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Genesis Supreme RV: Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels & Toyhaulers

Genesis Supreme RV: Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels & Toyhaulers

In the world of RV manufacturing, there are many options for homes on wheels that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Among them, Genesis Supreme RV has made a name for itself in the travel trailer world with a blend of quality products, modern design, and leading-edge technology.

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at Genesis RV trailers.

Who Is Genesis RV?

Founded in 2009, Genesis Supreme swiftly earned respect in the RV market. The brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach has been a big part of its success. Their product lineup includes a diverse range of toy haulers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, each designed to deliver a unique travel experience. But who makes Genesis RV what it is?

The President and CEO of Genesis Supreme is Pablo Carmona, a man with over 31 years of experience in the RV industry and a background in manufacturing, plant management, and quality assurance. Camona’s rise in the RV industry is an interesting and respectable one.

Born in Mexico, Carmona knew a life of poverty. By grade 6 he had dropped out of school to work in the fields, but this was an education in itself. He learned about how hard work and perseverance can lead to success.

At the age of 15, he came to the United States and found an opportunity to take an entry-level position with a travel trailer manufacturer. He worked hard and soon found himself with greater responsibilities. Now a U.S. citizen, Carmona ultimately became a leader in the various operational aspects of RV manufacturing and factory operations.

Now overseeing Genesis RV manufacturing, Carmona is often found working alongside production floor employees or in the proto-shop where he continuously assists in the development of new ideas and designs. He’s known for a cost-conscious approach to RV manufacturing combined with a management style that focuses on detail. His approach is obviously a successful one.

Carmona and General Manager Michelle Treangen have held senior management positions in several companies, including Thor, Fleetwood, and MVP, and now bring a combined 75 years of experience to Genesis Supreme RV.

Let’s take a look at some of the details that find Genesis Supreme an industry leader today.

Design & Craftsmanship

Genesis Supreme RVs offers a variety of brands with some distinctive, contemporary designs. From the exterior of their towable RVs to the interior finishes, they focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Genesis chooses materials and construction techniques to ensure durability without compromising aesthetics.

Technology & Features

In addition to its focus on design, Genesis Supreme RV incorporates technology in its rigs. These RVs are equipped with a range of innovative features, including their climate control systems, smart home integration, efficient power management systems, and entertainment features. All of this makes life on the road more comfortable and convenient.

Customization & Floor Plans

Recognizing the diverse needs of RVers, Genesis Supreme manufactures RVs with a range of customization options and floor plans. This flexibility allows buyers to customize their RVs according to their specific needs and requirements, whether they’re solo adventurers, couples, families, or those requiring a mobile workspace.

Quality & Durability

Genesis Supreme RVs prioritize quality and durability with premium materials and quality control standards. This means that owners should expect their rigs to be able to withstand extensive travel, varied climates, and diverse terrain.

Community & Customer Experience

Genesis Supreme takes dedication to customer service seriously, including after-sales support and the creation of a network that enhances the overall ownership experience with a sense of community.

Environmental Responsibility

Genesis Supreme also takes sustainability seriously. They focus on reducing their environmental impact through the use of energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly materials that align with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

What Types of RVs Does Genesis Supreme Manufacture?

Genesis Supreme RV offers a range of towable RVs under a variety of brands, all designed to cater to different preferences, needs, and travel styles. Each model offers considerable attention to detail, with innovation, functionality, and comfort in mind.

Let’s take a look at the types of RVs Genesis makes and some of their most popular models.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a versatile option for both seasoned travelers and newcomers to the RV lifestyle. Genesis Supreme’s travel trailers come in various sizes, accommodating different group sizes and preferences. From compact models suitable for couples to larger trailers that comfortably house families, these units follow Genesis Supreme RV’s commitment to style and functionality.

Genesis Supreme manufactures conventional travel trailers sold under three brands:

  • Seabreeze
  • Surfside
  • Northland

They run the gamut from small campers to large travel trailers suitable for full-time living.

Seabreeze 12FD

The Seabreeze 12FD is a small camper only 16’2″ in length with a dry weight of 2,789 lbs. and a cargo capacity of 711 lbs. It has a 25-gallon fresh water tank, a 15-gallon gray water tank, and a 15-gallon black water tank.

