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Intech RV: Maker of Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra & O-V-R RVs

Intech RV: Maker of Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra & O-V-R RVs

inTech RV manufactures travel trailers that range from micro-lite to mid-sized. There are five lines in all – the Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra, and O-V-R. Some are built for off-road travel, and all are built to last.

But there are lots of great travel trailers on the market. In fact, we recently looked at some great little rigs from TAXA Trailers and Happier Camper right here on this blog.

So, what is it that makes inTech RVs so unique? How are they different from other travel trailers on the market? And to what do we owe their stunning reputation as exceptionally rugged and non-traditional?

In this post, we aim to answer those questions.

Who’s Behind inTech RV?

In 2010, inTech started designing fiber optic splicing trailers. The company founders, Adam Maxwell and Tom Franko, emphasized quality and innovation right from the beginning. Before long inTech had expanded to manufacturing motorsports trailers and high-end custom car hauler trailers built to customer specs.

Back then, they were a six-person crew working in a 15,000 sq ft production space in Nappanee, Indiana. In 2016 inTech expanded its line to include RVs, and they now employ over 190 people who work in a facility encompassing over 160,000 sq ft.

inTech’s Line of RVs

There are a number of things that make inTech RVs unique, but perhaps the most pronounced is their use of an all-aluminum, fully-welded cage frame making them strong and durable over time and terrain.

inTech's all-aluminum fully welded tube frames in three sizes

All inTech RVs are built on all-aluminum, fully welded tube frames that are rugged, durable, and lightweight. (Photo source: inTech RV Manufacturing)

Despite their rugged designs, these rigs are lightweight enough not to require large trucks to tow them. In addition, the interior design of inTech RVs is more modern and innovative than that of many (if not most) travel trailer manufacturers. Within inTech’s line of RVs you’ll find things like panoramic windshields and (optional) drop-down bunks.

The unique tilt-forward design of inTech’s larger rigs is proprietary and ensures that when you see one moving down the road, you’ll know it’s an inTech. This feature offers additional usable space over the A-frame, unlike the design of other traditional travel trailers.

inTech RV interiors feature uniquely shaped dinettes and amenities like farmhouse sinks to bring an aesthetic that traditional RVs simply don’t offer. And their rugged design makes them strong enough to handle conditions like the most challenging terrain in almost any corner of the world.

So, whether the beaten path is your vibe or you tend to find yourself off the paved trail more often than not, inTech has an RV for you.

inTech RV Flyer

The Flyer is built utilizing inTech’s all-aluminum fully welded cage frame, so each of the Flyer’s four models is capable of traversing all types of terrain. The four models of the Flyer are, increasing in size with each model: Chase; Pursue; Explore; and Discover.

The Chase model is a micro-lite trailer that starts at just 12’4″ in length and only 1,025 pounds. Sleeping capacity can go from 2 to 5 adults by adding an optional Add-A-Room tent. There’s also an optional 2″ lift kit and a batwing awning.

The slightly larger Pursue model (just under 14′ in total length) allows for some additional options like a slide-out kitchen, onboard freshwater system, or a propane furnace, among others.

The Discover model has a standard roadside tip-out and can be upgraded with an additional curbside tip-out, making this lightweight rig capable of comfortably sleeping 4-6 adults, depending on the number of tip-outs.

Equally astounding is that the Discover model is designed to carry a side-by-side vehicle!

The Flyer's Discover model with two tip-outs, carrying a side-by-side

The Flyer’s Discover model, shown here with two tip-outs, is a toy hauler capable of carrying a side-by-side! (Photo source: inTech RV)

All Flyer models come standard with a 2″ receiver to carry bikes or more gear. You can also add a roof rack to bring along a kayak, paddleboard, or other adventurous gear.

Prices start at $13,174 for the micro-lite Chase up to $28,056 for the largest Flyer model, the Discover.

inTech RV Luna

The Luna is a teardrop trailer that sleeps up to 2 people and starts at a price of $22,482. It’s available in two packages (Base or Rover) with dry weights from 1,775 – 1,850 lbs, so many vehicles (including the family minivans or SUVs) can tow these 15-foot inTech RVs.

inTech’s signature angled front cap creates a surprisingly large interior and offers a brilliant panoramic windshield to open and brighten the space.

A Luna teardrop trailer can seat up to four adults inside, and the full outdoor kitchen with its farmhouse sink adds to the aesthetic of this little rig. Optional upgrades include a fireplace, microwave, cassette toilet, and an awning.

For a close-up view of the Luna (and an idea of the refinement of inTech’s rigs whether small or large), have a look at this Luna walk-around video from inTech:

inTech RV Sol

The Sol is a series of three travel trailer models named Dawn, Eclipse, and Horizon, starting at around $36,500, $38,600, and $42,500, respectively.

