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Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers That’ll Blow Your Mind!

We’ve written posts on luxury RVs before. In fact, not long ago we covered Prevost RVs, some of the most luxurious Class A motorhomes on the road. But today we’re looking at a whole different breed of fancy rigs – luxury fifth wheel campers.

What’s a Fifth Wheel?

We actually have an entire post answering the question “What Is a Fifth Wheel? in which we elaborate on lots of details, including pros and cons.

But, simply stated, a fifth wheel (or 5th wheel) RV is a towable rig with a large cap at the front. That cap is one of the main features distinguishing a fifth wheel from other types of travel trailers. The cap sits up above the bed of the truck that serves as the towing vehicle.

Under the cap, most 5th wheels have a steel pin box with mounting holes on one end. This is where the kingpin (a steel shaft) connects to the front of the RV. Towing with a kingpin vs a traditional trailer hitch and ball provides lots of benefits.

A luxury fifth wheel camper at a campsite.

Fifth wheels are distinguished from other travel trailers by the front cap. Beneath the cap you can see a steel pin box and “kingpin”. This is the area that attaches to the truck that tows the RV.

Fifth wheels are generally towed by pickup trucks equipped with a specialized heavy-duty hitch installed in the bed of the truck. That hitch clamps around the fifth wheel’s kingpin, locking the trailer and the hitch together.

The living space inside a fifth wheel is also generally very different from that of other types of travel trailers. 5th wheel trailer floorplans usually allow for multi-level living and high ceilings.

The space in many 5th wheel campers is significant enough to include features not typically found on other types of RVs. You’ll find things like extra-large living rooms, king-size beds, washers and dryers, theater seating, ceiling fans, island or peninsula kitchens, multiple bedrooms, fireplaces, and many other features and amenities.

All of this is why 5th wheels are especially popular among full-time RVers and those with large families. Some 5th wheels are toy haulers that have a significant carrying capacity in a “garage” area designed to hold everything from recreational gear to motorcycles and ATVs.

Fifth wheel toy haulers have more room for large “toys” because they have taller garage ceilings than travel trailer toy haulers.

Distinguishing Features of Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers

There are a number of features that distinguish luxury 5th wheels from standard 5th wheels.

Most have very large living spaces including living rooms, bathrooms, and multiple bedrooms. They usually have full-size residential appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers & dryers (or at least washer-dryer prep). Their large size also means that fresh, black, and gray tank capacity is usually larger. That helps accommodate large families and/or extended boondocking opportunities.

Luxury fifth wheels also offer high-grade flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and special touches like soft-close drawers, ceramic or porcelain tile, and high-quality woodwork.

All of this makes luxury fifth wheel campers heavier than standard 5th wheels. That’s why you’ll usually see them built on double or triple axles with heavy-duty suspensions and leveling systems.

The best way to see the distinctive features of luxury fifth wheel campers, of course, is to walk through a few. But we’ve got some photos and videos to share that’ll give you a good idea of what to expect from a luxury 5th wheel.

Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers

There are quite a few luxury fifth-wheel campers on the market from several 5th wheel brands. Let’s take a look at a few of these opulent rigs to get a sense of what they offer.

Forest River Riverstone Legacy

Forest River comes in strong with luxury fifth wheel campers in several models and floorplans, of which the Riverstone Legacy is just one.

A Riverstone Legacy luxury fifth wheel camper from Forest River

The Riverstone Legacy is a luxury fifth wheel camper from Forest River. (Photo source: Forest River RV)

Forest River says that most of the features that are options in other luxury fifth wheel campers are standard features on their Riverstone models.

These include features like the following:

  • Truma Aqua Go Comfort on-demand water heater
  • Fisher & Paykel dish drawer dishwasher
  • Splendide “Astral” stackable washer & dryer
  • 12V heated holding tanks
  • King WiFi Max router and omnidirectional WiFi antenna/extender
  • 5,200 BTU fireplace in the living room
  • Butcher block cutting board sink covers
  • Central vacuum system
  • Automatic 6-point hydraulic level-up system
  • Insignia 3.7 cu. ft. oven with 4-burner range
  • Upgraded Calcutta solid surface countertop in the kitchen
  • Large stainless steel kitchen sinks with residential faucet
  • 18 cu. ft. french door refrigerator with ice maker
  • Residential soft-close drawer glides
  • Shaw residential vinyl flooring and much more

Check out this video tour of a Riverstone Legacy 39RKFB to get a better idea of just how luxurious these fifth wheels are:

SpaceCraft MFG

SpaceCraft Mfg makes fully customized luxury fifth wheels from 35′ to 51′. All units are customized to the specifications of its customers. They also make semi-trailers and travel trailers that are often used as offices, on-set trailers in the filmmaking industry, and as housing and business rigs in the amusement (carnival) industry.

SpaceCraft prides itself on the fact that it still has units on the road after 20 and 30 years of full-time RV living.

