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Dometic RV Toilets: Offering Options from Bottom to Top

Dometic RV Toilets: Offering Options from Bottom to Top

If it’s time to replace your RV’s toilet or if you’ve been looking for greater comfort or cleaning features, Dometic RV toilets offer a whole host of options, including standard height toilets with integrated sprayers.

The other piece of good news is that replacing an RV toilet can be a great DIY project. (And you know how we love a good DIY project!)

So, let’s take a look at what Dometic has to offer in the way of RV toilets with modern appearances and features that offer a great upgrade for any rig — with or without an RV black water tank.

Are All RV Toilets the Same?

The answer to that question is a resounding “no” they’re not. There are several different types of RV toilets, some of which require a waste-holding tank system and others that don’t.

We’ve got an entire post (and video) discussing differences between various types of RV toilets entitled “The RV Toilet Talk” which you can visit for further details. But in general, most RVs and campers with toilets have one of the following types:

  • Gravity Flush RV Toilet
  • Macerating RV Toilet
  • Composting Toilet
  • Cassette Toilet
  • Portable Toilet

If you have a large RV that has a toilet with a permanent waste tank, you likely have either a built-in gravity flush toilet or a macerating toilet. That’s the type we’ll be covering today.

If you have a smaller RV, you may have a cassette toilet Those are also pretty much the only system in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and much of the rest of the world. We’ve experienced them first-hand every one of our 5 international RV trips.

These are great for small RVs because they don’t require a large waste tank system. insteading use a small holding tank attached to the toilet itself.

Portable toilets are great for camper van builds or for anyone with a recreational vehicle that didn’t come with a toilet of any kind. (No plumbing required.)

While portable toilets may not be for everyone, a lot of people appreciate them because they reduce the need to stop at gas stations and rest areas.

If you’ve got a whole family along for the ride, bathroom stops can end up taking a lot of time away from your trip (although a “whole family” – or if you bring plenty of friends along – can fill up portable toilet pretty quickly, so it’s not a panacea).

If you’re unfamiliar with how RV toilets or other mobile or portable camping toilets work, you may be interested in getting the full run-down from our YouTube video on the topic. We made this not just for new RVers, but for anyone who’s about to invite guests on board who’ve never RVed before.

If My RV Toilet is Leaking, Do I Need a New RV Toilet?

Not necessarily, or even likely. There are lots of reasons why an RV toilet might be leaking and there are just as many ways to repair the leak.

If you’d like to review all the things that might be causing an RV toilet to leak and what you can do to repair it, check out our post on how to troubleshoot and repair an RV toilet leaking problem.

Since this post is about Dometic toilets, we’re focusing on built-in gravity flush or macerating toilets.

What’s So Great About Dometic RV Toilets?

There are a number of reasons why Dometic RV toilets are a good choice for so many RVers. 


Dometic offers a wide variety of RV toilets, including gravity flush, macerating, and portable toilets.

Their toilets also offer various flush options, including pedal, manual handle, electric handle, and wall switch.

They’re also available in several colors, lightweight options, or full ceramic or ceramic bowl options.

Dometic has toilets that are compatible with pretty much any RV, which is probably why they’re found in so many of them.


Dometic is one of the most well-established providers of products for the RVing and camping community.

The last thing you want to skimp on is the quality of your toilet!

Size Options

Dometic RV toilets come in a variety of sizes. Some RV bathrooms can be pretty small, so the proper size toilet is important.

This means that you can very likely find a Dometic RV toilet that fits your RV bathroom space. Some RV bathrooms require low-profile toilets based on their position, while others have plenty of room for a taller toilet.

This also means that if you currently find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where the height of your RV toilet is concerned, you can replace it with one of Dometic’s taller or shorter options, as long as you’ve got the space available.


Dometic has RV toilets to fit just about any budget.

If you need to replace your RV’s toilet because your old one no longer works properly, or if you’d like a different size, height or style, or to opt for more accessibility options, you won’t have to break the bank to make the upgrade.

Dometic RV Toilet Options

Dometic has so many RV toilet options that we can’t practically feature every size, style, and color.

There are four main series of Dometic RV toilets, all of which come in various sizes and colors. 

We’ll take a look at each series here, and you can check out Dometic’s website to see all of the RV toilet options they offer.

Dometic 300 Lightweight Series 

Two Dometic 300 series toilets, high and low profile

Dometic’s lightweight 300 series.

This series features residential-style RV toilets with hands-free operation.

