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RV Sewer Hose Storage Options

RV Sewer Hose Storage Options

Many RVs come with a way to store your RV sewer hose. But not all of them. In other cases, your manufacturer-supplied RV sewer hose storage may be broken, or you may have purchased an improved sewer hose (like one of the five in our post, “5 Best Sewer Hoses for Mess-Free Tank Dumping”), and it doesn’t fit in the onboard sewer hose storage provided by your RV.

Whatever the reason may be, if you’re in need of RV sewer hose storage ideas, today’s post will interest you.

Let’s jump right into the deets!

What Are My Best Sewer Hose Storage Options?

There are a number of options available to you if you’re in need of a way to store your RV sewer hose. The only question is which option works best for you. Let’s take a look…

RV Sewer Hose Storage Option #1 — Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers have a multitude of uses (we use them for a variety of storage needs as we noted in our post, “The Best RV Basement Storage Ideas”). Among the many good uses of plastic storage containers is for the storage of your RV sewer hose.

These bins are part of our all-time favorite RV basement storage tips. These work nicely and they’re easy to move in and out. You’ll just need to choose the appropriately-sized bins for your RV basement storage area.

This is a 30-quart version:

Rubbermaid Cleverstore 30 Quart Latching Stackable Plastic Storage Bins Tote Container with Lid for Work and Home Organization, Clear 6 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Maintain a clutter-free home with convenient, clear storage bins, ensuring effortless organization of your belongings while the secured lids provide...
  • Storage bins with lids are ideal for neatly arranging and preserving an assortment of small and medium-sized items, such as office essentials and an...

Or, if your basement is large enough, you could use something like this 53-quart version:

IRIS USA 54 Qt Stackable Plastic Storage Bins with Lids, 6 Pack - BPA-Free, Made in USA - See-Through Organizing Solution, Latches, Durable Nestable Containers, Secure Pull Handle - Clear
  • MADE IN USA: Our storage bins are proudly crafted in the USA using high-quality, durable materials, ensuring your belongings stay safe and secure.
  • SEE-THROUGH DESIGN: You can easily see what's inside the box without opening it, thanks to its transparent design.

Smaller or shorter bins can also be useful as you plan your RV basement organization.

What makes this option great if you’ve got the room for it is that you can also store additional related items in the same container, such as a Slunky sewer hose support (our favorite, as shown in our post “5 Best Sewer Hose Supports”).

Valterra S2000 Slunky RV Drainage Hose Support, 20 ft., Black
  • RV SEWER HOSE SUPPORT: Elevated design supports your drainage hose and promotes better draining
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: 26% wider and 30% deeper for increased stability and a smoother overall RV experience

Using an adequately-sized plastic storage container as your RV sewer hose storage option you can also toss in other items such as sewer hose ends and adapters like those seen in our video on setting up a new sewer hose:

4-in-one Sewer Hose Adapter:


45-degree Clear Sewer Hose Adapter:

Camco Clear 45 Degree RV Sewer Hose Adapter Fitting | Features 4 Bayonet Prongs, a Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Construction, and is Compatible with 3-Inch Diameter Sewer Hoses (39432), Clear
  • Clear RV Sewer Hose Adapter: See-through hose adapter allows you to see when your RV sewer system is clean
  • Compatibility: Fits 3-inch diameter RV sewer hoses

So, if your RV has room for a plastic storage container, the real benefit of this sewer hose storage option is the additional storage it affords. All sewer-related items can be organized in one box for easy access when it comes time to dump your holdings tanks.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Option #2 — 4” Round PVC Pipe & Screw-on Caps

A 4”-round piece of PVC pipe with a couple of screw-on caps is another simple and inexpensive way to store your RV sewer hose.

Not only are the supplies readily available at big box home improvement and hardware stores, but they’re also easy to mount under some RVs and on/under the bumpers of others.

Once mounted on your RV, you’ll simply slide your RV sewer hose into the PVC pipe, and then screw on the remaining cap. It’s also a good idea to drill a couple of small holes in the pipe (on the bottom, facing the ground) for drainage.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Option #3 — 5” Vinyl Square Fencing & Caps

In a similar vein, 5” vinyl square fencing makes an excellent RV sewer hose storage option as well. In some situations, it may be easier to mount a square piece rather than the round PVC pipe mentioned in the previous section. This fencing does the trick and works in just the same way.

The extra size of the 5” fencing may also be beneficial in some cases to fit larger sewer hoses and their end fittings.

Standard vinyl fence caps will fit on either end of the square fence post to keep your sewer hose contained and prevent it from falling out while driving.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Option #4 — 5-Gallon Bucket With Lid

Photo of a 5-gallon bucket with a snap-on lid as an RV sewer hose storage option

A 5-gallon bucket with a snap-on or screw-on lid is another RV sewer hose storage option that’s readily available at any hardware or home improvement store.

If your RV’s storage areas will accommodate the height of a 5-gallon bucket, this option is similar to the plastic storage bin idea because it allows for the storage of other related items such as hose adapters and sewer hose supports.

5-gallon buckets are also readily available at any home improvement store. A screw-on/snap-on lid rounds off this storage option nicely.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Option #5 — Holiday Wreath Storage Container

This is a somewhat more expensive option, but it seems to be an increasingly popular one. Depending on the size and shape of the area where you’ll store your sewer hose, it turns out that a holiday wreath storage container makes a pretty darned good place to store an RV sewer hose.

