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RV Replacement Decals: Keep Your RV Looking Good

RV Replacement Decals: Keep Your RV Looking Good

If your RV’s decals have seen better days, or if you’ve already removed them using the guidelines in our post on how to do RV decal removal yourself, there’s a good chance you might be interested in RV replacement decals.

This topic was inspired by a comment from a reader who commented on our post on removing RV graphics and wondered if we’d looked into where to buy replacement decals for an RV. (Thanks, Rick!)

We’ve since done some research and decided that the topic of replacement graphics for RVs deserves its own post.

RV Replacement Decals: What to Look For

If you’re looking to replace your RV graphics, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.


As with most RV gear, quality is one of the most important considerations when shopping for RV replacement graphics.

While high-quality graphics may cost a little more, they’re worth the investment. That’s true both when you apply them and as you maintain them throughout your RV’s ownership period.

RV decals made of high-grade vinyl, similar to those used by top RV manufacturers, are your best bet. Inexpensive decals are likely to be thinner and of lower quality. That can lead to them tearing and aging more readily and having to spend more money and effort to replace them again.

So, stick with high-quality replacement decals, especially for a project that requires a fair amount of effort to complete. Skimping on quality rarely results in a satisfying outcome.

Up-close shot of cracked, peeling RV decals

Cheap replacement decals won’t last long before they start to peel and crack from exposure to UV rays and other elements. Shoot for the highest-quality decals you can find.


Another consideration when shopping for replacement graphics for your RV is sizing. One way to do that is by measuring your current graphics before you remove them. You’ll want to buy graphics that fit well on your rig. That’s especially important if you’re changing the overall look and design.

If you’re sticking with the exact original graphics that came on your rig, sizing may not be an issue, especially if your RV was manufactured within the past dozen years or so. In that case, you’re likely to be able to go to the decal company’s website and input the information related to your RV.

You’ll need to know your RV’s make, model, and year. And you may first need to contact your manufacturer to learn who makes their decals. (You may even be able to buy direct replacement decals from their parts department.)

If your rig is old enough that direct replacement decals are no longer available (or if you want to change them), you’ll want to take accurate measurements of your rig’s exterior. You can then provide the decal manufacturer with those dimensions so they can point you to replacement decals that’ll fit properly your RV.

Some decal companies custom-make graphics. In these cases, you can send the company a photo of your RV along with pertinent details, and they should provide directions for proper measuring. Once you return the information to them, they custom-make new decals to fit your rig.


In keeping with the topic of this post, one of the most important aspects of shopping for new decals for your RV knowing where to shop. (More on this below.) Stick with reputable companies with lots of positive reviews from other RVers based on their experiences.

Are Replacement Decals for RVs Expensive?

Replacement graphics for an RV can indeed be expensive. How expensive depends on how you go about replacing the decals.

If you have your rig’s graphics professionally replaced by a dealer or private shop, you could easily pay several thousand dollars or more to replace a complete set of decals. Pricing will correspond with the size and number of decals as well as the size of your rig.

However, if you replace the graphics yourself, you can save a substantial amount of money. No surprise there of course, since labor is generally more expensive than parts. To be able to do this, though, you’ll need to know how to do RV decal removal yourself, and you’ll need time and patience to do it well.

Here’s a video showing what’s involved in decal removal and what you can expect in terms of time and labor if you choose to remove your old decals yourself:

Where Can I Find Replacement Decals for My RV?

If you decide not to go to a dealer or private shop to have your RV graphics replaced, it’s good to know that several companies make replacement decals for RVs that can be purchased directly.

Again, you’ll want to check out a company’s reputation and reviews of the quality of their graphics and how they hold up over time, weather exposure, etc. Below are a few places to check out as you begin your search for the right graphics for your RV. allows you to search for your RV replacement decals by the manufacturer of your RV. Simply choose “Shop By Manufacturer” from the site’s menu. From there, they lead you to the right graphics for your rig.

Should you need assistance searching for the right decals, they offer help with that process. They also provide video tutorials for DIYers that cover everything from removing old decals to applying the new graphics.

RV Decals Direct

RV Decals Direct is a Canadian company that manufactures RV replacement decals individually upon order. In business for the past 22 years, they use high-performance outdoor vinyl to produce their decals, all of which are close reproductions of RV factory graphics.

RV Decals Direct is actually a sign company that also specializes in RV decal replacement. They offer replacement decals for all makes and models of RVs.

Discontinued Decals

Discontinued Decals offers a wide variety of decals including replacement decals for RVs. They also supply auto, marine, equipment, and aircraft decals among others. If you’ve got an older RV, this could be a great resource for you.

The company says that their decals are made from high-quality vinyl, using a thermal printer, with an extra 3M UV layer to protect the decals from the elements, cleaning, etc.

Is an RV Decal Removal Difficult?

RV decal removal may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely doable with adequate time and patience, a good sturdy ladder, and a few supplies.

You’ll likely need items such as a hair blow dryer or heat gun and a soft plastic scraper. You’ll also need a product like “Goo-Gone” to remove any adhesive that’s left behind once you’ve removed the decal.

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Always try new products on an inconspicuous area of your RV before getting underway in earnest. Not all RVs have the same outer coating, so not all rigs will react the same way to heat or chemical products.

For much more information and good tips on removing worn-out decals from your RV, be sure to see our post on how to do RV decal removal yourself. And for information on how to care for your new RV graphics, be sure to check out our post on how to protect RV decals.

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