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Coast Travel Trailer: A New Brand Of Fully-Electric RVs

Coast Travel Trailer: A New Brand Of Fully-Electric RVs

Interested in cutting the cord and camping in luxury, off the grid, in a fully electric home-on-wheels anywhere your dreams can take you? A Coast travel trailer might be just the rig for you.

We wanted to feature Coast by Aero Build because these rigs are intriguing, especially to RVers who love boondocking as much as we do.

You may recall the ultimate RV solar panel system we installed on our Newmar Mountain Aire to keep us camping off the grid until our tanks needed to be refreshed. Well, Aero Build’s Coast RV offers a rig that’s fully electric with a substantial solar array and lithium-ion battery bank to provide the electricity needed to run everything, and… get this… no black tank to worry about filling up. Whaaaat?!

Let’s dive into these fully electric luxury recreational vehicles that’ll allow you to disconnect from shore power and head out into nature where you can camp with all the comforts of home… and then some!

Who, What, and Where Are Aero Build and Coast RV?

Coast is the electric RV division of Aero Build.

Aero Build

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Aero Build, the parent company, was founded in 2017 by a guy named Brian Fuente who happened upon a vintage camper trailer that had been converted into a mobile bar.

This inspired Brian’s thought that instead of retrofitting vintage campers and turning them into business models, they could be built brand new with a variety of business models in mind.

Since that time, Aero Build has created innovative travel trailers with modern technology to serve as coffee shops, retail shops, mobile offices, and cocktail bars.

Coast RV

Coast is Aero Build’s division that incorporates innovation and modern technology into an all-electric travel trailer camper.

The Coast Model 1 at a campsite

Coast’s Model 1 (by Aero Build) is an all-electric travel trailer that’ll find you camping off the grid in style. (Photo source: Coast RV)

Also produced at the Nashville location, these rigs are built to take travelers out into nature to boondock with all-electric everything (no other power source) and no propane or black tank!

Let’s take a close-up look at Coast’s first foray into the all-electric luxury travel trailer market, the Model 1.

What Is the Aero Build Coast Travel Trailer Model 1?

Model 1 is Coast’s first all-electric luxury travel trailer.

The unit is 21′ long, 8′ wide, and 10.5′ tall, and sleeps up to four people using the rear bedroom (49″ x 81″ bed with gel memory foam mattress) and a double bed that emerges from a converted dinette table and cushions.

The floor plan of the Coast Travel Trailer Model 1

This Coast Model 1 floorplan shows you the layout of this innovative travel trailer. Note that the dinette booth can be made into a double bed for another sleeping space. (Source: Coast RV)

We’ve highlighted some pretty clever travel trailers that have come to market such as the innovative, lightweight rigs from Ember RV and the seriously rugged, four-season rigs from Outdoors RV.

But Coast’s Model 1 is an entity unto itself. In fact, Coast markets the Model 1 as “Outdoorsy living for indoorsy people.”

Here’s why:

Coast Travel Trailer Four-Season Luxury Camping

Coast’s Model 1 luxury travel trailer is a four-season RV built on a Lippert dual-axle triple-galvanized steel trailer chassis with a torsion axle suspension to take you off the beaten path.

A view from behind the Coast Travel Trailer Model 1 as it travels down the road

The Coast Model 1 comes with a covered full spare tire and is built on a Lippert dual-axle triple-galvanized steel trailer chassis. (Photo source: Coast RV)

Made with a fully composite shell, these units include both cabin and underbelly that are fully insulated with 100% recyclable materials. Coast RVs are designed to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Fully Electric Appliances

Coast Model 1 travel trailers are equipped with Smeg brand Italian appliances that are all-electric.

There’s no need for propane on board these rigs with a two-burner electric cooktop with range hood, a stainless steel microwave oven, a built-in electric space heater, a full-size 278-liter electric fridge, a Truma Aventa Eco rooftop air conditioner, and Gater Defender electric tongue jacks.

Fully Self-Sustained Power for Off-Grid Camping

Coast’s Model 1 all-electric luxury RV comes with a fully self-sustaining off-grid electrical system that includes seven Newpowa roof-mounted monocrystalline solar panels providing 1,400 watts of power to an 810Ah lithium-ion battery bank (3 x 270Ah lithium-ion batteries).

The roof of a Model 1 shown with solar panels and Truma Aventa Eco air conditioner

The roof of a Coast Model 1 from Aero Build houses a 1,400W array of Newpowa monocrystalline solar panels and a Truma Aventa Eco air conditioner. (Photo source: Coast RV)

Along with two 3000-watt inverters, this solar array and battery bank comfortably feed power to the RV’s amenities without the need for a generator or propane.

The rig does have a 50A cord for connecting to shore power if necessary or desired. There’s also a 60-gallon fresh water tank and a 60-gallon gray water tank.

Cutting-Edge Technology

There’s state-of-the-art technology throughout the Model 1’s kitchen, dining, and living areas as well as in the rear main bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

You’ll enter the rig using an electronic entry keypad with a remote. Once inside, you’ll find cutting-edge technology such as a kitchen faucet with a built-in filtration system, two 32″ smart TVs, a Firefly touchscreen control system, a hidden bar that rises from within a cabinet, available Starlink mobile WiFi, and other innovative smart home features.

The hidden bar emerging from a cabinet in the Coast Travel Trailer Model 1 is shown

A hidden bar emerges from within a cabinet in the living area of the RV. (Source: Coast RV)

There’s also a Girard power awning with LED lighting and an electronic water tank monitoring system.

No RV Black Water Tank

Coast travel trailers use the Laveo Dry Flush waterless electric toilet system so there’s no black tank to dump. The Laveo system seals and compresses waste into a replaceable cartridge that’s disposed of in the trash.

Cartridges are good for anywhere from 15 to 25 uses before they need to be replaced.

Coast Travel Trailer Premium Design

The Coast Model 1 has a premium design with high-end finishes and a black-and-white color scheme inside and out. The design is striking, with panoramic windows to bring in the light and give you excellent views of the great outdoors.

There’s Sunbrella fabric used throughout the rig, premium flooring, Fenix countertops, and Samsung “The Frame” smart TVs. With plenty of storage integrated into the interior and exterior, these all-electric luxury travel trailers are intriguing, to say the least.

Here’s a quick video tour to give you a glimpse into the Coast Model 1 by Aero Build:

How Much Is a Coast Travel Trailer Model 1?

The price of a Coast Model 1 travel trailer by Aero Build starts at $117,400. They’re made to order, beginning with a $1,000 deposit. Once Coast has received your deposit, you’ll be contacted by a product specialist. To confirm your order, you’ll provide a 20% deposit which will put your Model 1 all-electric luxury travel trailer into the production queue.

We think Coast’s Model 1 travel trailer looks like a pretty cool rig. Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on these innovative RVs. You can learn more about them on the Coast website.

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