The 300 series is perfect for smaller RV bathrooms. They’re lightweight and space-efficient, but can also replace a standard-height RV toilet. They’re very water-efficient and are reasonably priced.

Note that some RVs may require the Dometic floor flange adapter kit for use with a 300 series toilet.

Dometic 320 Series (Ceramic Gravity-Flush)

Two Dometic 320 series RV toilets

Dometic’s 320 series gravity-flush ceramic RV toilets.

Dometic’s 320 series RV toilets have a long, deep ceramic bowl and a wooden seat. 

They have a full-rim flush which provides improved cleaning with each hands-free foot pedal flush.

The 320 series is available in standard and low-profile heights, in white or bone white.

Dometic 4310 Series

A Dometic series 4310 RV toilet.

A Dometic series 4310 fully ceramic RV toilet.

Dometic’s 4310 series is a small line of fully ceramic (100% vitreous china) gravity toilets with electronic lever flush.

These toilets offer European styling and an anti-splash rim.

Dometic Masterflush 8740 Series

A Dometic 8740 Masterflush series RV toilet

A Dometic 8740 Masterflush series RV toilet.

Dometic’s Masterflush 8740 series of RV toilets are premium macerator toilets that offer full-sized elongated seats and deep bowls. Their are two flush options – an electronic flush handle or electronic touchpad.

The macerator pump in the 8740 series operates more efficiently than most macerator toilets, offering a powerful flush while still conserving water.

The 8740 series toilets are available in bone and white. 

In addition to the series of toilets highlighted above, Dometic also offers a variety of cassette toilets and portable toilets for RVs. Now that we’ve covered the built-in gravity and macerator models, we’ll cover those in a future post.

If you’d like to know more about another popular option (especially for boondockers), you can check out our post about composting RV toilets.

Can I Get Replacement Parts for Dometic RV Toilets?

Yes indeed. Ready availability of parts is a benefit of choosing a popular brand like Dometic. Replacement parts are readily available at RV parts stores and online. 

In fact, Dometic RV toilets have a type of ball seal that’ll allow you to replace the seal easily, without disassembling the toilet. (You don’t even need tools!)

You may have seen our post Can I Use Household Toilet Bowl Cleaner in My RV Toilet? If so, you may recall that we discussed not using highly abrasive cleaners on your RV toilets. 

Dometic agrees with this and discourages the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals when cleaning their toilets. Those chemicals can damage plumbing valves and seals.

Dometic sells a bowl cleaner & tank treatment that’s safe for use with their toilets.

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Saturday 28th of January 2023

I am looking for a bidet for our rv ,or a new rv toilet with a bidet ?


Sunday 29th of January 2023

@Steve, Definitely put a bidet in. I put a LUXE Bidet NEO 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment (White) on my Aqua Magic Style II OEM toilet, Was a DIY, but there were some challenges getting the correct size connections. I simply spliced into the main supply line for the toilet and connected the bidet hose to it. Be sure and use Teflon tape!

Have been very happy. Cuts way down on the amount of paper in our black tank. And saves buying a lot of RV compatible TP. Highly recommend it.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Hi Steve... we have that topic in our list of ones to cover for some time in the future... but, in the meantime, maybe @Howard (who commented just before you) will chime in with make/model of what he installed?


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Good article. I just replaced both toilets in my motorhome with Dometic units. I also added bidets to each of them. Great addition!


Friday 3rd of February 2023

@Lisa, Hello I installed this one in our back bathroom:

If the link does not work, it is the Brondell Thinline Bidet from Amazon. You can also copy and paste the link. I then had to buy the Brondell SouthPaw model (left handed) for the front restroom due to not enough clearance for the control on the right hand side. Installation was pretty easy, but you have to make some plumbing changes because the piping and adapters for a home unit are different from an RV. There are several YouTube videos showing how to install. I highly encourage that you seek help from these videos.

I had tried to install a Luxe brand, but due to the way it fit on the Thetford toilet in the back bathroom, I had to take a saw to it and adapt it to fit. I did not like it and ended up trashing not only the bidet, but also the toilet and switched to a Dometic and then installed the Brondell unit. It worked great and looks like it was made for it. I had already replaced the front toilet about a year ago with a Dometic.

Good luck, it is well worth the money and work to install. We all know that paper is not our friend in the RV world and this really helps with that issue.


Sunday 29th of January 2023

@Howard, Hi Howard please tell me what exactly you install Toliet and bidet, Iam in severe need for the bidet. Thank you Lisa

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