This little travel trailer made with fiberglass laminated aluminum-framed sidewalls is best suited for camping trips for singles or couples. It’s well-equipped and many customizations and options are available. All 12FD models come standard with a 13.5 BTU A/C, dual covered 20-LB propane tanks, a 2-burner cooktop, black tank flush, 24″X40″ shower with surround and skylight, combination dinette/bed, stainless steel sink, and more.

The floorplan of a Seabreeze 12FD travel trailer from Genesis Supreme RV.

The floorplan of a Seabreeze 12FD travel trailer. (Photo source: Genesis Supreme RV)

Seabreeze 315RKS

At the other end of the Seabreeze spectrum is the 315RKS. It’s a 32′ 9″ long double-axle travel trailer with a dry weight of 9,900 pounds and a cargo capacity of 2,100 lbs. With 50 gallons of fresh water on board, a 40-gallon gray water tank, and a 40-gallon black water tank, this travel trailer is great for boondocking.

This model comes standard with a 15,000 BTU ducted A/C system, dual 30-pound propane tanks, a stainless steel sink, a black tank flush, and a full-size spare tire. There are also upgraded appliances, a slideout with sofa and dinette, pass-through storage compartments, two swivel chairs, a porcelain toilet, and an upgraded 34″ x 34″ radius shower with glass door and skylight. The 315RKS is WiFi-ready and has an entertainment center with a fireplace.

The floorplan of a Seabreeze 315RKS travel trailer from Genesis Supreme RV.

The floorplan of a Seabreeze 315RKS travel trailer. (Photo source: Genesis Supreme RV)


A split screen showing a virtual look at the interior of a Seabreeze 315RKS by Genesis Supreme RV.

A split screen showing a virtual look at the interior of a Seabreeze 315RKS by Genesis Supreme RV. (Source: Genesis Supreme RV)

Fifth Wheels

You may have seen our post about the differences between travel trailers vs 5th wheels where we mentioned how spacious many 5th wheels are.

The fifth-wheel models by Genesis Supreme are known for their spacious layouts and luxurious amenities. These rigs often feature multiple slide-outs, creating a generous living area. With well-designed kitchens, cozy sleeping quarters, and entertainment systems, these models offer a taste of residential comfort on the road.

Genesis manufactures fifth wheels under seven brands:

  • Genesis Supreme
  • Blazen
  • Sandsport
  • Vortex
  • Ragen
  • MGM by Genesis
  • Powerlite

Their Genesis Supreme line of 5th wheels offers 28 different floorplans, (and that’s in addition to the other six brands of 5th wheels Genesis manufactures). Since we always stress the importance of finding a floorplan that really works for your needs, this amount of choice is exceptional.

Genesis Supreme 2916GCK

The smallest of the Genesis Supreme brand of 5th wheels is the 2916GCK at 30.5′ long with a dry weight of 8,990 lbs and a cargo capacity of 3,100 lbs. This comparatively “small” 5th wheel has a 102″ wide body, a 100-gallon fresh water tank, and 50-gallon gray and black water tanks for extended boondocking. It has a queen-size bed on one end of the rig and a full-size bed at the opposite end. It offers a huge amount of storage and a single slide is optional.

The 2916GCK has a seamless one-piece rubber roof, an 8 cu ft double-door refrigerator, 13,500 BTU ducted air conditioning, and a 4.0kw Onan generator, among a long list of other amenities and options.

The floorplan of a Genesis Supreme 2916CK 5th wheel from Genesis Supreme RV.

The floorplan of a Genesis Supreme 2916CK 5th wheel. (Source: Genesis Supreme RV)

Genesis Supreme GCK4215TS

At the other end of the spectrum of Genesis 5th wheels, we have the GCK4215TS, a 45′ 3″ 5th-wheel toy hauler with a spacious loft and an additional half bath. This Genesis RV toy hauler offers a whopping 160 gallons of fresh water onboard as well as huge gray and black tank capacities, holding a total of 100 gallons each.

This expansive unit with a 102″ wide body design comes standard with features like a one-piece PVS vinyl roof, 30,000 BTU furnace, wall-to-wall wardrobe, slam-door luggage compartments, fireplace in the bedroom, hidden TV in the vanity, a second fireplace in the living room, a living room galley slide-out, and a residential refrigerator.

