PressurePro TPMS Add-On Kit – 2 Sensors


We love the peace of mind our PressurePro TPMS provides us (and how easy it is to setup and use)… and think it’s an important piece of safety equipment that all RVers should have. Start with the PressurePro 4-sensor TPMS System, and then expand it as needed with these 2-sensor kits.

Need more info?  Watch our video about how to set up your PressurePro TPMS.

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Packaged two sensors Giving you real time tire pressure readings and alerts to low and high pressure situations, this TPMS System takes the question out of how your tires are performing while parked or on the road. Providing the information needed to add fuel efficiency, extend tire life, decrease maintenance and add peace-of-mind to travels, PressurePro systems have been a favorite of drivers for over 20 years. One Sensor is required per tire. The only USA Made TPMS product, PressurePro systems are proven to be the most reliable, durable and accurate available. Systems are easy to install requiring no professional tools or assistance and come with a full 1 year warranty.


  • 1 Year Warranty and Made in USA
  • 2 Levels of Low Pressure Alerts
  • Variable High Pressure Alerts
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • Markets Most Reliable Technology