We’ve had flawless service from our Glendinning power cord reel for the past 13 years. But now that we need more space in the electrical compartment, we’re switching to one of their newer models that takes up less room. An added bonus is that we’ll be gaining 15 ‘ of extra cord!

Check out the video above for details about how and why we’re opening up this extra space. Then in Part Four, we’ll be doing the big installation of the new Xantrex e-GEN lithium battery. Part Five will show the installation of our awesome new Glendinning power cord reel. Actually, we should probably say “power power cord reel” since that’s technically what it is. ?


When we find RV products we absolutely love, we’re thrilled to be able to add them to our Discounts Page.  We’re pleased to announce that Glendinning Products is now offering RVgeeks viewers a $70 DISCOUNT on their brand new CRMA50-12-RV50 50′ power cord reel (the exact same one we just installed). Order factory-direct from their store at GlendinningProds.com and use Coupon Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout to SAVE $70.00!
NOTE: The discount is valid only on the CRMA50-12-RV50


Hughes Autoformers also offers RVgeeks viewers a special discount. SAVE 10% when you order either a 30-amp (Model #RV2130-SP) or 50-amp (Model #RV220-50-SP) factory-direct at HughesAutoformers.com. Use Coupon Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout to get 10% OFF!
If you don’t know what an autoformer does, check out our video.
NOTE: The discount doesn’t apply to any other Hughes products, but these are the latest models, newer than our own!

Thanks to all of the fine companies that are participating in this project for providing the expertise, equipment and service required to get this big job done.

Stay tuned as our exciting project continues to unfold!

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  1. I’m very interested in the Xantrex E-Gen battery. The battery looks fairly large. Can you provide the dimensions for the battery? I would like to install two in a New Aire, but I’m wondering if two could fit in the battery bay.

    1. Hi Steve! The battery itself is 11.25″H x 13″W x 24″L, but there’s also the BMS, which is 11.25″ x 7″ x 4″ plus cables that are incredibly robust with a minimum 5″ cable bend radius, and it can’t be mounted very far from the battery. We can’t imagine getting two of these into a New Aire, but 600 Ah from just one is pretty substantial. One other factor… the battery isn’t on the market yet. We installed this in cooperation with Xantrex as a case study and showcase for the technology. Of course we’ll keep you posted about any release date for the system as an aftermarket-available offering.

  2. I’m sure you guys are aware of the disadvantages of installing a power reel that incorporates a slip ring and spring activated contact points? I say this because one set of my points failed last week and left me without power until I could remove the reel and hook direct to the transfer switch. More moving parts to service, clean, and maintain!

    I really like where you are going with your system. Will be reading your follow-on reports as I would like to do the same thing in the future.

    Thanks for all the outstanding info you provide!

    1. Thanks very much, Robert. We are indeed aware of the difference that using a slip-ring style reel brings. There are two ways we’re managing that. First is to use the best-quality reel available. We’ve taken care of that part by going with Glendinning again. They have a great reputation, and our research and communications with the company has made clear to us that they are seriously dedicated to building extremely high-quality products. And of course Newmar uses their slip-ring style reels in their highest-end coaches. We figure if they can handle the much higher power demands of a 45′ King Aire, it’s good enough for us, too! The second thing we’ll be doing is getting into the habit of never extending or retracing the reel with the power flowing. Lastly, in the event of any issue, we’ll be installing our reel in a modular fashion by using the Hughes Autoformer Internal Mounting Kit. That basically makes the reel the equivalent of a power-retracting extension cord. If needed, we could simply unplug it from the female outlet inside the compartment, and plug in our regular 50-amp extension cord temporarily.

    1. Hi Ed! It’s brand new and not on the website yet, and we’re not even 100% sure of the model number yet. They told us they’d get it up soon, so hang on if you can and we’ll get details up ASAP!

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