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Grounded G2 Electric RV: 250+ Miles, Modular Interior & More!

Grounded G2 Electric RV: 250+ Miles, Modular Interior & More!

In this post, we’re looking at the Grounded G2, an RV that embraces green innovations. It’s a groundbreaking all-electric RV that uses cutting-edge technology to minimize its environmental footprint as it takes you to your favorite camping spots.

In recent years, there’s been considerable interest in sustainable living and eco-friendly technologies. As we’ve discussed in our previous posts on the Ford Transit Electric and on electric RVs in general, this trend includes recreational vehicles.

But what is the Grounded electric RV and how is it different from other offerings on the market? Read on to find out.

What Is the Grounded G2?

The G2 is a 100% electric, solar-equipped, high-roof campervan with more than 250 miles of range per charge, all-wheel drive, and front and rear parking assistance. It’s more than 24′ long and 106.2″ wide (including mirrors). It has ample living space, a modular interior furniture system, a separate house battery system, and a 640-watt rooftop solar array.

The Grounded G2 is based on the BrightDrop Zevo 600. (BrightDrop is a new company formed by General Motors to target the electric vehicle market.) It features a 173kWh high-voltage vehicle battery and an additional 10kWh house battery that powers everything in the living space, such as appliances, lights, and outlets. The vehicle’s battery can charge the house battery, and the house battery can even charge the vehicle battery if you should find yourself in a pinch.

Grounded was formed in 2022 by a team of creative innovators who set out to develop a fully electric means of long-distance travel and camping in a comfortable, sustainable motorhome. Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro and his team had ideas, determination, and passion for the project, but they didn’t have a building to work out of at first. So, they initially worked out of a parking lot in Michigan in the cold. After a few weeks, they were able to move to a heated tent where they worked until they moved into the Ford-sponsored Newlab manufacturing coworking space at Michigan Central.

How is the Grounded G2 Eco-Friendly?

Grounded has committed to sustainability with the G2 in a variety of ways.

100% Electric Drivetrain

Traditionally, RVs have been associated with gas-guzzling engines, but the G2 challenges this norm by relying entirely on electric power. The integration of an electric drivetrain not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels but also contributes to a quieter and smoother driving experience.

The perspective of a G2 driver

The Grounded G2 offers a smooth, quiet driving experience, all-wheel-drive, and 250+ miles of range per charge. (Photo source: Grounded RVs)

Sustainable Solar

Equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels on the roof, the G2 taps into the sun’s energy to power its onboard systems. This not only extends the vehicle’s range to 250+ miles on a single charge but also reduces reliance on traditional charging methods, making it an ideal choice for off-the-grid adventures.

Efficient Design

The G2 is designed with efficiency in mind with an aerodynamic shape that minimizes drag, optimizes energy consumption, and enhances overall fuel efficiency. The use of lightweight, eco-friendly materials in its construction only adds to its green credentials, demonstrating that sustainability can be seamlessly included in modern RV design.

Smart Interior Features

The G2 has energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and a smart climate control system to ensure that the G2 is as energy-conscious on the inside as it is on the road.

Power Management

Electric RVs have traditionally been challenged by power consumption and management, especially during extended trips. The Grounded G2 uses an advanced power management system to monitor and regulate energy usage, without compromising comfort or convenience.


The Grounded G2 electric RV is equipped with an integrated connectivity system that allows users to monitor and control various aspects of the rig remotely. That includes checking energy levels and adjusting the interior climate using a mobile app.

You can control the lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems in the camper, monitor fuel and water levels, and get real-time location and driving data. You can also check your vehicle’s battery status, control the RV’s appliances, and get tips on how to maximize power, all from the app, even if you’re away from the rig.

What Is the Living Space of the Grounded G2 Like?

The interior living space of the G2 is 158″ long, 76″ wide, and 78.5″ tall (at the tallest ceiling point). It uses a modular furniture system that allows the user to easily transform the interior RV layout to suit their specific needs. So, if you need extra seating or a dining table, for example, removing one module and inserting another allows the interior design to be customized to your needs for the space.

The interior of a Grounded G2 Electric RV

Here’s a peek at the interior of a Grounded G2 all-electric RV. The modular interior can be customized to the buyer’s specs. (Photo source: Grounded RVs)

In addition to remotely controllable electronics & appliances, the G2’s interior living space also offers a queen-sized bed, bench seating with a flip-up table, a kitchen with a fridge/freezer, sink, and induction stovetop, under-seat storage, overhead storage, and a dry-flush toilet. Ouitside, you’ll also find a garage and an outdoor shower.

How Does the G2’s Interior Modular System Work?

The G2’s modular system uses aluminum rails to securely attach modules to the vehicle for use. They can be removed/replaced/swapped around easily to split up the grid system of the interior. The ability to move/replace the modules means ultimate customization for G2 owners.

The G2’s grid is 8 squares long. So, you’ll look through the library of components offered by Grounded and you’ll choose modules that encompass one, two, or three squares, and you’ll arrange the components as you like, as long as it adds up to be no more than 8 modules long along each side of the van.

For example, the dry-flush toilet takes up one square of a module. If you’d like a wet bath module that includes a toilet and an indoor shower, you can request that, but it’ll take up two squares of your module choices.

An interior shot of the queen-size bed in a Grounded G2

This Grounded G2 has a queen-size bed. (Photo source: Grounded RVs)

Can the G2’s Solar Array Charge the Vehicle Battery?

Yes. The 640-watt solar array on the G2 can charge both the house battery and the vehicle battery. It’s important to know, however, that it would take a very long time to charge the vehicle battery using only solar power, so it’s best to plug the rig in to charge the vehicle battery whenever possible.

Where Can You Charge a Grounded G2 Electric RV?

A G2 can be charged at any outlet or EV charger. This includes chargers that are Level 1 (a regular wall outlet), Level 2 (at-home fast chargers), and Level 3 (DC Fast Chargers found at charging stations around the country). So, you can charge a Grounded G2 in your garage, on the road, or at a campsite with shore power.

How Does the G2 Compare to a Gas-Powered RV?

For one thing, electric vehicles tend to accelerate faster than internal combustion engines. In addition, electric motors are typically much smoother and quieter than combustion engines, both when driving and idling. And remember – the G2 also has all-wheel drive.

How Much Does a Grounded G2 Cost?

A customized Ground G2 can be reserved for you with a $100 refundable deposit, but in the end, you’ll pay $195,000 for the privilege of owning a G2.

The Grounded G2 Electric RV is a testament to the evolving landscape of RV travel. By combining cutting-edge electric mobility with sustainable design principles, Grounded is setting a new standard for eco-conscious adventurers.

For complete details, visit the Grounded RVs website.

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John Lee

Friday 1st of December 2023

Hi, interesting article, thank you. A couple of comments. The 615 sq ft must be a typo. Grounded lists the camper interior dims as 158"x 76" which is about 83 sq feet. You mention its design efficiency with its aerodynamic shape, however it looks about as aerodynamic as a brick or a class B or A, with a large frontal area and high drag coefficient. Cheers.


Saturday 2nd of December 2023

Hi John. Thanks for catching that... the 615 sq ft was, indeed, a typo. As for the aerodynamics, the shape (of course) plays a huge role, but there's a lot that we wouldn't typically consider/see, like fewer protrusions from the sidewalls & roof, as well as paneling or aerodynamic treatment of the underside. These can all add up pretty significantly and improve the aerodynamics (at least in comparison to a similarly shaped box on wheels 😉). Can't 100% confirm that these will be true until we see a final production unit, but it's our assumption based on Grounded's materials that are currently available.

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