Even though we’ve been on the road full-time for nearly 15 years, we never stop learning. Since it’s virtually impossible to know everything about every topic, the most valuable tool we keep on board is an open mind.

Last year we added a great new piece of (inexpensive) gear to our DIY utility belt: a borescope. Before that, we’d never been able to see inside our water heater to know what condition it was in, or to see what effect (if any) our annual cleaning regimen was having.

It turns out that a borescope is kind of like a clear sewer elbow for the water heater. We discovered a long time ago that we had no way of knowing what was happening during black tank flushing without a “window” into the sewer hose during the process. As a result, a clear elbow has been an indispensable part of properly managing our RV systems ever since.

Even though we had the epiphany to get a borescope to inspect the inside of the water heater last year, it wasn’t until this year, the second inspection, that we really “get it” when it comes to actually understanding what’s going on in there.

We were all set to do our annual flushing regimen, when the borescope threw us for a loop! Check out the video to see what happened, and what we learned.

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