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Trailer A-Frame Storage Options: Boxes, Bike Racks, Etc.

Trailer A-Frame Storage Options: Boxes, Bike Racks, Etc.

A trailer’s A-frame plays an important role in providing towing support and stability. But that A-frame structure doesn’t have to be wasted space. It can serve a secondary purpose as valuable storage space. Today, we’re looking at trailer A-frame storage options that can help maximize space and efficiency.

What Is a Trailer A-Frame?

A trailer A-frame is a triangular structure at the front of travel trailers and utility trailers. It provides stability and support when a trailer is being towed. This means that the A-frame plays a critical role in safe towing. And, of course, the front of the triangle is where the trailer connects to the hitch ball on the tow vehicle.

This strong frame can serve a dual purpose as a support for a variety of storage options. But it’s essential that the ratings for the trailer hitch weight and/or the capacity of the towing vehicle are never exceeded. We suggest checking out our posts on tongue weight and trailer sway control for more information.

What Can Be Stored On a Trailer A-Frame?

Most campers value any extra RV storage space they can get. We’ve posted before on storage options like RV bumper racks and rooftop cargo boxes. But some items may be reasonable to store on the A-frame of your travel trailer as long as their weight is within limits.

Let’s take a look at what types of things can be carried on a trailer’s A-frame.

Storage Boxes/Cargo Carriers

Trailer A-frame storage boxes and cargo carriers are designed to be mounted onto a trailer A-frame’s structure. Storage boxes come in various sizes, shapes, weights, and materials. They’re great for storing camping gear or can be used as a tool box. They’re the perfect place to keep outdoor/dirty equipment like hoses, leveling blocks, firewood, etc.

Different types of A-frame trailer storage boxes can be mounted to carry generators, as could a trailer A-frame storage rack. The key, of course, is to be sure your box or rack is very securely mounted and that your trailer tongue can safely carry the weight of a generator and its fuel.

Following are several A-frame trailer storage ideas. Looking at these options, we can’t overstate the importance of choosing a carrier that keeps your rig within the limit of your trailer tongue’s weight capacity and all maximum weight limits when full of your gear.

Let’s look at some trailer A-frame storage options that can increase an RV’s storage capacity. The first four are different versions of trailer A-frame storage boxes. Available in various weights and sizes, they can all be mounted to a travel trailer’s A-frame.

Buyers Products 1701680 Black Poly Trailer Tongue Truck Tool Cargo Storage Box,18 x 19 x 36 Inch, Made In The USA, Trailer Tongue Box For Storage And Organization, Trailer Storage Box
  • TRUCK TOOL BOX: Get Increased Durability In A Lightweight Package; Shut Out Weather And Theft With The Molded, Double-Wall Hinged Lid; Rugged...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Lightweight Construction For Easy Mounting To The Front Of A-Frame Style Trailers; Chest Helps Protect Your Equipment With A...
YITAMOTOR 39 Inch Trailer Tongue Boxes, Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer Tool Box, Diamond Plate Storage Box, Waterproof Trailer Box for Pick Up Truck Bed, RV Trailer with Lock and Keys
  • STORAGE SPACE: The Trailer tongue box mounted on the trailer tow tongue not only keeps all your tools organized, but also makes efficient use of space...
  • DURABLE: This truck toolbox is constructed with high-density aluminum and non-slip surface while being highly resistant to oxidation, ensuring it...
MaxxHaul 50218 Aluminum A-Frame Trailer Tongue Box
  • - Our MaxxHaul Trailer Tongue Box is designed for mounting on trailers with A-Tongue frame to provide extra storage for your tools, camping gears,...
  • - Made from durable and corrosion-resistant light-in-weight 15 gauge aluminum material with fully welded seam construction and rigid powder coat...
Stromberg Carlson Gen Secure Generator Box - Storage For Your Items - Anti-Theft, Propane Ventilation, and Trailer Ready - Bolts to CC-255 Tray - A-Frame 4” Square Bumper Adapters Coming in 2024
  • ENHANCED SECURITY: The Stromberg Carlson Gen Secure Generator Box provides robust anti-theft design, ensuring your generator and stored items stay...
  • VERSATILE TRAILER COMPATIBILITY: Designed to fit seamlessly on trailer trays, this generator box adapts to A-frame and 4" square bumpers, making it a...

Following is an option that mounts to a trailer A-frame to serve as a “trailer tray.” It has a steel tray that can sit over propane tanks or a storage box mounted to the A-frame. It can carry safely secured items like a box of camping gear, a cooler, or even a small generator. Again, keep those all-important weight limits in mind!

Stromberg Carlson CC-255 Trailer Tray - A-Frame Cargo Carrier for Outdoor and Generator Storage for RVs and Campers - Black
  • Camper Storage Solution: The Trailer Tray Model CC-255 is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs extra camper storage space. Whether you're a...
  • A-FRAME-MOUNTED DESIGN: This cargo carrier easily attaches to your vehicle's A-Frame, allowing you to transport extra gear and equipment wherever you...

Bike Racks

For travelers who enjoy biking, A-frame-mounted bike racks may be an option depending on the type and weight of the bikes. Some models of A-frame bike racks can even store bikes above other A-frame storage such as propane tanks or cargo boxes.

The first two below are from the Let’s Go Aero series, the “Hitch It” and the “Jack-It.” Made by Lippert Manufacturing, they’re lightweight and connect securely to the A-frame of your travel trailer to hold two bikes.

