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KoolRV A/C Connect: Improve Cooling in Ducted RV A/C

KoolRV A/C Connect: Improve Cooling in Ducted RV A/C

If your RV has a ducted air conditioning system and you’d like to improve its ability to keep your rig cool without spending too much money, you might want a KoolRV A/C Connect.

Billed as having the ability to increase the cooling of your RV’s air conditioning system by 44%, the KoolRV Connect is a cool (pun intended) innovation. It’s also budget-friendly and easy for a DIY RVer to install.

Based on all this, the KoolRV Connect is something most RVers who travel anywhere the weather gets hot would want, right? But there are a couple of key factors that you need to know before deciding whether the Kool RV A/C Connect will work to keep your rig cooler.

Today, we’re exploring KoolRV – what it is, what it does, how and why it works, and what you need to have in your RV to use it.

What Is the KoolRV A/C Connect?

The A/C Connect by KoolRV is designed to optimize the cooling ability of an RV’s ducted air conditioning system.

If you’ve got ducted A/C in your RV, the cool air from it blows into an area in your ceiling known as the plenum before entering your RV’s living space. Because of this design, your A/C loses efficiency as the cool air moves into the plenum before finding its way through the vents in your living area.

If you could prevent the cool air from swirling around in the plenum before it enters the living area of your rig, you could improve your RV A/C’s cooling ability significantly. And that’s where the KoolRV’s A/C Connect comes in.

If your RV has ducted A/C, (more on this in a minute), the KoolRV connects to the cold air supply of your A/C on one end, and directly links to your ventilation system on the other, so 100% of the cool air is being distributed directly into the living space throughout the RV.

That’s what KoolRV’s A/C Connect does, and here’s what it looks like, (though they’re slightly different depending on the brand of RV A/C):

A KoolRV A/C Connect

You’re looking at KoolRV’s A/C Connect for a GE ducted RV A/C system. Depending on the type and brand of your ducted RV air conditioning, the A/C Connect may be slightly different, though they all operate in the same manner. (Photo source: KoolRV)

So, if your rig has a compatible A/C system, you can improve the cooling of your RV for only 75 bucks and less than an hour of your time. In addition, the reviews and testimonials we’ve seen so far are very good.

Sounds pretty great, right? A no-brainer, even. The only question remains whether the KoolRV will work with your rig’s A/C system.

Can I Use the KoolRV A/C Connect In My RV?

Again, if you have a ducted A/C system, this innovation could considerably lower your RV’s temperature in hot weather. But there’s a bit more to consider.

You may have seen our post on ducted vs. non-ducted RV AC systems, and you probably know which type of system you have. The KoolRV A/C Connect system is designed only for RVs with ducted cooling vents.

But your ducted RV air-conditioning system must include a “chill grill” or cold air dump feature to take advantage of the KoolRV, because that’s where it’s installed.

Quick Review: What Is a Ducted RV A/C System?

A ducted RV A/C system distributes cool air throughout the RV via vents located around the rig, similar to central air conditioning in a traditional home. This type of RV AC system is more common on Class A motorhomes and high-end fifth wheels.

With non-ducted AC systems, the cool air comes into the RV from a single large outlet right below the air conditioner, often called a “Chill Grill.”

Note that a system can be fully ducted (output and return air are both ducted) or partially ducted (only the outlet air is ducted, but the return air is drawn in through the vent/grill directly beneath the AC unit).

Split screen showing a chill grill non-ducted AC unit on the left and the vents of a ducted AC system on the right.

On the left, you see a chill grill like those frequently found in non-ducted RV AC systems. On the right, you see the vents of the ducted RV AC system in our Newmar motorhome.

What You Need to Be Able to Use the KoolRV A/C Connect

It’s important to keep in mind that to use KoolRV’s A/C Connect, you need to have a ducted RV air-conditioning system that also includes the chill grill or another cold air dump feature.

The grill is needed for access in order to install the A/C Connect. So, if your RV has ducted A/C units without an interior chill grill/cold air dump feature (like our Newmar, for example), you can’t install a KoolRV A/C Connect.

For more clarification on this matter, check out this YouTube video from KoolRV showing the installation of an A/C Connect in a Coleman Mach RV AC unit:

KoolRV Makes an A/C Connect for Multiple Brands/Models

It’s important that you choose the right A/C Connect for your particular RV AC’s make and model. If you don’t know the make and model of your RV air conditioner(s), you can usually find it by removing the filter cover and the filter. There should be a sticker with the information near the bottom.

Also, to maximize the benefit, it’s recommended that you get an A/C Connect for each air conditioning unit in your rig. (For more on running dual air conditioners, see our post on the MicroAir EasyStart.)

KoolRV has designed an A/C Connect for each of the following brands and models:

  • Coleman Mach 3
  • Coleman Mach 10
  • Coleman Mach 15
  • Coleman Mach Q
  • Coleman Mach 8
  • Dometic Brisk II Evolution
  • Dometic Penguin II, Atwood
  • Furrion
  • GE

KoolRV’s patent-pending design is compatible with both standard and shallow plenums. But it’s important to note that the vent openings must be on the sides of your plenum and not situated front to back. The A/C Connect is not designed for front-to-back vents.

KoolRV’s vent adapters are also made for the standard RV AC setup of 1.5” high by 7” wide. Some air conditioners have vents that are substantially taller. You can still use the A/C Connect with taller vents, but you’ll need to make a minor modification using a small strip of aluminum flashing available at any hardware store.

Can I Use the KoolRV A/C Connect If My RV AC Has Only One Ducting System?

Yes. Some smaller RVs with ducting systems have only one set of ducts. You can still use the A/C Connect with these systems. You’ll simply remove one of the flexible duct hoses from the A/C connector, and use the included foil HVAC tape to cover the opening. You can then install the A/C Connect.

Will My Cold Air Dump/Chill Grill Still Function With the A/C Connect Installed?

No. But that’s actually one of the benefits of the KoolRV A/C Connect. The cold air dump allows cold air out next to the warm air intake, reducing efficiency. The cold air dump feature will no longer function because the KoolRV directs all air into the ductwork.

It may feel nice if you’re standing directly under the cold air dump. But that sacrifices efficiently cooling the rest of the RV. The A/C Connect is designed to circulate the cold air throughout the entire vent system in your RV. That will cool your rig more effectively and more quickly.

How Can I Buy a KoolRV A/C Connect for My RV Air Conditioner?

You can only buy the KoolRV A/C Connect directly from the manufacturer. Check the make and model of your ducted RV AC, and use this link to order your A/C Connect directly from KoolRV.

KoolRV offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products, so you can try it out to see if this cool innovation works for you, too.

If the customer testimonials are any indication, you’ll find yourself significantly cooler in your RV. And with the hot weather we’ve experienced this summer in North America, this is a welcome improvement for anyone with the right ducted A/C system.

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Sunday 1st of October 2023

This sounds like it’s doing the same thing as the RV Airflow device. Have you also tested that one, and if so, does one have an advantage over the other?

And you haven’t, will you? :)


Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

Hi JB... same result, just different implementation. The "RV Airflow" device is a molded block of polystyrene, while the "KoolRV A/C Connect" is a combination of molded plastic and flexible/pliable tubing/ducts. We haven't personally used either unit... and since we just recently sold our motorhome and haven't gotten our replacement RV yet, we don't have any means of doing the testing at the moment. Can't say we'll definitely do it or not... but if we do a comparison, we'll be sure to post about! 😉

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