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RV Whisper RV Monitoring System: Remote RV Status & Updates

RV Whisper RV Monitoring System: Remote RV Status & Updates

Continuing advances in technology have given us the ability to remotely manage a diverse range of “smart home” features, even allowing us to do it all remotely. These kind of conveniences are rapidly finding their way into RVs, too. So, today, we’ll be going into detail about one such product: the RV Whisper remote RV monitoring system.

Learn what the RV Whisper system is, what it does, and how it’s helping RVers keep an eye on their RV systems, wherever they may be!

What Is RV Whisper?

RV Whisper is a complete remote monitoring system that allows RV owners to keep an eye on crucial aspects of their rigs. The system combines hardware and software elements together to provide real-time data and alerts. This allows RVers to monitor & manage their RVs, even when they’re away from them. Just be aware that remote access requires a separate connection to the internet… more on that later.

Making your RV “smarter” and more like a “smart home” requires installing and using additional components. RV makers are starting to incorporate numerous such attributes through pre-installed systems (such as the Lippert OneControl system), enabling new RVs to be monitored and managed remotely.

But, if you have an RV that doesn’t have these capabilities factory installed, and you want to retrofit this type of system into an older RV, you really only have two choices. You can either piece one together on your own (using off-the-shelf components from different supplies) or you can install a commercially available system like RV Whisper.

At the heart of the RV Whisper system is a monitoring station that acts as a Bluetooth hub. This hub receives notifications from various sensors & systems and then aggregates them all into one interface.

This type of system makes it easier than having to check separate apps for each individual component you want to monitor. And it even adds the ability to remotely monitor systems that don’t offer monitoring on their own.

Following are several key features of the RV Whisper remote monitoring system:

Multi-System Monitoring

RV Whisper goes beyond just basic monitoring. It offers a comprehensive solution that covers the various systems within an RV. This includes temperature monitoring as well as monitoring of propane tank levels, water tank levels, battery levels, and more, ensuring that RV owners have a complete and ongoing overview of their rig’s health.

A look at the RV Whisper dashboard

Here’s a closer look at an RV Whisper dashboard showing an example of the systems that can be monitored.
(Photo source: RV Whisper)

Additional Sensors Available

In addition to the RV Whisper Monitor Station, RV Whisper sells its own sensors that can be added to the system. These currently include:

Bluetooth Interior Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Bluetooth Interior Temperature Sensors can be used in several places. One option is to place one in the living area of your RV, so it can let you know if your RV’s HVAC system is keeping the temperature where you want it while you’re away from the RV (for pet safety) or while your RV is in storage.

You can place other sensors in your RV’s refrigerator, freeze, or even in your water bay. This allows you to keep an eye on those areas and get alerts if the fridge/freezer gets too warm… or if your basement is getting close to freezing (important if you haven’t winterized your RV!).

Battery Voltage Sensor

The Battery Voltage Sensor detects volts and amps, allowing you to make sure your RV’s battery isn’t being drained while you’re away or while it’s in storage. While many RVs come with some form of voltage meter, the RV Whisper unit’s integration with a central dashboard and remote alerting make it much more useful.

Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor will send you an alert if someone enters your rig while you’re away from it. What great peace of mind!

Door Open/Close Sensor

This sensor confirms that you’ve closed all the windows/doors and lets you know if you’ve left one open. Or, if one opens when it shouldn’t!

Water Leak Sensor

The Water Leak Sensor alerts you to any water leaking into your RV, which could save you from an unexpected surprise the next time you check on, or want to use, your RV!

And more…

As the RV Whisper system expands, they’ll be adding more sensors… and integrating with other third-party components.

Integration with Third-Party Sensors

RV Whisper has also developed its Monitor Station to integrate with several third-party sensors and systems (such as the Hughes Autoformer Power Watchdog, SeeLevel Tank Monitors (Bluetooth-enabled models only), PressurePro tire pressure monitors, and others). This page lists all of the third-party sensors with which the RV Whisper system currently integrates.

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Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

RV Whisper sends real-time alerts to users when it detects errors or potential problems. This could be anything from the detection of a sudden drop in battery voltage to a rise in temperature or humidity to a notification from the door open/close sensor to a life-saving alert from the propane sensors. RV Whisper alerts users immediately, enabling them to take prompt action.

