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Off-Road RV Trailers: List Of Brands + What to Consider

Off-Road RV Trailers: List Of Brands + What to Consider

Off-road RV trailers have become increasingly popular. They’re perfect for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a blend of comfortable camping with the ability for off-road exploration in more rugged terrain. There are many robust travel trailers in various sizes that are designed to navigate challenging terrain. Some of them provide exactly what you need in an off-road camping trailer while others provide all the comforts of home and even downright luxury.

In this post, we’re looking at some important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best off-road RV trailer for you. We’ve also compiled a list of many of the most popular off-road RV campers on the market today.

So whether you’re looking for a little teardrop trailer with an independent suspension to hitch to your 4WD tow vehicle or you’re looking for a large, super ruggedized, custom-designed off-road camper trailer with specialized axle(s) and an articulating hitch for off-road use, you’ve come to the right place.

Things to Consider When Looking at Off-Road RV Trailers

In addition to the floorplan and design that best fits your RV lifestyle, here are some important things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for an off-road RV trailer:

Off-Road Capability

A primary reason to buy an off-road TV trailer is, of course, to take it off paved roads. So considering a trailer’s off-road features and capabilities, such as ground clearance (including things like an underslung coupler), suspension system (independent suspensions are becoming more popular), and tires is key. You want to be sure you have an off-road-ready camper that allows you to navigate challenging terrain safely and confidently.

Durability & Construction

Look for trailers sturdily constructed with durable materials and reinforced frames. Off-road adventures can put an RV to the test, and you want to be sure your off-road camper is capable of withstanding travel over tough terrain without component or construction failures.

Interior Layout/Comfort

While off-road capability is key, you’ll also want to look for interior comforts that meet your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a compact off-road RV trailer with only a wet bath (or no bath) and an outdoor kitchen, or a rig with lots of interior living & storage space and large fresh & waste water tanks for long-term boondocking, there’s an off-road camper to suit your needs.

Amenities & Features

Consider the amenities that enhance your personal camping experience. Features like solar power, lithium batteries, LED lights, water filtration systems, efficient storage solutions, and other features can make off-road adventures more efficient and more enjoyable. You’ll also want to consider the types of appliances you like to have access to when you’re camping as well as your personal must-have features.


Budget is a consideration for just about all of us, and off-road RV trailers are available at a wide range of prices. Establish your budget and find a trailer that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Remember to consider not just the upfront cost but also maintenance expenses and depreciation.

The RVgeeks Off-Road RV Trailer Adventure

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to spend over a month traveling in a Black Series off-road camper. After 20 years of full-time RVing in large diesel pushers, it was a real revelation. The ability to access places far more remote than we’d ever been able to get into in our rig was amazing.

Below is a short, unlisted, never-before-shared YouTube video that we shot as a promo for Season 5 of The RVers. The segment featuring this incredible location and footage (and lots of other amazing and difficult-to-access places) is included in Episode 4.

You can see the entire episode on Discovery’s Destination America channel on Sunday, December 10, 2023, at 8:30 AM Eastern (the show is currently airing every Sunday morning in that time slot). Check your local listings for details. After that, look for The RVers Season 5 to join the first 4 seasons of the show on PBS, and streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Video, and Google Play.

When off the grid, leveling your rig can be more challenging than at an RV park or campground. We’ve had a LevelmatePRO+ Bluetooth leveling system on our motorhome for years. We made sure to bring it along with us on the Black Series and found it more useful than ever on the uneven terrain we found ourselves on. They’re available from TechnoRV or on Amazon.

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What Brands Lead the Market in Off-Road RV Trailers?

There are so many brands offering off-road RV trailers now that we couldn’t reasonably cover all of them. But here is a good representation of some of the most popular brands offering off-road rigs of various types, sizes, and price points. These aren’t reviews or detailed overviews, but a listing of overland/off-road trailer brands to consider. We’ve included links to all manufacturers’ websites so you can further research any that look interesting/promising to you.

In no particular order…


Airstream, renowned for its iconic aluminum trailers, offers the Basecamp model designed for off-road adventures. The Airstream Basecamp and Basecamp REI Special Edition combine durability with a sleek design, making these off-road campers favorites among those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.

An Airstream Basecamp is an off-road RV trailer

An Airstream Basecamp (Source: Airstream)

Boreas Campers Overland Trailers

Boreas Campers offer rugged trailers that are equipped with heavy-duty off-road features, such as a reinforced exoskeleton, all-terrain tires, and ample ground clearance.

Boreas campers are serious off-road RV trailers

Boreas RV trailers are ruggedly constructed of composite and metal and offer features such as a Cruisemaster XT air independent suspension with auto level and a Cruisemaster DO35 hitch coupler with parking brake. (Source: Boreas Campers)

Built with zero-wood construction, Boreas Overland Campers eliminate the potential for decay and rot that comes with some wood components. This off-road camper features a powder-coated steel chassis, all-terrain tires, and independent Cruisemaster suspension, giving it 20” of clearance.

