Hughes Autoformers (10% Discount for RVgeeks Viewers)

Our Hughes Autoformer is an invaluable device that we never hook up without! And they continue to improve, with the newest units offering improved surge protection (with user-replaceable components, should it ever sacrifice itself to protect your RV) and circuit diagnostic lights that show if there are any faults in the campground’s wiring that could cause you a problem! And add to that the protection & features that a Power Watchdog provides, and you can rest assured your RV’s appliances and equipment are being protected!

Check out our Hughes Autoformer video here
Check out our Hughes Power Watchdog video here

Save 10% on your entire purchase (Autoformer, Power Watchdog, hard-wiring kit… you name it!) when you use the Coupon Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout!

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