The floorplan (enhancement) of a Genesis Supreme GCK4215TS 5th wheel toy hauler.

The floorplan of a Genesis Supreme GCK4215TS 5th wheel toy hauler. (Source: Genesis Supreme RV)

(See our post for more information on the pros and cons of fifth-wheel toy haulers.)

Toy Hauler Trailers

Genesis Supreme manufactures nine different brands of toy hauler trailers designed for adventurers who want to bring their ATVs, motorcycles, or kayaks along. The nine brands are:

  • Genesis Supreme
  • Blazen
  • Sandsport
  • Vortex
  • Ragen
  • MGM by Genesis
  • Powerlite
  • Wanderer
  • Overnighter

Genesis Supreme toy hauler models feature a designated garage space at the rear, providing ample room to store and transport recreational vehicles and equipment. The living quarters are well-appointed, offering comfort and luxury while maintaining the practicality of carrying gear.

Vortex V2515XL

Genesis Supreme’s Vortex brand offers 14 different floorplans with cargo garage lengths of up to 15′.

The V2515XL floorplan has an overall length of 30′ 11″ and a 15-foot cargo area as well as a walk-around queen bed with a large bath. It has a 100-gallon freshwater tank and 40-gallon gray and black water tanks. It’s also full of desirable features such as a 7′ ramp door, a 3 5/8″ reinforced floor with flush-floor tie-downs, exterior skirting, an 8″ IBeam frame, an 8 cu ft 12V refrigerator, lighted dump valves, and more.

A virtual shot of the interior of a Vortex V2515XL by Genesis Supreme RV.

A virtual shot of the interior of a Vortex V2515XL by Genesis Supreme RV. The cargo area on the left is capable of multiple uses. (Source Genesis Supreme RV)

Vortex V2415XL

The V2415XL is a similar toy hauler trailer but it offers a queen bed with an L-shaped kitchen and a large bathroom.

The floorplan of a Vortex 2415XL by Genesis Supreme RV.

The floorplan of a Vortex 2415XL by Genesis Supreme. (Source: Genesis Supreme RV)


A virtual shot of the interior of a Vortex 2415XL.

A virtual shot of the interior of a Vortex 2415XL. (Source: Genesis Supreme RV)

With a wide variety of traditional travel trailers, 5th wheels, and toy haulers under a wide variety of brands, it’s no wonder Genesis Supreme RV is a focus in the RV industry. For more details visit the Genesis Supreme RV website.

For more travel trailer and 5th-wheel options, see our posts on Coast Travel Trailers, Ember RV, InTech RV, and Outdoors RV.

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Tim H.

Sunday 26th of November 2023

Great review. These are some impressive looking units with some great features and, apparently, good quality as well. My only disappointment is the interior colors. By which I mean to say, there are none.

They seem to use the full spectrum of available colors…all the way from gray to white, lol. Not that Genesis is by any means alone in this design preference. I call it “The HGTV Effect”. Whatever HGTV is touting on their home improvement shows seems to become the universal design and color standard du jour. Just look at any recently built or remodeled house- particularly any house being flipped or setup as an AirBnb, and this is all you see…whites, grays, and if they’re really daring, a bold shade of “greige” 😂. RV manufacturers seem to have all jumped on the same band wagon. Unfortunately in an RV, (IMHO) the look doesn’t come off as “modern clean” but more like “cheap commercial”…something more akin to a 1970s hospital waiting room than a sleek, modern home. Call me old fashioned, but personally I REALLY miss natural materials like real wood in new builds and renovations. I completely understand the drive for materials that are cost effective, lightweight, environmentally responsible and durable, but geez, can’t we at least use something other than just white and gray?? I’ve got to believe you guys see the same stark contrast between your former RV interior (2007 if I’m not mistaken) and all the new RVs? Ours is a 2005, and while we definitely needed to add a few new touches to make it look a little less dated, you couldn’t pay me enough to paint or replace our real wood cabinet doors or hardwood flooring.

I guess since we call them “campers”, I feel like they should look a little more like cabins and a little less like freshly renovated hotel rooms. There are plenty of cabins out there that look clean, modern and even high tech, without losing the warmth, richness and allure of natural materials.

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