Turtleback Adventure Trailers

Turtleback Trailers offers a range of premium expedition off-road campers designed for serious exploration. Known for their durability, Turtleback Adventure trailers are equipped with a robust suspension system, off-road tires, and a well-thought-out interior for a comfortable camping experience.

A Turtleback Adventure Gateway travel trailer

Here’s a Turtleback Adventure Gateway travel trailer. (Source: Turtleback Adventure)

Black Series

Black Series offers a wide range of travel trailers, all of which feature a sturdy chassis, off-road tires, and an interior that rivals high-end accommodations. These rigs are perfect for those who want off-road camping with luxury and creature comforts.

A Black Series HQ19. We spent a month in one of these serious off-road RV trailers.

A Black Series HQ19 in the wild! (Source: Black Series )

As mentioned above, we’ve personally traveled in the Black Series HQ19 off-road trailer, exploring incredibly rugged and remote camping locations for over a month. Black Series is a true off-road camper with a focus on luxury and off-grid capabilities. You can read more about it in our post about visiting the Black Series facility.

Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV offers some seriously rugged rigs that are ready for camping in all four seasons over just about any terrain. They make travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, all built in-house on their own custom-engineered chassis.

An interior photo of a Timber Ridge model. Outdoors RV makes capable off-road RV trailers.

Here’s a look at the interior of a Timber Ridge travel trailer from Outdoors RV. (Photo source: Outdoors RV)

We toured the Outdoors RV manufacturing facility in Oregon earlier this year and were duly impressed with everything about them. You can read much more about these rugged four-season rigs in our full post on Outdoors RV Campers.

MDC USA Expedition Overland Travel Trailers

MDC USA makes overland expedition rigs that include 3 models of rugged pop-up campers and 12 models of robust travel trailers. With welded aluminum frames and other rugged features, these rigs are ready for extreme offroading but are also lightweight and easy to tow on-road to off-road.

Various models can sleep up to six people and offer complete kitchen facilities, lots of storage space, and comfortable beds.

The XT13 Overland trailer from MDCUSA

Here’s the XT13 Overland travel trailer from MDC USA. (Source: MDC)

Off-Grid Trailers

Off Grid Trailers are all-metal overland travel trailers made in Canada, (though they’re currently opening a location in Colorado). They offer several different models of lightweight off-road travel trailers, each of which is highly customizable.

The Switchback from Off Grid Trailers

The Switchback from Off Grid Trailers. (Source: Off Grid Trailers)

Arkto Campers

Arkto Campers are also Canadian-made and can be purchased directly from Arkto or from their dealer in Denver, CO.

These off-road campers have an all-composite construction and class-leading outdoor kitchens and storage capacity. They’re lightweight and nimble for off-road traveling and camping.

An Arkto G12 camper

A G12 off-road camper from Arkto Campers. (Source: Arkto Campers)

Imperial Outdoors

Imperial Outdoors travel trailers are premium off-grid, all-weather, all-terrain rigs made with sturdy construction, lots of insulation, and a focus on weight management.

The Xplore from Imperial Outdoors

This is the Xplore from Imperial Outdoors. (Source: Imperial Outdoors)

Kimberley Kampers

Kimberley Kampers are Australian-made campers, hybrids, and luxury caravans that are all designed and built with first-class tech and modern comforts for camping in style in the most remote, off-road, off-grid locations.

Kimberly Kampers camper, hybrid, and caravan models

The camper, hybrid, and caravan models from Kimberly Kampers. (Source: Kimberly Kampers)

Opus Camper

Opus Camper makes off-road hybrid campers that are tough enough for just about any terrain. They offer several models that are suitable for singles, couples, and families. All have off-road suspensions.

Their 2023 OP4 includes an upgraded front toolbox that provides additional space for larger fridges, a rack-mounted hot water shower & shower tent, and an upgraded annex using 300D Nylon tent material, which is lightweight and dries quickly.

Split-screen of exterior (left) and interior (right) of an OP4 from Opus Camper.

Split-screen of exterior (left) and interior (right) of an OP4 from Opus Camper. (Source: Opus Camper)

BRX Trailers

BRX Trailers was founded in 2016 as Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers. They’re headquartered in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and build their trailers to meet the demands of off-road expeditions.

BRX trailers have welded steel frames that sit on 18” tires, a Timbren axle-less suspension system, and 22” of clearance. They also have a multi-axis hitch with 360º of movement.

An off-road travel trailer from BRX Trailers.

An off-road travel trailer from BRX Trailers showing its nimble maneuvering. (Source: BRX Trailers)

North America Conqueror

North America Conqueror off-road campers were conceived in Africa, where road and infrastructure conditions are among the most severe in the world. That challenge has proven to be a good testing ground for these rugged travel trailers. The manufacturer originally designed and made rigs for the military environment, later extending to the safari and off-road camping markets.

North America Conqueror offers four models including a versatile caravan/camper hybrid trailer known as the UEV-490 Extreme. With patented independent suspension and thoughtful weight distribution, the UEV-490’s chassis forms part of the hot-dipped galvanized skeletal frame. All four models are easy to tow and able to handle the rigors of the harshest terrain.