Triple-axle SpaceCraft fifth wheel is a good example of a luxury fifth wheel camper.

A triple-axle SpaceCraft luxury fifth wheel camper. These units are fully customized! (Photo: SpaceCraft MFG)

These luxury fifth wheels have a custom-welded chassis and a molded fiberglass ceiling and roof. Their holding tanks are suspended in rails for pass-through storage.

Features like cedar-lined closets and wardrobe drawers, painted walls, custom-designed hardwood cabinetry, mini-split HVAC systems, and insulated four-season basement storage are to be expected from SpaceCraft.

Kitchen area of a luxury fifth wheel camper from SpaceCraft MFG

This kitchen area was custom-designed to a customer’s specifications with the help of SpaceCraft designers. (Photo: SpaceCraft MFG)

SpaceCraft also custom designs luxury fifth wheels that need to be towed by semis, and they’re pretty spectacular. Many have been designed to enable travelers to boondock for weeks without worrying about electricity, water, or dumping tanks.

All SpaceCraft RVs are custom-designed directly from the manufacturer. This video will take you on a tour of one.

Luxe Elite

Luxe RV makes highly-regarded luxury fifth wheels in four different models, each with several floorplans.

Based in Elkhart, Indiana, the heart of RV country, Luxe also has showrooms in Murrieta, California and Mansfield, Texas. They sell their fifth wheels factory-direct to customers with no middleman/dealer. Luxe has a network of certified service centers around North America.

A kitchen/living area of a Luxe Elite fifth wheel. This is definitely a good example of a luxury fifth wheel camper.

Luxe RV spares no luxury in creating their premium fifth wheel campers. (Photo source: Luxe RV)

These impressive rigs have walls made of three-inch super composite welded aluminum cages and graphite-infused closed-cell insulation. Floors are 3″ thick tongue & groove plywood flooring with thermal pack insulation.

The Luxe Elite has four floorplans — two with a full bath, and two with a bath and a half. All floorplans offer substantial sleeping and living space along with the ability to choose your own decor as the rig is being built to your specs.

A bedroom of a Luxe Elite luxury 5th wheel camper.

This spacious bedroom is just one example of the comfort and class provided by this factory-direct luxury fifth wheel camper manufacturer. (Photo source: Luxe RV)

Luxe Elite floor plans run from 40.10 feet to 44.11 feet. All four have a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 24,000 pounds.

In these rigs, you’ll find 100-gallon fresh water tanks and 80-gallon gray water tanks. Two of the floorplans have 40-gallon black tanks, while the other two have 80-gallon black water tanks.

Bathroom area of a Luxe Elite fifth wheel RV

All Luxe Elite floor plans have spacious full bathrooms, and some have a bath and a half. (Photo source: Luxe RV)

As of this writing, Luxe recently announced an additional new, larger Elite floorplan — the 46RKB — bringing the total number of Elite choices to five. Luxe RV offers some of the most luxurious fifth wheel campers on the road today, as you can see in this video for the 46RKB.

Crossroads Volante

Crossroads RV produces four models of fifth wheels. Among them is the Volante, available in a variety of floor plans, each with different layouts, weights, lengths, and price points.

Back-to-front view of a Crossroads Volante 34BH

This is a back-to-front view of a Crossroads Volante 34BH. (Source: Crossroads RV)


Back-to-front view of a Crossroads Volante 22FD

This is a back-to-front view of a Crossroads Volante 22FD. (Source: Crossroads RV)

In a Crossroads Volante fifth wheel you’ll find features like an 81″ interior ceiling height, stainless steel appliances, residential wood blinds, a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and a second 13,500 BTU unit in the bedroom.

A Crossroads Volante bedroom

This is the bedroom of a Volante 32FB fifth wheel from Crossroads RV. (Source: Crossroads RV)

You’ll also find amenities like two large TVs, an 8 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator or a 10.7 cu. ft. 12V refrigerator, super booth dinettes, fireplaces, and premium residential furniture in well-appointed living spaces.

Is a Luxury Fifth Wheel Camper a Good Choice?

The answer to this question really depends on your RVing lifestyle, your budget, and where you like to travel. But there’s a lot to love about the many luxury fifth wheels on the market today. The amenities they offer give you all of the comforts of home on the road and lots of living space.

If you have a large family, a fifth wheel can accommodate everyone comfortably better than nearly any other option. And fifth wheels – even luxury fifth wheels – are offered by several manufacturers at a wide variety of price points, so a fifth wheel could even be your best bet financially as well.

For more on fifth wheels, we again encourage you to have a look at our post, “What is a Fifth Wheel and Why Are They So Popular?” We also suggest our post detailing 33 differences to know about travel trailers vs 5th wheels.

And if you have an interest in toy haulers, we’ve got a detailed post on fifth wheel toy haulers, including the pros and cons.

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