Note that each of these bike racks has an 80-pound weight capacity, meaning that your bikes need to weigh less than 40 pounds each. This means that they can’t carry something like a single electric bike that weighs more than 80 pounds, which some do. (Our awesome RAD Power Bikes weigh 75 lbs each.)

Logo for RAD Power Bikes
RAD Power Bikes

As North America's largest electric bike brand, RAD Power Bikes are actively changing the way people and goods move. Their passionate team creates ebikes that are built for everything and priced...Show More

As North America's largest electric bike brand, RAD Power Bikes are actively changing the way people and goods move. Their passionate team creates ebikes that are built for everything and priced for everyone.

We've had our RAD Rover 5 ebikes for quite a while now and we LOVE them. The rugged 4" fat tires make them perfect for bombing around in the desert, while still being comfortable enough to ride on the road. And with up to 45 miles of range from their removable lithium battery, we can go just about anywhere on them!

Show Less
Let's Go Aero - 731138 Hitch-It Double Bike Carrier System Black
  • VERSATILITY - The Hitch-It mounts to the trailer tongue tube of cargo, utility and boat trailers
  • PROTECTS BIKES - Foam bumpers and the new SwayControl system enhance the rack’s natural stability and protects the bicycle finish
Let's Go Aero - 429756 Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System
  • VERSATILITY - The Jack-It mounts over the tongue jack and attaches directly to you A-Frame trailer.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • MORE SPACE - Frees up space for additional cargo on the rear of the trailer where bikes are typically stored

The following two bike racks are from Futura GP, a Canadian company. Note that the first rack has a carrying capacity of 80 pounds, while the second can hold 120 pounds.

Futura GP RV Bike Rack for Travel Trailer Tongue A-Frame Bike Rack Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Reicever)
  • The kit has been manufactured and designed for the world of trailers and cars
  • The limited lifetime warranty of a quality product / 60 days satisfaction guarantee
Futura GP 120 lbs Electric Bike RV Bike Rack for Travel Trailer Tongue A-Frame Bike Rack Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Reicever)
  • High Load Capacity: The Futura GP is designed to support a significant weight, accommodating up to 120 pounds (approximately 54 kg) or 60 pounds...
  • Flexible and Practical Mobility: The Futura GP stands out for its easy transferability between different vehicles like RVs and cars, ideal for...

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are some of the most common items found on an A-frame of a travel trailer. This is how owners carry the propane for their stoves, heaters, water heaters, and RV fridges. Travel trailers often come with specialized brackets and tanks that are designed to fit securely on the A-frame, allowing for the exterior storage of propane.

Camco Camper/RV Dual Propane Tank Cover | Features Hinged Top Panel & Custom Molded Design | Fits (2) 30lb Steel Tanks | Protects Propane Tanks During Travel, Camping and More | Black (50514)
  • PROTECTS YOUR CAMPER PROPANE TANKS: The camper propane cover protects your propane gas tanks from flying road debris
  • COMPATIBILITY: This Camco RV accessory fits two 30 lb steel tanks
RVPNR RV Dual Propane Tank Mounting Rack 40lb,30lb and 20ld Tanks for Camper and Travel Trailers with Different Connecting Pipes, Black, White, Grey or Red Options (Grey)
  • Our one set propane tank mounting rack can hold up two 20 or 30 or 40 pound tanks securely with different connecting pipe
  • Our propane tank cylinder Rack Included bottom tray, vertical bar, securing LP wing nut, connecting bar and three different sizes connecting pipes.

Battery Box

Another item often found stored on a travel trailer’s A-frame is a battery box. These typically hold one or two deep-cycle house batteries that provide DC power to the RV’s electrical system.

Some travel trailers come from the factory with battery boxes built onto the A-frame. You can also install your own battery compartment in this area. Just ensure your batteries are well protected from the elements and the box is well secured to the A-frame.

Also, if you build your own battery box, you may need to provide appropriate venting, depending on the type of battery. (AGM & lithium batteries don’t require venting like flooded lead acid batteries do.)

Temperature may also be a consideration for battery placement. For example, lithium batteries that don’t heat themselves can’t accept a charge when it’s below freezing. If you plan to RV in the winter, you may want your batteries installed inside the RV’s heated space.

Camco Double Battery Box | Safely Stores RV, Automotive, and Marine Batteries | Features a Heavy-Duty Corrosion-Resilient Polymer Construction and Measures Inside 21-1/2" x 7-3/8" x 11-3/16" (55375)
  • Box Holds: (2) 6V Group GC2 batteries or (2) 12V Group 24/24M batteries
  • Inner Dimensions: 21 ½-inches (L) x 7 3/8-inches (W) x 11 3/16-inches (H)
Batteryshackle (Dual Group 24 Batteries
  • Solid steel construction Buyer pays all Import taxes outside U.S.A.
  • Powder coated (Baked) Finish, all welded connection made in USA
Peastorm 12V Car/RV/Marine Battery Box, Stainless Steel Battery Relocation Kit for Trailer, Boat, Trolling Motor, Kayak (Group 27)
  • Material: Heavy duty battery box is made of stainless steel metal material, sturdy and durable, waterproof and sunscreen, fireproof.
  • Exclusive Design: Handles on both sides; The bottom is equipped with anti-skid pad (it can also be fixed with screws); The upper cover can be locked;...

Trailer A-frame storage options offer an extra way to maximize storage space. Just be sure to pay attention to staying within (or below) all weight limits, balance your load properly, and regularly inspect your A-frame storage solution and the gear stored on or in it.

While we’re on the topic of storage, this video about managing the gear in our basement may have some tips you hadn’t thought of before:

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