1-1/2″ Replacement Waste Valve with Metal Handle (Valterra)


Waste tank valves. In some ways, they’re the unsung heroes of the RVing world… quietly doing their job… keeping the contents of the waste tanks safely where it belongs, until you’re ready to dump. So when one of them begins to fail, it’s no wonder that you want to get it fixed up ASAP! Luckily, that job is (actually) quite simple!

Watch our Gray Tank Valve Replacement video here

If you need a 3″ Waste Valve (could be for your black OR gray tank), try this one: Valterra 3″ Waste Valve

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Valterra’s Bladex Waste Valves fit GrenTec, Bladex, Valterra, Bristol, and Anonda valves and include all necessary seals, nuts and bolts. Since 1981, Valterra Products, LLC, has been a leading supplier of brand name product lines to the RV, Pool & Spa, and Plumbing industries.


  • Bladex waste valve
  • Use with GrenTec, Bladex, Valterra, Bristol, and Anonda valves
  • Valve Size: 1-1/2″
  • Durable die-cast aluminum handle
  • Includes seals, nuts, and bolts