A UEV-490 from Conqueror Campers

A UEV-490 from North American Conqueror Campers. (Source: Conqueror Campers USA)

HIVE Campers

HIVE Campers are strong, lightweight, compact off-road camper trailers. Most of HIVE’s trailers are built to the client’s specs in Salt Lake City, Utah. They feature mig-welded steel frames, laser-cut aluminum, plasma-cut steel frame tubes, and precision steel parts. Interior cabins can be aluminum or pre-finished 18 mm Baltic Birch. Redarc, Battle Born, and Renogy contribute to the electrical system.

An EX model from HIVE Campers

An EX model from HIVE Campers. (Source: HIVE Campers)

TAXA Outdoors

Although all TAXA Outdoors overland travel trailers are pretty lightweight and easy to tow off the beaten path, the Overland versions are more specifically geared to going offroad.

The Mantis 5.2 is TAXA’s most spacious “habitat” with the ability to sleep 4+ adults and up to 7 people total. At just 19’ long, the 5.2 can be stored in many standard-size residential garages, and with a dry weight of 3,115 lbs, it can be towed pretty easily.

As with other TAXA trailers, Mantis models have a pop-up roof for additional height, space, and ventilation. For much more on these nifty little travel trailers, see our full post on TAXA trailers.

The TAXA Mantis 5.2

This is the lightweight, nimble Mantis 5.2, one of TAXA Outdoors’ overland models. (Photo source: TAXA Outdoors)

Ember RV Overland Series

Ember RV offers a series of three travel trailers — Micro, Touring Edition, and Overland Series, available in a wide range of floorplans. Obviously, the Overland Series is Ember’s foray into specialized off-road RV trailers.

Interestingly, Ember has designed its RVs to be virtually impervious to water, removing the fear of damaging leaks. The Azdel Onboard composite walls are made of recycled material that won’t deteriorate even if it gets wet.

Ember uses the same method for building the ceiling as they do to build the walls, (which isn’t typical in the RV industry), so all five sides (the roof and all four exterior walls) are fully composite and laminated, meaning there’s no wood inside the walls or roof.

Ember RV's Overland Series travel trailer

The award-winning Overland Series is Ember RV’s invitation to take an entire family overlanding in comfort. (Photo source: Ember Recreation Vehicles)

Ember’s Overland series has an integrated CURT Independent Suspension (IS) System, making these rigs more off-road capable. For much more information on these intriguing rigs, see our full post on Ember RV.

Forest River No Boundaries

No Boundaries (NoBo) is a line of trailers within Forest River’s more standard offerings that delivers a nimble suspension system that allows you to take your RV to places that are off the beaten path.

A No Boundaries travel trailer from Forest River.

A No Boundaries (NoBo) travel trailer from Forest River. (Source: Forest River)

Here, Forest River has created a line of lightweight travel trailers that are towable by some 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder vehicles. No Boundaries offers adaptable storage for kayaks, bikes, SUPs, surfboards, skis, fishing equipment, and other gear for those who love staying active in the outdoors. But their rigs also maintain a dry weight that’s acceptable for a wide range of smaller tow vehicles.

The Palomino Pause

The Palomino Pause is a robust, off-road towable camper. It utilizes an air suspension system that produces ample ground clearance as you’re traveling down roads with tough terrain.

A Palomino Pause off-road travel trailer

A Palomino Pause off-road travel trailer. (Source: Palomino)

These off-road campers come with a solar package to allow you to camp off the beaten path for extended periods of time, as well as an exclusive Garmin system that essentially acts as the brains of the rig. With composite walls, flooring, and roof, Palomino has produced a tough off-road RV trailer worth considering during your overland RV shopping.

Are There Motorhomes Built for Off-Road Travel?

There are! This post is about off-road RV trailers in particular, (and we’ve only scratched the surface – there are many more out there). But you can check out our previous post on off-road RVs in general, and you’ll find a number of motorhomes there that are built to travel off-road.

Off-road motorhomes include (but aren’t limited to):

  • The Bengal Tiger from Tiger Adventure Vehicles is a Class C motorhome built on a one-ton 4×4 truck chassis.
  • Global Expedition Vehicles, hard-core off-road RVs with some serious capabilities for long-term overlanding.
  • The Winnebago 4×4 Revel is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.
  • The Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter4x4 is equipped with the highest performance power-train offered in a U.S. Sprinter.
  • EarthRoamer expedition RVs are for those seeking the epitome of luxury in off-road RVs (with a price tag to match). For example, the EarthRoamer LTi-088 shown below has a current retail price of $780,000!
An EarthRoamer LTi-088

This particular EarthRoamer, the LTi-088, is a hefty off-road RV with a hefty price tag to match. (Source: Earthroamer.)

Embarking on off-road adventures with an overlanding RV trailer is an exciting way to explore the great outdoors. Whether you prioritize off-road capabilities, luxurious amenities, or a combination of both, the key is finding the right balance that aligns with your preferences and budget.

With the growing popularity of off-road RV trailers, the market offers a wide range of options, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every adventurous spirit. So, pack your gear, hit the trail, and experience the freedom of off-road exploration in style with a reliable and well-equipped of-road RV trailer.

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