santa, I’ve been really good this year……………..what!………it could happen!
    So I printed the article, stuck it to my wife’s mirror and wrote on the paper, “this is what I want for Christmas!” Is that too subtle or should I try and be more direct?

  6. The 12 days of Christmas has been extended! I bought one over a year ago for our RV Sales consignment department & have been patiently waiting for another sale to get one for ourselves too! Thanks! Dave & Sheila Knapp

  7. Hello fellow full time rolling wanderers!
    Thank you for this alert!
    I was able to get the great price.. and want you to know how much I really appreciate all you have both
    shared through the years, that has helped me greatly on my continued West Coast journeys!!
    I know our paths will cross someday, and I look forward to thanking you both in person!
    Safe Travels!
    Steve Bennett

    1. Thanks for the nice note, Steve. Great to hear you were able to snag one at this price, since we never know when it will go back up (kind of like airline tickets)! Hope to see you on the road sometime. Safe travels, Peter & John

  8. Thank you! Since I didn’t win one in the last contest :( I was planning to buy one. I had problems with my RV tires last Sept, so this was on my Must-Have list. I ordered one just now!

  9. Thanks so much for the heads up! I’ve been waiting to pick one of these up in preparation for our transition to full-timing. Happy to support your affiliate link :-)

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