Historical Data Tracking

In addition to real-time monitoring, the RV Whisper Monitor Station collects data from Bluetooth sensors located throughout the RV, allowing you to see the most recent monitor station data as well as historical data for all sensors on your phone, tablet, or computer. This allows users to take a proactive approach to address potential issues before they escalate, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Resource Management Optimization

By monitoring resource levels such as water, batteries, and propane, RVers can optimize their usage to ensure that they have enough power and supplies for their camping adventures.

Remote Control

The remote control aspect of the RV Whisper system allows users to adjust settings or turn systems on and off from their mobile devices… even when they’re away from the RV. So, if you were to receive an alert that required attention, you could control this aspect of your RV remotely from wherever you are when the notification is received.

You can also do things like pre-cooling the RV before you return after time spent away from the rig or even remotely manage energy consumption.

Ease of Installation

First, installing RV Whisper is quite a simple process, so it’s an easy DIY project for most RV owners. The system is also designed to be compatible with a wide range of RV models, so it can be seamlessly integrated into most rigs.

The RV Whisper Monitor Station can be easily installed by any RV owner using items included with the system: double-sided Velcro, a USB power cable, and a USB power adapter.

An RV Whisper monitor station

The RV Whisper Monitor Station comes with a USB power cord & adapter and is easy to install and use. (Photo source: RV Whisper)

User-Friendly Interface

The RV Whisper system uses an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use via a dedicated mobile app (or via your computer through their website). This means that RV owners can easily check the status of their RV and its various systems, and receive instant notifications (the system will send an email and text message) so they’re informed of any issues, (like water leaks, loss of shore power, etc.), as soon as they develop.

How Does RV Whisper Work?

The RV Whisper Monitor Station is a small computer that operates inside your RV, collecting data from various wireless Bluetooth sensors. The sensor data is stored on a micro SD card in the monitor station and is always available when you’re in or near the RV.

The station can also connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network running in your RV. This way you can view your data over the internet and the monitor station can send alerts via email or text message over the internet.

An illustration showing how the RV Whisper system works

This illustration shows how the RV Whisper system works. (Photo source: RV Whisper, LLC)

The RV Whisper’s internet gateway is cloud-based so it’s available everywhere, securely connecting your phone to your monitor station and enabling status alerts via text message and email.

But, in order for the remote monitoring and alert features to work, you’ll need to provide internet access and a WiFi network on your RV. This means you’d need to have service from a major cellular carrier to use the RV Whisper system, as you would with most any smart home feature or system. (For more on this, see our posts on RV Internet options and Starlink RV Internet.)

Note that the RV Whisper Monitor Station can only connect to the older 2.4 GHz standard for WiFi networks (even most modern WiFi routers still support the old 802.11b/g/n networks). If you have a newer WiFi device or router that comes configured with a 5 GHz WiFi network, you’ll simply need to enable (turn on) the 2.4 GHz broadcast so that the RV Whisper system can find and join the network.

Again, once connected to WiFi in the RV (and ensuring that there’s a connection to the internet), data from the RV Whisper Monitor Station can be securely seen anywhere with any smartphone, computer, or tablet, and email and text alerts can be sent.

Learn More About the RV Whisper System

To learn more about the RV Whisper system, you can watch this demonstration:

The RV Whisper system is available here through TechnoRV. Be sure to use our money-saving coupon if you decide to order this innovative monitoring system.

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The RV Whisper remote monitoring system offers a comprehensive solution for RV owners with its ability to provide real-time data, historical insights, and proactive alerts. Whether you’re a part-time RVer or a full-timer, RV Whisper stands out as a valuable tool for enhancing the overall RV experience… providing confidence and peace of mind.

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John S.

Sunday 3rd of December 2023

The monitoring station is sold out right now.

I looked at the website wi see what monitors are included with the monitoring station (that acts as a Bluetooth hub).

The answer seems to be "NONE".

So you need to buy the monitoring station (when available) and also any sensor that you want.

I would like to see a price for a basic package that would include: Monitoring station Temperature inside, outside, and basement. Power monitor. (Shore power and 12 volt system?) Water pressure and/or water leak.


Sunday 3rd of December 2023

We’ve been using RVWhisper for about 3 years now and we LOVE it. The alerts are fantastic! This system has saved the food in our freezers many times… mostly because we unknowingly left the door open or the outside freezer came unplugged. It has also notified of us of water leaks, one of which was hidden and had the potential to cause major damage. * I do recommend creating alerts that notify you when a sensor is offline and for when the sensor batteries are low.

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