All three models include a panoramic front windshield and an interior with a sweet European design.

inTech's panoramic window shown in a Sol

The panoramic window in this inTech sol really brightens and opens up the space. (Photo source: inTech RV)

Again, inTech’s tilt-forward design offers a spacious interior.

The Dawn and Eclipse models of the Sol sleep up to 2 people, while the Sol Horizon can sleep up to 4.

The 16-foot, 2,650-pound Horizon is the largest of the three models. It features a dinette that seats up to 5 adults, a 10′ awning, an amazing outside kitchen, a fairly large wet bath (as wet baths go), a beautifully laid out interior, and luxurious amenities that include a farmhouse sink and two-burner LP stove with a cast iron grate.

inTech Terra

At 26′ long, the Terra is one of inTech’s largest travel trailers. It has a starting dry weight of 5,650 pounds and a starting price tag of $68,950.

The Terra travel trailer comes standard with some great amenities, including a heated underbelly and tank heating pads, as well as a private bedroom with your choice of a standard queen bed or twin beds.

Two Terra floor plans featuring a queen bed and a set of twin beds

The Terra is available with either a queen-size bed or a set of twin beds. (Photo source: inTech RV)

inTech’s massive 3-ply laminated glass panoramic front windshield is a great feature of this sizable RV, making it seem even larger by opening and brightening the space as only a window like this can do.

The signature tilt–forward design further enhances the spacious feeling, taking great advantage of the unused space over the trailer’s A-frame. And the interior of this travel trailer, as in all inTech RVs, is refined and stylish.

The interior living space of the Terra

The Terra, like all inTech RVs, offers a refined interior with top-of-the-line amenities. (Photo source: inTech RV)

inTech O-V-R

And finally, the inTech OVR is the newest member of the inTech RV family. Available in three models (Expedition, Navigate, and Adventure), the O-V-R is inTech’s line of adventure travel trailers.

The Expedition model sleeps up to 5 and has a starting price of $58,380. Navigate sleeps up to four and starts at $64,400, while Adventure can sleep up to 6, with a starting price of $61,880.

All three of the O-V-R models have a large living area, a sleek, stylish, well-equipped kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms. There are plenty of storage compartments for all of your gear.

The Adventure model is a toy hauler with a versatile interior that can accommodate your ATV and other adventure gear as you travel. The large open area can be converted to sleeping and living quarters once you’re at your campsite.

All inTech O-V-R models are solidly built to traverse any terrain, no matter how far off-road you like to camp.

For a quick overview of the O-T-R Navigate check out this YouTube video from inTech:

Uniquely inTech

The attention to quality and the modern designs, European styling, versatility, and rugged builds of inTech RVs make them highly desirable rigs.

And the robust all-aluminum, fully-welded tube cage frame creates a lightweight RV that is easily towable while offering extraordinary durability, longevity, and the ability to meet a wide variety of terrain.

And if you’re in the market for a truck to tow your new inTech RV… read about The Best Half Ton Trucks For Towing an RV Safely & Securely!

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Linda McCaughey

Tuesday 18th of June 2024

I owned an Intech Terra Oasis and couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Like wannabee cowboys, it was "all hat and no cattle". Could not believe the totally user unfriendly design! Obviously designed by tall, young males. Looks great, though; and that's what sells--right?


Tuesday 18th of June 2024

Oh no, Linda. So sorry to hear about your experience with the Intech. We've had our eye on them for some time and had considered them early on in our research, but they didn't have a floorplan that would really work well for us. Of course, being tall, OLD, males, it may just have worked for us. 😉 But we're so thrilled with our Outdoors RV that, at the moment, we couldn't imagine getting a different trailer.

What do you have now that you got rid of the Intech (if anything)?

meg magruder

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

We have a 2021 Horizon Sol and absolutely LOVE it. We upgraded to it from a T@G MAX XL Teardrop. It is almost perfect, as I wish it was the width of the Terra and 2' longer with the bed flipped. I am the climb over to get to the restroom. we are about to leave for a 3-week trip to the NM and CO mountains to escape this Texas heat. We have made a great work set up with 3 monitors each and can't wait to work in the mountains again.


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks for sharing your experience, Meg! Safe and happy travels!

Bob Garbe

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

These trailers are amazingly familiar to the 1980's Award series of trailers built in Ontario Canada. Panoramic windows in front, very similar layouts and very very light for the day. 23, 27, and 30ft all designed to be pulled by passenger cars of the day. I know cause I had a 23 ft, under 4K lbs and towed with a Chevy Impala station wagon.

Maybe an idea for some content would be to review some of these innovative designs from the past. There is a owners group for these rigs and actually I think someone in Canada was trying to begin building them again since lighter and smaller is back in Vogue.

Great article.


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

Thanks, Bob... we'll have to check out those Award series trailers... they sound cool (and ahead of their time).

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