Simply follow the contour of the container with your sewer hose and snap the cover shut.

HOMZ Set of 3 Holiday Wreath Plastic Storage Containers, Holds Up to 24” Diameter, Secure Latching Lid and Easy Grip Handle, Stackable, Red/Clear
  • Dressed to Fill: Contain all your Holiday chaos with these Christmas plastic wreath box storage until it's time to display again; Your neighbors...
  • No Wasted Space: Wasted space is a wasted opportunity; Good for storage areas like garages, basements, attics, and even under the bed; Features 4-way...

This wreath storage container is a far less expensive option, but it’s made of polyester fabric, so you’d need to make sure to keep it relatively clean inside and out to prevent mold build-up.

D-FantiX Christmas Wreath Storage Container 30 inch Large Xmas Wreath Storage Bag with Handle Double Zipper 600D Oxford Decorative Wreath Holders for Garlands,Decorations and Ornaments
  • 30 inch wreath storage container is designed to protect Christmas wreath from damage, dust, moisture, and pests. Store your wreath away neatly,...
  • Bag measures 30 in x 30 in x 8 in and can hold artificial Christmas wreath up to 30 inch.

What Else Should I Consider Buying With My RV Sewer Hose Storage?

There are a few additional items we’d recommend being certain to have on hand, and you can pick them up when you buy your new RV sewer hose storage container.

Heavy-Duty Gloves

Gloves are incredibly important when you’re dealing with items related to tank dumping and at the dump stations themselves.

A pair of heavy-duty gloves make a great option, but you’ve got to buy a color you remember to associate only with tank dumping. It should go without saying that these gloves shouldn’t be used for anything other than matters related to dumping your RV’s tanks!

These PVC-coated work gloves are a great option. Just be sure to replace them should they develop holes or tears in the course of your use.

Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves | Liquid/Chemical, Abrasion & Cut Resistant, Waterproof | Versatile, Flexible, Durable | Cotton Lining, Large (174L) , 12 inch Cuff , Blue
  • PROTECTIVE PVC COATING: Liquid and chemical resistant gloves. Effective against adhesives, detergents, and diluted bases and acids. Gauntlet cuff...
  • EXTRA DURABLE: Resistant to cuts, abrasions, punctures and heat; stays flexible even at lower temperatures

Another option for gloves to wear when dealing with sewer-related items and tanks are high-quality disposable nitrile gloves.

You don’t want the very thin disposable gloves that can easily rip. But a box of good quality disposable gloves is something you should always have on hand in your rig anyway (they come in handy for all sorts of tasks/projects on your RV), so using them for tank dumping is a perfectly good idea.

High-Quality Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Microflex SEC-375-M Supreno SEC375 7.9 Mil 11-1/2" Disposable Nitrile Exam Gloves, Medium, Blue (Pack of 50)
  • Extended cuff provides additional protection for the wrist and arm for hazardous environments
  • Advanced nitrile formulation offers up to 3 times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl disposable gloves

Holding Tank Treatment

A good holding tank treatment goes a long way in keeping your tanks in the best condition, and that includes keeping them as odor-free as possible. For more information on the best ways to deal with your RV’s black water tank in particular, feel free to refer to our post, “RV Black Water Tank: Everything You Need to Know”.

Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment

We use (and have been very satisfied with) Happy Campers holding tank treatment. One scoop of Happy Campers will treat a 40-gallon black or gray tank. Each treatment is highly effective at breaking down waste and eliminating odor without leaving behind that nasty sweet smell sometimes associated with holding tank treatments.

It’s effective and economical so we always have a tub on hand and we use it regularly.

Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 - Extra Strength Odor Eliminator for Black and Gray Holding Tanks
  • Powerful Odor Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our powerful formula that neutralizes and eliminates foul smells, leaving your RV smelling...
  • Effective Waste Digestion: Happy Campers breaks down waste and toilet paper quickly and efficiently, preventing clogs and ensuring smooth tank...

Thoroughly Dump & Clean Your Tanks — Watch Our Video!

What’s Your Favorite RV Sewer Hose Storage Option?

Have you discovered or created an innovative RV sewer hose storage option that we didn’t mention here? We’d love to hear about what has worked well for you! Leave a comment down below!

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Wednesday 6th of March 2024

Be aware that Happy Camper is NOT available in California, nor does Amazon ship it to California…fyi

Stefan Sykut

Sunday 5th of March 2023

Cheap cooler zipped bags work like a hot dam! Found mine in a thrift store for $4.00.


Sunday 5th of March 2023

Great tip... thanks, Stefan!

Dr. Mike

Monday 7th of March 2022

We store all of our black tank items in a black storage bin in the basement. The fresh water items are stored in a blue storage bin. Our coach has a place to put a sewer hose, but it is too small for a Rino hose.


Sunday 6th of March 2022

I have an unrelated question - trailer brakes. Ihave a 14000 lbs 5th wheel. The electric drum brakes are in need of replacement. Should I upgrate to disc brakes or sty with the factory installed electric brakes. I am sure other rv'ers with towable have similar questions. Perhaps a topic for future episode

Greg Gimlick

Sunday 6th of March 2022

I use the 5” fence post method, but I have a piece of gutter inside that acts as a slide out tray where I lay my Rhino hose and fittings. It’s neat and convenient for an old man ????


Sunday 6th of March 2022

Clever trick there, Greg! With age comes wisdom (or so we hope!)! ????????

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